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I am Paul Singh.

I have been a part of Enumivo since its inception. I have managed to survive and retain my passion for the project through all core groups/UFE formations which have occurred in the time. I have knowledge/experience of PHP, JS, HTML, CSS as well as a BsC in audio production and other qualifications in other disciplines of engineering (aerospace and manufacturing). 

I have been involved in the web development and management space for over 13 years and have been the creator of a YouTube channel which grew from 0 to literally over a million views in less than a year (which I now have sold). 

I wrote the original Enumivo whitepaper, got us listed on blockfolio, applied for listing at numerous exchanges/coin trackers. I created the enufoundation.org website from scratch and host it etc myself. I created the market maker calculators from scratch myself. I have provided a high quantity of high quality articles regarding the various stages of Enumivo and its various related projects. I have conducted numerous ENU giveaways through my website, Something Decent.

I decided to release my own cryptocurrency project, Eurno LTD (incorporated in London, UK), on the Enumivo blockchain and have been airdropping to all oracle verified community members. 

I found numerous errors in the market maker contracts at the time of their release. When I found the errors I reported them to Aiden instead of taking advantage and draining the coins out of the contracts. 

Throughout my general conduct i have always done my utmost to support the wider Enumivo community and will always continue to do so. 

You can contact me here:



My account on here.

What I promise if made a citizen of RoE:

I will continue to develop and maintain the enufountdation.org website. I will also continue my plans to make the WP theme which I have created specifically for the enufoundation.org site available for all to apply on their Wordpress blog/site. I will continue my plans to get the theme listed within the official Wordpress repository when I feel the code has been tidied up enough to warrant their approval. 

I will continue to develop the ENU Market Maker Calculators and attempt to realise my overall goal of implementing the Ironman wallet to allow for a Bancor type exchange on the Enumivo blockchain. I will continue with my plans to turn the ENU Market Maker Calculators' code into a reusable Wordpress plugin which will allow anybody who uses Wordpress to display them on their website with a simple shortcode. 

I will continue to push the Enumivo project to reach all of its potential through various mediums and I will continue to support it on all projects which I am involved. 

I will continue to proceed with my plans to release the Eurno voting dApp on the Enumivo blockchain and keep the Enumivo blockchain as the home of the Eurno project. 

I will continue to provide information about the project where possible and assist our community in anyway which I can. I will also continue to provide updates of my work for the Enumivo project through this forum and my websites.


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