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Market Maker Calculator update

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The Enumivo Market Maker calculators which I released are now displaying the price change in percentage. The change is currently set to 12 hours as the new database I created needs to populate with data in order to allow the 24 hour change to be displayed. This will be complete late tonight. 

You can see the changes by visiting the same page as always: https://enufoundation.org/market-maker-calculators/

The badges which display the change are referring to the price of X currency for 1 ENU. Obviously the nature of the exchange rate calculation means the rate you receive will decrease with the amount you trade. 

ENU MM Calculator WP Plugin

You can now display the Enumivo Market Maker Calculators anywhere on your Wordpress website by installing the ENU MM Calculators WP Plugin. This is a work in progress and I will be continuing to develop it but feel free to use it and let me know what you think. It is available on the Eurno Github on the link below. 

Link: https://github.com/Eurno/Enumivo-Market-Maker-Calculators

It is still in development so please do report any issues you encounter to me!

I will be writing documentation for it when I get home from work today. 


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I have now edited the GitHub repo. I noticed a few issues with the plugin as it was. Now it will insert into your Wordpress post/page correctly. 

I am currently aware of the following amendments which need to be addressed:

Styling clashes - Depending on the user's theme/setup there may be some clash with regards to styling as I have used the Bootstrap framework which relies on tags such as H4/H5 etc not being defined. As a result, sites with custom settings for those tags may experience a different layout. I will amend this so that there is a custom class for all crossing elements. It will take some time though. 

Javascript clashes - Again, if you have either a customised or different version of Bootstrap you may experience differing functionality to that which is expected. This is another issue I plan to address. Again it will take some time as I need to either compile the required JS functions into the scripts.js file which I have coded (will need to go through the Bootstrap codebase and cherry pick what I need). Or I need to figure a way to check if the functions exist before injecting the Bootstrap JS codebase. 

If you do not have Bootstrap installed in your theme it should work without any problems at all. If you are also using an unedited version it should work without any unexpected differences also. From my testing the exceptions occur when there is a custom or old version of Bootstrap present. 

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