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Project TokenCreator/一键创建token助手

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Hello erveryone

I want to create a dapp that everyone can create and issue a token by themselves, without deploy a contract. The way to use it is to send 3 ENU(for buy ram) to the contract tokencreator,  and fill in the max supply and symbol of the token you want create in the memo. Then the contract will send you the token.

The contract I have already created it, please help me to check if it is safe. Code of contract is opened https://github.com/smakeit/tokencreator

Browser version has been completed(need to install Ironman).website: https://smakeit.github.io/dapp/enutoken/

Mobile wallet version On TokenPocket is done.

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我准备搞一个能让每个人自助创建token的dapp,不需要额外部署合约。使用方法是发送3 enu到合约账户tokencreator(3enu用来买内存ram),在memo里填写要发行token的数量和符号,合约会创建token并发送给你。

合约我已经创建好了,能否请各位大佬帮我检查下合约是否安全呢,合约代码已经开放: https://github.com/smakeit/tokencreator

浏览器版的已经完成(需要安装Ironman)。地址: https://smakeit.github.io/dapp/enutoken/



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