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ENU Foundation Website and Constitution are now Live

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Hey all you lovely Enumivians, hope all is well with everyone!

You may not be aware of the fact that I have been tinkering away behind the scenes to make a completely custom Wordpress theme which can be reused on any website which uses the Wordpress CMS. My plan for making it was to allow us (the ENU Foundation) to use it for our website and then publish it to the WP repository after ensuring we meet their requirements. 

Today I have made the official ENU Foundation website live for all to visit. If you would like to have a browse you can do so at https://enufoundation.org - At present the site is fully functional and provides basic information regarding the ENU Foundation. I will be continuing development on both the theme and the actual ENU Foundation website so, any suggestions, please do not hesitate to list them in here. 

In the coming weeks I will populate the website with more in-depth information regarding the foundation and our aims, as well as providing regular updates regarding the works of members from the ENU Foundation and ENU Council. The plan with this is to provide a place where people can find all the information they need regarding the non technical development of the Enumivo project - something we have been missing. 

All members of the ENU Foundation and ENU Council are responsible for the content of their own profiles and all those who opt to register have been handed the ability to write blog posts on the website if they wish to do so.


I also want to announce the fact that the ENU Foundation constitution is also ratified and publicly visible on the following link: https://enufoundation.org/constitution/ 

This constitution was developed by the ENU Foundation board and was voted for by them also. We are all held accountable to this document and it is in full effect. So, if anybody is wondering what the roles of the ENU Foundation are they now know where to look.


This is all funded by myself and is entirely developed by myself also. I am doing this through my passion for the Enumivo project and in the hope that it will instil further confidence in our project from the wider crypto community. If anybody likes what I have done all I ask is that you support Enumivo and vote for the eurnoproject block producer.

Next Steps

My next steps will be to make a developers resources section on the developers.enufoundation.org domain. This will take me a few weeks as it is both mine and my partners' birthdays next week so we shall be out of the country for a week. 

Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoy. 


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