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Enumivo Daily Bounty - Another marketing strategy by the community.

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The crypto space has been quite/some how scary [lol] lively too and promising for new era of the DPoS algorithm - the crypto sphere is on Its bear season, this had affected almost all crypto projects, not only has it affected the currency but also the community and more people don't have that enthusiasm and zeal they have earlier this year when they become part of it but what we forget to Understand is that cryptocurrency is a nation with its people. With out the community, the project is only a project. I would want a scenario where all of us could share the news of the Enumivo project and get rewarded.

This sharing would just be seen as sharing if its done by a single person, now think of 40 people sharing this same thing,this same MESSAGE, 


Well we achieved Everything - as everyone outside the project sees the oneness and commitment of the community alongside dev - the developers are the major keys to a crypto projects but the community are the engine room's - so Lets bounty enumivo out there to The world and get more of the project insights out there by you and me. 


This is how i envisioned it to be

A daily post on our social handles, either Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram etc would be put out [the post would always talk about Enumivo and the project updates etc] 


And would be given as a task to The community to either LIKE RETWEET COMMENT or SHARE as the case may be on different scenarios - and also to share on other platforms like minds -facebook - Gabs etc


For example - 

The first X people to comment/like/ retweet and share this Tweet and image to Other platforms gets X enumivo each - Plus additional amounts of X LTS if shared to Other social platforms. 




And on daily we can Start getting community engagements and more Members to join the community and. Build up this momentum. 

- the official enumivo telegram won't be a place to Submit you screenshots - in order not to flood there with images. 


For now there would be a Google form to Submit the daily task for rewards and to. Show proof. 


OR on the discord server i made - where i would create a channel for the Enumivo bounty proves for everyone to submit and its on discord, but i would allow every to Input their suggestions and see which best work for us. 

- you can join the Enumivo discord here for future bounties if this gets approved. 




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Not a bad one at all, this will keep the community engaging for a time being and rewarding them for being kind of active to The community. 

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1 hour ago, laowancn said:



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Sixth bounty 💪 
Enumivo bounty 🔊 🔊 😃

Only the first 100 to complete the task listed on the form
gets 2000LTS

- comment and retweet on those 6 tweets - then submit your Enumivo USERNAME ✌️ 

comments like
- wow
- interesting project 
- what a great idea 
would be shun
kindly make it reasonable - thanks 🙏 



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