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Jonathan LEI

xJonathanLEI Applies as Block Producer

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[PLEASE VOTE FOR xjonathanlei]

Hello guys, this is Jonathan, a full-stack blockchain developer. I speak native Cantonese, Mandarin, and fluent English.

I'm an early adopter of Enumivo, and one of those who claim the initial free airdrops on Ethereum. And that's because I see great potential in the project.

You may identify me as the attacker that caused the first-ever Enumivo emergency, and you're right. I was stress-testing the network to see if it can handle a certain amount of network traffic, and the network obviously failed due to a default configuration value used by almost all the block producers.

What surprises me most is not the network failure itself, but rather the fact that the network was unable to recover for the next 12 hours. It shows how irresponsible and incompetent some of the top producers are, and I believe there's no way Enumivo can thrive with those people controlling the network.

That's why I've decided to run for block producer. As a developer, I can do a lot to help grow the ecosystem and the community. Here's the initial list of things I'm gonna do:


1. Build an easy-to-used web-based tool for converting EOS contract source code to ENU, and vice versa

Enumivo shares the same code base as EOSIO. Many people use Enumivo as a testnet for contracts to be deployed on the EOS mainnet. It's debatable whether these users really contributes to the ecosystem, but I believe it's always good to have more dApps, whether they're initially intended for Enumivo or not.

2. Port the EOS online smart contract IDE to Enumivo

Not sure if they allow it. I'll contact them first to make sure it's okay. If done properly, this will greatly lower the barrier for entry to Enumivo development.


The list will only be growing and let's build the ecosystem together!

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