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Near-Universal Basic Income

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I have read a paper about " Near-Universal Basic Income "

maybe it will be useful!

Abstract: Under what I call Near-Universal Basic Income, or NUBI, everyone receives a high level of basic income, except for the rich. NUBI is therefore only near-universal and it requires means-testing. It is an economic hybrid: a cross between Universal Basic Income (UBI) and conservative social relief. My thesis is that if standard considerations that are often advanced to support UBI against social relief are successful, then these combined considerations probably lend NUBI even greater support. Thus, UBI supporters should consider becoming NUBI supporters. The considerations I examine focus on (1) sufficiency; (2) cost cuts; (3) equality; (4) freedom; (5) the social bases of self-respect; and (6) political resilience.

Keywords: Keywords – equality; freedom; maximin; resilience; respect; self-respect; social relief; stigma; sufficiency; Universal Basic Income




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a lot of  news or papers or articals about ubi !

Exciting !


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This book called "Basic Income: And How We Can Make it Happen" is very good!


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