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Hello, I'm BitOpia

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I'm working for an airline for five years in Beijing and a believer in ENU and UBI. Freedom is our instant persistent pursuit and ENU community will make it to big extent! I bought BTC in the end of 2013, a bull market since I was an enthusiastic in PC hardware DIY. When everyone talked the mining performance with GPU or CPU, BTC's target or nature appealed me a lot. My major is macro economics in post-graduate and it helps me the meaning of understand cryptocurrency.

Involvement with Enumivo

The article on Enumivo I write down attract thousands people to read via Weibo and WeChat. When BTC was created, 99% people thought it is a scam or Ponzi while Santoshi announced his target is to challenge fiat currency, and it succeed to be a weapon against inflation of fiat currency. When I got ENU airdrop, I start to investigate  a lot on UBI and know ENU is a clone from EOS with great future. As a believer in liberalism, UBI is far way from right now in real world but it will be a wayout to serious problems like poverty and unemployment . So UBI is not just a fantasy or utopia. Enumivo must be a very meaningful tool to distribute UBI transparently and effectively.

What I Can Do For Enumivo

I will follow all update on Enumivo and propagandize it in my social network.

My weibo: BitOpia比特乌托邦 

My wechat chanel: 


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On 9/21/2018 at 11:28 AM, WebersonGao said:



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Posted (edited)

My enumivo account: bitopiagreat

Thanks for your vote!

Edited by BitOpia

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