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My (Peesus) Introduction for Enumivo Oracles

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Hey everyone, 

Most of you will probably know of me already as I have been a part of the Enumivo project since its inception back in February 2018. If not I'll give you a little background info: My name is Paul Singh I am educated to degree level in the UK and have a BSc from SAE Institute, London, in Audio Production. I have been involved with web development and management for roughly 15 years and have managed a number of websites/online entities in my time. 

Since the restructuring of the Enumivo core team and rebranding to the UFE I have been elected as one of the 7 board members and have assumed the role of Sales/Marketing head. 

As mentioned by @Sosolean I am the founder of the Eurno LTD project (a directly democratic charitable project), something which we both hope will add to the use case of Enumivo and assist with growing the community. At present I am trying to get a UFE constitution in place to assist all UFE members and provide a level of accountability for us all while providing transparency to the wider Enumivo community. I have also been, along with @Sosolean, attempting to provide safeguards for the longevity of the Enumivo project. 

In the not too distant future I plan to create a website for the UFE which I believe will assist us with legitimacy and transparency. I am also the owner/founder of Something Decent and have supported Enumivo on there since ENU was airdropped. 



In line with my introduction I have acquired the domain: https://enufoundation.org and made a quick landing page while the website is built.

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