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Dragos Vlaicu's introduction

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Hello guys,

I'm Dragos and I've been a longterm supporter for this project. I've been a block producer since the mainnet launched and also a small contributor to the community with automation scripts, recommendations and assistace when time allows me to. I've been in the IT industry for most of my adult life and regarding that you can know more on my linkedin profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/vlaicu/).
Regarding blockchain, I'm around couple of years ago and I also participated to enumivo airdrop from this year. You've probably seen me more in the BP Telegram group but also on the others answering questions and also asking uncomfortable ones. I'm skeptical and I always look for a clear answer.
My contribution to enumivo project can be found, in part, here: https://github.com/dvlaicu
I will continue to offer my support regardless of what's going to happen here.

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