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ENU Account Maker: an Auto Premium Account Creating Smart Contract

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Hi, everyone. I'm thrilled to release the first version of enuaccountmaker, whic is the 1st smart contract to help people create premium accounts. The introduction is below, and feel free to check our contract's source code. 



This is an auto xxx.enu premium account maker smart contract for creating accounts on the Enumivo mainnet.


Use a onchain wallet, like ironman and enumivo wallet or BIXIN to transfer some ENUs (e.g. 10 ENU) to the account "enu" with memos in the format of the belowing:

new account name : ENU public key

for example: ironman.enu:ENU7nTMcEjFojmhQG8UE2LUNbr7E3VuPUxCLTF73DuBB3DgwMfY38

We now open names in lenght of 11 and 12, like bitcoin.enu (11 char) or ethereum.enu (12 char). The range of char is limited to only 1-5 a-z as a normal ENU/EOS mainnet account.

Fee and resource

The fee is 10 ENU for 11 char in length and 2 ENU for 12 (virtually free considering the cost of buyram and resource).

The smart contract will create a new account with the given name and public key for both owner and active permission.

The contract will buy 4KB ram and 0.1 ENU cpu and net resource for the created account, to make sure the new account is available to use.

If you send more than the required fee, the remaining ENU will be sent to your newly created account.

Check the new account

If the transfer succeed, then you can query and find your account in the browser http://enumivo.qsx.io/accounts.

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# updates: 20180807 

enuaccountmaker now support creating normal 12 char names without ".enu" suffix. Send 1 ENU to "enu" with memos to create a mainnet account.


memo example:  (account name requirements: 12 char, 1-5a-z)

memo填写示例: (账号名要求12字母,1-5a-z)


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4 hours ago, dawson0x00 said:

我想知道 注册带 .  后缀的超级账户域名是有什么用吗?


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