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IronMan: a light and secure browser-based onchain wallet for ENU

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# 20180725 Ironman updates: support .crx standalone file to install in Chrome browser


0. We add a button on the main page of enuironman.com.  Please download and save the crx file.



 1.  Open "chrome://extensions/" in Chrome browser, then enter.

在Chrome浏览器地址栏中输入 chrome://extensions/ 回车

2.  Enable the "dev mode" on the top right of the page



3. Drag the crx file and drop to the browser page. Then it will pop up. Just confirm it. Done!




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 Great video tutorials for "Install ironman with standalone crx file" brought to us by @Tom. Thanks a lot!

Tom 给大家带来了一个“使用安装文件安装Ironman插件”的视频教程,谢谢汤姆。


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# 20180901 Ironman (enuironman.com) updated to v 1.2.0, support ENU/EOS/FIBOS, all in one! 

Ironman 插件钱包升级至V 1.2.0,全面支持ENU/EOS/FIBOS 三网通用一个钱包搞定。

Please vote for block producer: ansenironman



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创建身份,支持账户列表里只有 ENU 和 ETH,没有 FIBOS,怎么回事?

导入公私钥对里有 FIBOS,也导入成功了。


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