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The Something Decent platform is now looking for writers to post their own original content on the website. As many of you will alreasy know, the Something Decent website has been growing in profile and traffic recently and, to extend our partnership with Enumivo, we are looking for guest writers from the Enumivo community.

Currently we are seeking writers for our Airdrop Alert, Giveaway Guide and Bounty Beacon sections. Any users who are successful with their application will be able to post links to the latest airdrops they find and include their own unique referral links. By allowing you all to post referral links you will basically be able to earn through the number of people you manage to direct to the website while also monetising the traffic which Something Decent already receives.

As the Something Decent foundation is one which features no sponsored content or advertising we cannot offer an actual basic salary however, we are more than happy to allow users to post their wallet address for donations at the bottom of any post they make.

The requirements for each article are simple: all articles must be written in grammatically correct English, they must all follow a strict format and they must all contain at least 150 words.

The format of articles is pretty simple and anyone who has visited the website before will be aware of the structure. Simply put the minimum required is a paragraph about the airdrop - include things like what has to be done to claim the drop, how much users will get for completing and any wildcard information - and a paragraph about the company doing the airdrop - list things like their plan, what the token will be used for and if you think they are unique.

Generally speaking I'd also like to see people put their opinion on the airdrop, make it human!

Users will also be required to fill in the airdrop review section - something which will be described in detail to anyone who is successful.

If you would like to apply to write for Something Decent please send a demonstration of an airdrop alert which you would write to the following email: applications@somethingdecent.co.uk - the airdrop you use as your demo article can be about any drop which is ongoing or has already passed.



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