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Enumivo FAQ

by FREETHINKING.ME ( http://freethinking.me/essays/enumivo-faq/)

Since I first wrote about Enumivo last February, its price has picked up significantly from around half a cent to around 13 cents USD (as of this writing). This 2600% increase in value has generated some interest from people who were only lukewarm to the idea before and I find myself having to answer the same questions over and over. So to save a little time, I decided to put together this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list. So here we go:

What is Enumivo?

Enumivo (ENU) is a blockchain project that promises to deliver “social justice for all” in the form of providing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) decentralized application (dApp).

ENU is set to be a clone of the EOS blockchain. According to its whitepaper, ENU is officially set to release on August 2018, 2 months after EOS.

Just to be clear, ENU is a separate blockchain. It is not officially affiliated with EOS, has no organizational ties with EOS developer, Block.One, and will not run on top of EOS.

Why are you cloning EOS?

This is discussed in detail in the whitepaper. The short answer is that EOS solves many problems of speed and scalability that current blockchains have. It is also a clone and not built on EOS because we want to have control of the direction of our development.

When did it start?

The earliest mention of ENU can be traced to a post on the bitcointalk forum on February 8, 2018, announcing a free distribution of ENU tokens. One could claim the free ENU by sending 0 ethers (ETH) to a certain address, so all one really needed to pay for was a minimum amount of gas. The amount received was calculated based on a formula that gave more tokens to those who joined earlier and less to those who joined later. In a matter of days, a total of 400M tokens were distributed out of a total supply of 500M. The remaining 100M is left for further development of the project.

If the ENU blockchain has not yet been released, why is there ENU being owned or traded now?

The current ENU tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This is only a temporary situation until the ENU blockchain is released. Then the ERC20 tokens will be swapped for the actual ENU tokens and after that will be rendered useless.

How can I get ENU tokens?

There are 3 different ways to acquire ENU tokens. But before that, while ENU is still an ERC20 token, you would need to set up an Ethereum wallet first to hold your tokens. Then you can try any of the following:

If you personally know anyone with ENU, you may offer to buy from them, beg from them, threaten them, or steal their ENU (if you can). Of course, I do not recommend the last two methods.

Buy/trade ENU at an exchange.  ENU is currently available via:


Bixin App

KKEX exchange – you need a Bixin account to login

DDEX exchange

Join different bounty programs where you can do certain tasks to earn Enumivo. Visit the Enumivo forum at enumivo.com to look for current bounties or offers. We are currently working to get ENU into as many exchanges as we can so this list will definitely keep growing.

Who are the people behind Enumivo?

Enumivo started as a vision of the lead developer, who wishes to remain anonymous, and uses the pseudonym, Aiden Pearce. Then several volunteers of different nationalities came together online and formed the Core Team.

At present, we are restructuring in order to professionalize the team and have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each position.

What is Universal Basic Income?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an income that is given to a person for simply being human. There are no other qualifications. You don’t have to do anything to receive it. We at Enumivo believe that UBI represents a person’s fair share of the earth’s resources.

Enumivo plans to build an UBI application running on its blockchain which will be issuing a fixed weekly amount of UBI tokens over a person’s lifetime. Anyone can apply to receive this UBI and once the application has been approved and verified (to check if the applicant is really human and unique — no duplicate accounts), the person will start to receive the UBI tokens.

The value of the UBI tokens will be market-driven. As more and more people receive these tokens, we see their value increasing as people will find it easy and useful to trade and exchange for goods and services anywhere in the world.

Why isn’t ENU listed on CoinMarketCap?

We are working on getting listed in CMC. When we approached them before, they were asking for a huge listing fee. Since ENU was freely given from the start and not funded by an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), we did not have a large fund to begin with.

When moon?

While we are undeniably happy that price of ENU has been rising the past few days, we would like to remain anchored to the philosophy that price will eventually match value. We are committed to bringing value to Enumivo by delivering a solid, working product that people can really use and benefit from.

As the ENU lead developer and founder has expressed in a past interview, we seek to build value by making this project work. We did not create a lot of hype, then conduct an ICO, then get a mountain of cash up front. We started small. We received payment and bonuses in ENU, which were worth little then, and that motivates us to work harder in order to see our value grow more.

The question for us is not really when the price will reach the moon, but what can we do to bring more value into the ENU blockchain? What can we do in order to make more people use and benefit from our project?

That’s the real goal.

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let me edit it. brb

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