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On 5/3/2018 at 1:17 PM, enumivo said:

The first 1,000 settlers for the UBI App will be determined in this forum.

They will get a total of 1,000,000 ENU* and 5,000,000 UBI* by the launch of the application and will be the first UBI recipients and will be the initial population which will approve future UBI applicants.

The determination of the "initial settlers" will be by a complex algorithm of voting among all forum members and recursive scoring. The main goal is to select 1,000 unique individuals that is deemed worthy by the community at large.

The algorithm is being designed right now and is on very early stages and will undergo several iterations of implementation changes and multiple monte carlo simulations until we are confident enough that it will not be exploitable and gameable by bad actors. This document will be modified several times until it will be declared final. We will then publish the details of how the algorithm works.

Monte carlo method will be implemented since I'm not very good in very complex formal proofs and I don't have the time anyway.

Monitor this thread if you intend to become part of the UBI's initial settlers and be one of the thousand people who will win 1,000 ENU and 5,000 UBI and determine the ecosystem's fate.

*amounts to be finalized

Wow! This is great. I look forward to being among the first 1000

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