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Why I think AP might be Satoshi

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Yesterday, A guy called Tim in the ENU group said that he thought the AP was probably Satoshi. This coincides with my thoughts. In fact, I have expressed this idea on Weibo before, but did not explain it in detail. Due to the two main reasons. One is that many people might think Im a fool or liar to said that. Second, those words may cause the AP to get too much attention and do bad affect to his normal work. 

But now that Tim has said this conjecture, many people have received this information. Then I think I should also express my thoughts, so more people will know the informations.

1, Satoshi Nakamoto is clearly an idealist, and his original intention to create Bitcoin is obviously to make the world a better place. But does Bitcoin really make the world a better place? I don't think so. Although many people admire it, I think most people admire it mainly because it makes us make a fortune, or let us have the expectation of making a fortune. But in essence it is still a zero-sum game, in fact, people who lose money in bitcoin is destined to be much more than people who make big money in bitcoin. Even if Bitcoin really reaches 1 million in the future, most of our current holders will making a fortune by it.But It is also bound to have a large number of latecomers to take over and lose money, leading to many tragedies. Obviously this reality is not what Satoshi want to see.

2, then the man who have such a comprehensive knowledge and genius ideas will not do anything after making a very creative but not very great project(bitcoin)? Obviously, Satoshi have little interest in money and more obviously no lack of money. So what is he doing in the later years after he hiding? Isn't it possible to plan something that is greater than Bitcoin and more capable of changing the world?

3, then what can be more great than Bitcoin to change the world? Except UBI, I can't think of anything else. Because any other crypto currency can't get rid of Matthew's law in essence, they are all the same game that latecomers to pick up the sedan chair of the previous comers. But ENU's UBI is completely different, it can be simply understood as a crypto currency in which everyone can participate in mining and mining efficiency is fair. If ENU's UBI is successful, in the short term, it can play a very good role in helping the disadvantaged poor. In the long run, it can alleviate or even solve the increasingly serious problems of the polarization between the rich and the poor and completely change the economic foundation of the current society. Many problems in today's society will also be solved after the popularity of UBI, benefiting the vast majority of the world's people.

4, In summary, I think the founder AP of ENU is likely to be Satoshi. In addition, I remember that someone asked Satoshi in the early days how Bitcoin solved the problem of unfair distribution of wealth. Satoshi's answer is that Bitcoin does not solve this problem. So now, isn't he likely to be doing another project and still anonymity to solve this problem? In addition, it is said that about 1 million bitcoins are clearly owned by Satoshi, but this one million has never been used. This is very confusing. I think there are two main possibilities. One is that Satoshi has died, and the other is that Satoshi wants to use this million bitcoin for a greater project. . . . . .

5, of course, these are all my guesses, as far as I am concerned. I think the probability of AP being Satoshi is more than 50%. Even if AP is not Satoshi, I still think the ENU project has a high probability of success. So I personally heavy warehouse the ENU and the token LTS (ELN) in the ENU. Different readers will definitely have different ideas when they read the words I wrote. Readers who think that I am a pyramid scheme cheater or a fool can continue to dismiss the ENU. But if you think what I said with a little reason. And think that even if only 1% of APs may be Satoshi, I suggest that you take some time to participate and buy it in a  light warehouse. Because if the AP is Satoshi, then the probability of success for the ENU project will near to 100%. And once successful. It will very likely to pump 1000times from now (in consideration of ENU's totally value is less than  5 million $ now, the 1000 times pump is a very modest estimate).

6,1% of the probability to pump more than 1000 times, even though the other 99% of the probability is going to go zero. The mathematical expectation is also higher than 100% probability to pump 10 times. So obviously if you has a 100 percent probability of getting 10 times pump from a crypto, you will buy the crypto. So why don't you take a little time and buy a little ENU that you think has a 1% chance of pump up more than 1,000 times?

7, I hope that all readers after seeing this article, don't bother to disturb the AP, let him just work silently for the project. In fact, many people have asked AP if he is Satoshi, and AP has denied all. In fact, this kind of question is meaningless. First of all, the real Satoshi will not admit that himself is Satoshi. Secondly, even if the AP admits that he is Satoshi, you can't be 100% sure if he is just lying to you. So instead of hear what he said, it is better to see what he did. From my observations for so long, AP, even if it is not Satoshi,he is also an capable person who wants to make the world a better place through blockchain technology. From this point of view, even if ENU is not successful after many years, I will not regret my investment and promotion of ENU. After all, I made a small contribution to this great project.


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