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Swap Your ERC20 ENU to Mainnet through Aex exchange

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If you find native erc20 to mainnet swap process tedious then here is fairly easy way to do that through aex exchange. But, please understand that here you will be trusting an exchange. 

Short version: You deposit your ERC20 ENU to Aex exchange and make a withdrawal to your Mainnet account. 

Long version:


- Erc20 enu to swap, duh! 

- Aex exchange account (Create account)

Note: After registeration, setting up 2FA is mandatory (keep 2fa key safe!) and you will NOT be able to make withdrawal for next 24 Hours after doing so.

- Enumivo mainnet account 

Note: You can create one for free using this bot: @FreeEnuAccountBot

Once done, proceed below. 

1. Login to your aex account. 

2. Click on 'Deposit' button at top right corner, search for ENU, click on 'Deposit' next to it. Copy the address under label 'Erc20 ENU address'. 


3. Send your erc20 enu to that address from your ethereum wallet. Make sure you send at least 1000 ENU as that's the minimum amount to withdraw. 

Here are ENU token details, just in case. 

Enu contract address: 0x275b69aa7c8c1d648a0557656bce1c286e69a29d 

Decimals: 8 

Symbol: ENU 

What gas price to put? Check here: http://ethgasstation.info

4. Wait until they show up on Aex. Once arrived, click 'Withdraw' button next to ENU and fill in the details. 

Add your Enumivo mainnet address through 'Add address' option. 


Once your address is added, select it and write amount you want to withdraw in 'amount' field. Actual amount field shows how much you will be getting after the 0.5% fees. 

Memo is optional, write the 2fa code in 'Google authenticator field' and click 'Withdraw' button. 


That's it, you should receive Mainnet ENU in few minutes — to check search your account name at https://enumivo.qsx.io or check in 'Finance' tab on aex.

In case, you don't receive your withdrawal even after an hour, create support ticket through support page to let the aex team know, they should help you out. 

should you have any more queries, feel free to ask us in Enumivo chat, we'll be glad to help. 

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