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Meet Kieran Benson: The Man Cleaning Glynneath, for Free

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Kieran Benson is a name which most people will not have heard of. Why would they? He isn’t a celebrity, in anyway, and he isn’t someone constantly in the public eye. However, if you are a resident within the small town, Glynneath, Wales, you may have been in eye shot of his charitable work.

The 35 year old window cleaner has been spending significant portions of his free time cleaning his local street signs. When asked, by the BBC, why he decided to begin the task of sprucing up he town he stated that he took inspirations from others.

Kieran’s work is not only limited to street signs, however, he is also cleaning bus shelters. As anyone who is a resident in London will know, some bus stops really need it. When asked about this he is quoted saying:

“It’s all about just making it a cleaner environment for our elderly who sit in those shelters.”

Although the task which Kieran has decided to undertake can be seen as a selfless one, he has stated that he takes some joy from it. He also has stated that he made it a personal mission to find the ‘dirtiest sign’ in his town. And that cleaning the dirtiest signs can be a therapeutic experience.

At present Kieran attempts to clean at least one sign at the end of every day. He has also stated that he ropes his family into helping him on some days. When he was asked why he continues to conduct his voluntary clean up he stated the following:

“I wanted to give back to my community, make the area feel a bit nicer… It’s all about loving where I live, being proud of where I live and making it into a better environment for all.”

Anthony Taylor, deputy manager of Neath Port Talbot council (the acting council), was full of praise for Kieran. He went on record stating that the help is much appreciated in a time where councils are struggling to provide essential services:

“Many local authorities are now at the stage of fighting to protect and sustain essential services so it is tremendously heartening to see communities respond in such a way.”

It may not be the most glamorous of jobs but I think Kieran deserves to be commended for his efforts. A society is only as strong as its least worst team player and we all have a social duty to fulfil.

Love, peace and happiness.

Original article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/news/societal/meet-kieran-benson-the-man-cleaning-glynneath-for-free/

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