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Enumivo Treasury to trade with Market Maker

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We have noticed that perhaps some traders didn't realize the presence of the automated market makers using smart contracts on the Enumivo chain. Right now the ENU/BTC MM has a liquidity of more than 4 BTC + 1.2M ENU.  It is trading ENU near 350 sats each. Just in case traders don't realize it yet, some people sell ENU at 318 sats while the MM is willing to buy it it about 350 sats.

In line with this also, since our treasury sells some dev funds every month to pay for expenses, we will stop trading on outside exchanges and start selling ENU on the MM. We will divide the monthly budget into small amounts and sell it several times a day.

If you want to trade with the market makers, and you want to get iou.btc, contact us and we will assist you. We will also process withdrawals to btc without fees for withdrawals 0.1 btc or higher.



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So far, trading with the MM gives you a better deal than trading on outside exchanges. You either get more ENU when you buy or get more BTC when you sell.

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Thanks for heads up.
Cant understand reason behind stopping trading ENU on external exchanges.  Is it for ERC-20 or native token also?

More enlighten please. 

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