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The plan that publish the data of BPs "buy and burn LTS" record

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Since AP initiated the ENU node to purchase and burn the LTS plan, there are currently the following nodes responding to the call. (https://enumivo.com/topic/1228-buy-and-burn-thread-monitor/)









I have voted for all of the above nodes with all my voting accounts (enumivoooooo, looooooooooo, pei.lin). At the same time, I also hope that more ENU holders will vote for the above nodes. Because the nodes joining the plan prove that they are active nodes on the one hand, they can actively perform future operations such as upgrading contracts. On the other hand, destroying LTS increases the value of LTS and benefits all ENU holders (ENU holders can get LTS every day by casting and investing only one node.)

I plan to collect and publish the data of LTS destroyed by all nodes last week every Monday in the near future, And vote for the burn of the top 21 nodes. It is suggested that ENU holders vote on this data for reference and select the most suitable node to protect the interests of all ENU holders. In order to simplify the statistical process, I only record the data of each node destroyed LTS for the first time in that week. Therefore, it is suggested that the destruction of each node just performed once a week.

It is recommended that ENU holders vote with this data as a reference to select the most suitable node and maintain the interests of all ENU holders .

In order to simplify the statistical process, only the statistics of each node will be destroyed for the first time in the week, so it is recommended that the node perform the destruction once a week.

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