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RoE Application:EQE\1a2s3d4f5enu

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2.You can contact me here:

        t.me: EQE

        wechat: Gru0912


3. Enumivo Mainnet Account 



        Hello, everyone. I'm from Gansu Province, China. I'm an automation engineer. I joined the encryption world in April 2018. I read some books and materials. With my knowledge of block chains, Bitcoin and other technologies, I like them more and more.

       I know ENU is through BiXin, and then I joined WeChat and registered with the community. I read ENU's white paper and liked Mr. AP's ideas about UBI. I think this is a good way to solve the problem of poverty and unequal distribution. My most regrettable thing is that I missed the air drop of ENU. I don't want to miss RoE again. I will do my best for the development and promotion of ENU and become a member of this democratic country as soon as possible.


        English translation\ PLC program\Python

6. What can you do for Enumivo

1.I will actively participate in community work and create a good atmosphere for learning and communication.

2.I did and I will continue to promote Enumivo on social media.

3.I will keep spread Enumivo and UBI to all friends.Try to invite many people to join the RoE.

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