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All ENU holders please unite to maintain the ENU network.

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This post is original in Chinese, I translated it in English by google, so there may have many mistakes.

At present, the ENU network faces a big problem: the ENU node is not very active. In a recent contract upgrade call (https://enumivo.com/topic/1220-vote-for-active-bps/), only about 10 super nodes and several spare nodes responded. This is very detrimental to the development of ENU.

This result is partly because ENU retailers do not understand the super nodes and therefore do not want to vote or vote only for the nodes they know. On the other hand, the large ENUs voted for each other in order to occupy the top 21 super node positions. So in the end, many inactive nodes entered the top 21, and many active nodes that are willing to contribute to ENU could not enter 21, resulting in poor ENU network conditions, and may not be able to perform upgrade contracts in time.

This is what AP calls "Tragedy of the commons." The simple explanation is that everyone knows that voting against each other is not good for the ENU network, which is detrimental to the long-term interests of the ENU holders. However, if they do not participate in voting, others will vote for each other, so if they do not vote for each other, they will damage themselves. Short-term benefits. So in the end, all the big players voted for each other, making the ENU network in poor condition and detracting from their long-term interests.

The easiest way to break this cycle is to have the AP vote with the 50mENU project development fund to eliminate inactive super nodes. However, AP believes that only one person decides the entire network, which is not in line with the original intention of decentralization, which is not conducive to the development of ENU. What he wants to see is that the entire ENU community unites to determine the future of ENU!

So he called for a voting campaign, that is, all nodes (whether one of the 21 super nodes or the standby node), can purchase LTS with a portion of their node enu revenue, and transfer the purchased LTS to enu. The savings approach is used to destroy (enu.savings are controlled by the node multi-signature, so going to this account is close to destroying the LTS, and if many people respond to this call, the AP will create a dedicated destruction account to completely destroy the various tokens). Thereby reducing the total amount of LTS, increasing the value of the unit LTS, so that all ENU holders benefit (ENU holders can obtain LTS by casting and only one node). Later, the ENU holders spontaneously voted for the node that purchased the LTS and destroyed it.

Therefore, in order to better develop ENU in the future, I decided to respond to the call of AP, starting today. My three voting accounts. Looooooooooo, pei.lin, enumivoooooo will cancel voting for all BPs until they purchase LTS and destroy them, and fulfill the obligations of maintaining nodes, upgrading nodes and upgrading contracts, and I will vote again for these nodes.

I have launched a logpost to destroy LTS on enumivo.com. All nodes (whether super or standby) can transfer ETU to enultsmarket to get LTS. The LTS obtained is transferred to the enu.savings destruction, and in the post it is replied to destroy the LTS record. I will vote based on these records and regularly post it on Weibo, WeChat, and telegraph groups to help more ENU holders better choose the nodes they want to vote for, and also to help active and willing to contribute to ENU. Nodes become super nodes.

The initial voting rules are more general. Later, I will refine the rules and make them fair and open. Then I will initiate a proposal at RoE. If the draw is approved, there will be approximately 5 million ENUs voting according to this rule.

At the same time, I also hope that more people will respond to the call of the AP, because you are a big bookmaker or a small retailer. Responding to this call can better break the vicious circle of this "tragedy of the commons", let ENU develop better and benefit all ENU holders! ! !

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