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Wenwu / bitcoinist 
1. Name


2. Social media links

Email address : 1639994300@qq.com 
t.me/ pharmaceutist 
: bin52134 
sina weibo(facebook) 
: Doctor enu 
3. Introduction

I am from Henan, China. I am an oncologist and an experienced participant in the blockchain. In my daily work, I see that too many patients are under heavy debts and stress due to treatment, and even the daily diet is very tight, and some patients will commit suicide in the future to eliminate poverty. So when I learned about Enu's thoughts about ubi, I was attracted to it. I understand what this job means for patients and the poor. Now I am applying to join and work with you to create a better future. 
4 . Enumivo Mainnet account

123 doctor 
5 . skill

Propagators defend our faith 
6 . What can you do for Enumivo?

    1, I will make unremitting efforts for the spread of ENU on Weibo.

    2, I will introduce ENU to patients and friends, let everyone participate.

    3. I will promote Enu in my 500-person WeChat chain.

    4, I will strictly abide by our rules and strive to establish an ENU community


Thank you

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Nice mate, but I think you need some time to let the other RoE members know more about you. So I suggest you join the telegram groups: https://t.me/roechat and https://t.me/enumivochat to join our chats.

And in the future, if you really did what you promised in the post, I'm sure some RoE member will nominate you to become a new citizen.

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