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ROE Application: ironpa88/enuviptaiwan

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I am ironpa88.

I am a funder of BP enuviptaiwan.

I am inspired by the team and community of ENU and the UBI idea, specially thanks for @enumivo, @PeiLin, @davidfnck and @Daifuku.

I am a interior designer and contractor in real world if you need my services.

You can contact me here:






What I promise if made a citizen of RoE:

My team(Enuvip) and I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people we know, we had a growing social group with 140+ people in Taiwan Asia.

I will promo Enumivo project to people like us in real world 24-7 and support marine environmental protection with the group named Enumivo(Enuvip), that's the original goal of my team.

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Hello mate, I suggest that you can join the RoE telegram group and tell us your plan in detail, so that some member might make a motion to nominate you to be a new member and then more than half members vote yes for you so that you become a new member eventually.

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