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Project-Atlas Enumivo campaign update

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The monthly campaign by the project atlas for the Enumivo blockchain came to an end yesterday with great seriousness from the team even though our impact and reaches was low after analyzing it my team did show much interest, and put up great work might be probably wrong timing............. 


Impacts and reaches 

Potential impacts - 5,138,081

Potential reach - 271,085

Total tweets - 253

Original contributors - 10

Total Contributors - 55

Hashtag - #EnuUbi 

Check out these search results: https://twitter.com/hashtag/EnuUbi?s=09


For more about the full campaign updates and analysis, kindly click on our official whaleshares.io blog account. 



Or check Tweetbinder for our advanced analysis 



For more about the crowd crypto promotional project  and how you could support us on creating awareness and building the first Cross dapp for promotion, visit 



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