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Current rules for the RoE

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The RoE is founded to help the Enumivo community to make decisions in a democratic way. Here are the current rules for the RoE:

1, The RoE citizens will be in control of the following funds:

2, All RoE citizens will get 5K ENU every beginning of the month.

3, Every citizen can submit a new motion in "pending motions" anytime. If the motion get no less than 1/3 "yes" or "agree" votes in 7days from the motion post, it will  moved to "open motions". Otherwise the motion will moved to "resolved motions".

4, Every citizen should submit a reply to every motion in "open motions" before the motion has been moved to "open motions" for 7days. Any citizen missing to respond 2 motions in a row are automatically removed as citizens.

5, If a motion in "open motions"get more than half "yes" or "agree" votes in 7days, The motion passes. Otherwise the motion failed to pass. 

6, Citizens can submit a motion to:
admit new citizens or remove existing citizens. 
changed/added/removed rules. 
spend the funds.

7, Every citizen can give only one reply for one motion. They can't modify or delete their replies, but they can add new contents in their replies anytime. 

8, New citizens can only vote for motions that submit after they become new citizens.

9, @libert and @PeiLin are the coordinators in anything regarding RoE. 

10, @enumivo reserve the right to disband and terminate funding of RoE at any time he deem necessary if it does not add any value to the project or it is exploited or abused within 2019 or until a reliable multisig wallet is put in place and transfer the RoE funds to that said wallet.

11, @enumivo reserve the right to remove and add citizens within 2019.

12, Rule 10 and 11 can not be overriden by the RoE citizens.


13, Citizens that say they will be away will automatically have their votes for any motions during that period set to Abstain.

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14 minutes ago, Sosolean said:

@PeiLin I think rule 12 refers to 10 and 11 not 9 and 10?

Yes, seems like I added a new motion before, so the numbers changed, but I've corrected it, thanks for reminding.

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