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Roe unique page and updating your activities before rewards

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Ever since the kicked of Roe, we gotten about 8 motion or more, if we technically take a look at the motion tab, they are many things needs to. be fixed but i believe as time goes on we all will set and make things right. 

I will be setting two proposals with this one motion, instead of getting more motions moving i will get the two here and everyone could vote yes or no to each one,


i don't want to bombard here with motions, so. this are it.... what are your opinions. 


1. the first one is,

what about if we can have a page that shows the list of the Roe, little infos about the Roe citizens too, so that when a new citizens are elected they get added to the citizens page and when voted out they are removed too.

this page we help us know people on Roe and not only us, but members of the enumivo communities or people outside the enumivo project.

it all help us keep track and organized us. 

if you agree vote [1 yes ] but if not, vote [1No]





2, I don't know about this month, but in the future, in other for us all to be transparent and a bit organized, with the sole aim of adding value , do you all agree with me that before a Roe citizens get their monthly rewards, they should at least update few things they have done that month, so we could see we ain't being rewarded for just being among the Roe, sitting comfortably and voting Yes and No, this would motivate even the unskilled one to at least do something meaningful. 


If you agree vote [2yes] if you disagree vote [2No]





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I think we can set a new section in the forum that shows the list of all current RoE members and all current rules.

2, no

Maybe we can set a rule like the Oracle before, but only applicants reward no voters reward. Then people who contribute more get more. But I think currently, due to we are still baby, so just makes everything as simple as possible.

And by the way, I wanna suggest that we only make one motion in one post mate. Coz if we set 2 motions in one post. Things will become chaotic. Such as the end time of each motion might different. 

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This motion is moved to resolved motions. 

Reason:  please post only one motion per post. 

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On 1/21/2019 at 5:40 AM, libert said:

1. Yes 

2. Abstain 

We have plans for RoE app but it will take time. 


The app would be an easy desk I guess. 

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