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Voting rules - Do you agree to allow to vote only the users approved when the motion was opened?

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The rule here is simple. We should allow to vote on an open/pending motion only the people that were registered before the motion is opened.
I think this will help us add more users to RoE regarding pending motions. Think of it like this, when we have a tie vote and the community has not decided the fate of that motion nobody would allow a new member into the community. It will be one side willing to vote for that user but the other will abstain or vote no just to forbid him access to the RoE so he cannot vote and change the end result. What I'm trying to say is that most of the times we might face this situation and we should not have a deadlock on the RoE admission. Members should join and we should vote regardless of the current motions opened.

Let's try to test the emoji/emoticons vote on this one.
YES - Like
NO - Sad
Abstain - Confused


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Yes think this a very valid point as it would enable goal posts to be moved if people were added after the motion begins

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Sorry I want to vote for the motion, but I can't understand your idea clearly now. So I give a confused, lol.


I vote YES coz now I understand the motion now, to make others who may also confused like me. I give a example here.

if there is a motion A, and a motion B. motion B is to add John as a member

if motion B success, john is a member now

but motion A didn't final yet

John cant vote for motion A

but he can vote on others that follow after he joined

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Since this motion has get more than or equal to 1/3 yes votes. it has been moved to "open motions" now, Every member please give a reply in 7 days from this statement post.( 2019.1.19  10:12 utc +8 )

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