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RoE Active Status

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This will be the official status of the RoE and will be modified as motions are approved.

RoE Citizens:

  1. ansen
  2. blackpaopao
  3. Boyking
  4. Cocojam0610
  5. Colinlib
  6. Daifuku
  7. David ishia
  8. davidfnck
  9. Dragos
  10. Ethereum
  11. Joshua Qiu
  12. libert
  13. marshalllife
  14. Peesus
  15. PeiLin
  16. smakeit
  17. Sosolean
  18. TylerXiong

Ongoing Projects Sponsored:

Voted Block Producers:


Active Rules:

  • All citizens will get 5K ENU every beginning of the month.
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