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Roe Apllication

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wenwu /bitcoinist
1. Name

wen wu

2. Social Media Links

Email Addresswenwu@bioxxx.cn
sina weibo(facebook)
3. Introduction

Im from Sichuan, China. I have interest in crypto currency. When I was surfing on weibo, I found a Dapp called Zhandui(https://zhandui.io), which was developed by @fish. Through this Dapp, I learned about the project of ENU and  I was shocked by the great ideal of UBI.after further study on this project.  I bought some ENU tokens on KKEX, and made a fixed investment plan on this token.
4. Enumivo Mainnet Account

5. Skills

Promotion, Coder,Dapper
6. What can you do for Enumivo

    Im a high school teacher. Id like to bring the ideal of ENU to my students and others around me. If I made a citizen of RoE, I will do my best to propaganda for the community in wechat-group, QQ-group, and so on. I will also try my best to maintain RoE.

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