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Hello Enumivites,

I'm so glad that i could eventually write my introductory post today, my first post as an enumivite. firstly, i would love to say a very big thank you to @marshalllife who introduced me to this community and it projects. I'm so grateful. I am Omotayo Ambali by name, and my nicknames/usernames are either "tezzmax" or "nucleus", I'm a Nigerian, A music student in one of the best institution in my country. Aside being a music student, well, Let me say, i don't like being a music student because it's not my lifestyle. just like marshalllife, music seems to be his lifestyle, Lol, but funny enough, i could still do a lot on the musical line but I won't promise enumivo that. I'm here on enumivo to add some value to the community, doing what i can always do best which is Arts! I mean arts like paintings, drawing, and i'm a good writer too. I love poetry, so if you call me a "poet", I could love you!

You can kindly reach me on other platforms like :-

steemit - steemit.com/@tezzmax

whaleshares - whaleshares.io/@tezzmax

medium - medium.com/@omotayobabatundeambali

facebook - facebook.com/omotayobabatunde.ambali

twitter - @omotayobabatune


Enumivo, and my fellow Enumivtes, i'm here now, i hope i am welcomed? I love this project, and when marshalllife told me about this, guess what, the part i love and loved must is the "UBI" initiative, that's really great and thoughtful of the enumivo community. surely, that would help in reducing and if not eradicating poverty on the surface of the earth to some extent. Let's work together, Let's dine together, Let's live together!


Yours Faithfully,


Happy new year! 




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2 hours ago, enutothemoon said:

I am just an ENU holder, With very best wishes for you, Happy New Year!

Thanks friend. Happy new year to you too. 

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On 1/5/2019 at 9:51 AM, marshalllife said:

welcome to. enumivo friend ✌️ 

Thanks for the warm welcome Ghost. 😈

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