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Lagos Blockchain Saturday - A Blockchain experience

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The Lagos Blockchain Saturday organized by one of beam ambassador and which enumivo project was one of the many sponsors was exciting and successful. 


Being  an ambassador of Enumivo, and when it was time for my enumivo presentation, I took them down the history lane of the enumivo project, how it started, the visions and the dream and where it is now even to the fullest future plans of the UBI and its usecase, though it was very hard making them understand at first, it all seems rocket science to non blockchain user but as with more and much explanation was given and how they could benefit from the project and also how they could put good use to the chain it self with a possibility of adding value and getting value. everything became easier. 

I briefly explained to them about the Roe and how the slogan i generated for it is a term i call 


What value can you bring into the community/project to get the value you want people to give to you. 



It was exciting indeed, as we had to learn, unlearn and relearn things we saw as a basic knowledge to make us blossom on this sphere and i was very much happy that after the presentation, alot of people became so interested and when i saw the momentum and enthusiasm they were moving with ☺ 

i reminded them its all a 

value for value project



This are the images i could gather at the moment, more are coming though of the event. 

















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25 minutes ago, enutothemoon said:

good job, I will vote for you in the future.

Thanks mate ✌️ and also to everyone who adds value to the project. 

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9 hours ago, PeiLin said:

Wow, I didn't expect that there are such many supporters in Nigeria, you did a great job mate!

yeah, i was also surprised when i saw many who came i don't know already got LtS and i asked them how, they said they got it from the discord i opened, the contest and etc i was really smiling ☺ 

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