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Jean enuer

FAQ about applying for RoE

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Translator: Jean enuer / enumivojean1
Original link: 申请RoE常见疑问解答 By PeiLin
Recently, AP announced that he will start the RoE (Republic of Enumivo) project on January 1, 2019. To learn more about the project, you can refer to the initiative post from AP: (Republic of Enumivo Proposal).To sum up briefly, RoE's short-term goal is to promote Enumivo's development in a completely decentralized way of democracy, and each RoE member will receive 5000ENU as the award for their contribution each month.
After the initiative post was posted, many friends have posted their applications to join RoE, but I found that most of them did not understand RoE. In terms of their posts, many of them may not be able to join RoE successfully. So I have written an article here to introduce to you in detail, I hope you can refer to when you apply for RoE.
1. How does RoE choose a new member?
RoE will have about 20 founding members initially, designated by AP. In the future, the members will need to vote for qualified applicants each month , and applicants who will eventually receive more than half of the support votes will become full members next month.
2. Application process
About the specific application process, you can refer to the video tutorial published by jianmei: (申请RoE小视频教程). One thing to note is that the title of the application should be: "your forum account name / ENU main network name", the application must be posted in the RoE Applicants section, after the application is approved, you will be transferred to Approved RoE Applicants, and then just wait to be voted on every month.
3. What skills do RoE members need?
RoE does not require specific skills that members must have. As long as RoE members believe that your contribution to Enumivo is greater than the 5000ENU reward you receive each month, they will vote for you, but because RoE members need to discuss various issues frequently, so you need to have some English skills. Otherwise, even if you may be lucky enough to join RoE, you will likely be kicked out in the future for communication problems.
4. How will RoE members vote for you?
RoE members will vote based on the applicant's contribution to ENU, so you need to show yourself as much as possible about your work for ENU in your application post. Note that these jobs must be verifiable, such as you often translate About ENU's article and posted, you did some video or text tutorials for ENU, you wrote a dapp for ENU,you often help new members in forums, WeChat groups, telegraph groups and so on. But a hard-to-verify contribution like advertised ENU to a friend may not be approved by RoE members. In addition, your contribution needs to have some value. For example, your often forwards news about ENU on Weibo, but your Weibo has a small number of followers, and it can't be promoted well, it is also difficult to get the votes of the members.Please note that in the application you should try to explain what contribution you have made to ENU, not to indicate what contribution you will make, because anyone can open a blank check, but only actual action can get members to vote for you.
5. Please do not take RoE as a project that can be used to gain small profits
Please do not consider RoE as a project that can be used to gain small profits, we hope that the members who join RoE are genuine fans who are sincerely willing to promote the development of ENU. If you want to get 5000enu every month by just posting a message, then you misunderstood. Because voters won't vote for people who just want to gain small profits without contributing to the community.
6. How to do if someone unable to contribute to ENU but still want to join RoE?
First, we need to know that RoE is not the same as UBI. You need to let most voters believe that your contribution to ENU is greater than your monthly 5000ENU reward so that you can join RoE. Otherwise, the establishment of RoE is meaningless.If you really want to join RoE, you can spend some money to buy a lot of ENU. For example, if you spended 1 BTC to buy ENU and doubled the ENU price, then I believe most voters will agree you to join in.
If you have any other questions about RoE's application, you can reply to this article and I will try my best to answer.
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2 hours ago, libert said:

I don't quite get 6th point, great article otherwise. 

Lol, you've done a lot to the community, so you don't need to do the 6th mate.:classic_biggrin:

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