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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, my enumivian fellows. I have released Ironman V1.1.0, the first browser-based wallet for ENU ever. Ironman is a fork of Scatter, which is for EOS. Both are similar to the Metamask for Ethereum, which is the foundation of many ethereum dapps. Ironman keeps the ENU account for you, and signs transactions proposed by various kinds of web-based dapps. How to install Ironman 1. Check and install in the Google Chrome store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ironman/janbppjcbfhklbggcgkpiefmondofolo Setting up Ironman wallet: Just click the Ironman icon. For the first time, you have to set the password for the wallet, then click "Create New Ironman". Then, write down the mnemonics. The wallet is created now. Basic Setup Then it's recommended to start the basic setup, which helps import the ENU account on the mainnet. It's highly recommended only to import the private key of your ENU account's ACTIVE(NOT OWN) authorization. Owner key should be always stored offline. Then, select the account as xxx@active. AHA, that's it! The main menu Ironman has "identities", "key pairs", "permissions" and "Lock" on the man menu. Identities: includes the mainnet account, network info and personal info. Key pairs: The imported keys for the mainnet accounts. Permissions: keeps the permission authorized to the dapps. Can delete any permission at any time.
  2. ~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~ Good day enumivians! 🏁 I made a video on how to add fund from bixin to tokenpocket. This video will give basic information transferring ENU from wallet to another wallet. **Video link: PS: i uploaded it to youtube cause of the upload limit here, and youtube got more audience. Requirments: 1. Bixin App - Installed on your phone, verified user, have ENU balance. **BIXIN app link: https://dl.901346.com/android/bixin-android.html **How to get verified user from BIXIN: 2. TokenPocket - Installed on your phone, Have a ENU wallet already. **TokenPocket app link: https://fir.im/tpforandroid ~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~ Dont forget to subscribe, share and react! 🍻 ~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~~•~~~~
  3. Firstly, Download Yandex Browser For Android — Click Here To Download! 1. Installing Ironman extension. - Go to following link from Yandex browser — Install Ironman Extension. Click on "ADD TO CHROME" >> a pop-up will appear, click "ADD EXTENSION". 2. Setting Up Ironman. - Click on "three dot menu" >> "Extensions" >> select "Ironman". - Enter desired password and click on "Create New Ironman". - Backup the Mnemonics that appear on screen, and click on "I Wrote It Down". These will help you regain access to your Ironman account in case you forget your password. - On next screen, click on "Start Basic Setup". - Paste your Enu private key in relevant field, and click on "Import ENU Key Pair". - Give "active permission" to Ironman and click on "Use Selected Account". That's it, enjoy using Ironman! If you have any questions feel free to comment here or ask in enumivo chat and don't forget to follow official Ironman thread to stay up to date!
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