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Found 46 results

  1. hello and good day everyone . I'm trying to start an enumivo initiative on whaleshares which i think would help foster the publicity and awareness of the enumivo project to many interested people. And there by on boarding members and traffic to the project. I recently created an account on the whaleshares platform. whaleshares.io/@enumivo and would be making one on steemit as the initiative is centered on content creators, and this platforms are content creators oriented. Though this motion is simple but complicated in some ways, i know this will impact positively to the enumivo project and we could actually on board new genuine members to the platform through this method. it would be a hectic proposal for me to handle, as much things is needed and 100% focus and i hope i can cope with it and actually hit the goals to why i started the initiatives. The initiative is simple, it all be creating "Team Enumivo" on whaleshares and on steemit [ #TeamEnumivoOnWhaleshare] [ #TeamEnumivoOnSteemit] - since the platform is for content creators, we would be rewarding posts that contains anything related to enumivo. So it all starts with an announcements for people to join the team enumivo on whaleshares or on steemit as a team of content creators every week and if they signifies, also give reasons to why they want to join the team of Enumivo on steemit and whaleshares and yeah once they join, i will have to write their name somewhere to keep track of those people on the #team Enumivo on this platforms and every post they created concerning enumivo gets rewarded with about 50 t0 100 enu depending on how unique their post are. And its compulsory they input a link " enumivo.com and enumivo.org" to drive up traffic and for readers to learn more about the project inorder to be eligible to earn this enu rewards. Most of this platform users I'm targeting uses discord alot and the enumivo too have a discord,{actually the one i created} so any user posting on this platforms. needs to post the links on a particular channel I will be creating soon to keep tracks and inorder to go through it and see what rewards suits it. This is the discord links. https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB They will have to use the "Enumivo" hashtags on their post that contains anything enumivo related and at the end of their contents, they will input their enu wallets for rewards and for there contents to get the value of enu according to their posts. Though any enumivo related post would earn about 50 to 100 enu for their contents about enumivo, they will be a weekly official enumivo post to select the best created enumivo content articles that would win about 500Enu each weeks. and also the most active person on the team gets rewarded with 200 enu. We all be creating a sane community on this platforms, and more people would want to join the team to get this passive income for their created enumivo posts. And each of this post would introduce more people as we grow on a daily and weekly, if you agree since they earn on creating contents. Contents varies to - making enumivo memes - Enumivo Articles - Enumivo graphics - Enumivo videos and so on, as long its enumivo related. Key factor This would be hectic task to get more people and content bloggers know about enumivo, but i am positive this will be a good idea at the end for more enumivo contents and get more enthusiastic people on board to the project. - Each enumivo contents gets about 50 to 100 enu depending on the post uniqueness - The best content about enumivo gets 500 enu weekly. - the most active member wins 200 enu - for your post to actually be rewarded, you all have to signify that you want to be part of the enumivo team on each week's official post. e.g I love enumivo because i have read alot about it and would want to be part of this community. - Once you are part of the #Enumivo team, you can post on steemit or on whaleshares and submit your Enumivo posts on the enumivo discord, where i can read and record it plus tip the writer for their comtents. - Any enumivo post must include their enumivo wallets address for them to receive their tip. This is all about the initiative, and I'd think it would positively impact greatly on boarding more enthusiasts genuine members to the project ahead of our UBI release. Most of my times would be dedicated on reading different contents and actually writing weekly posts and it all be stressful and I think i need some kind of incentives regarded i received 5k enu monthly like all Roe receive. I AM thinking on running this initiative for 3 months and once three months completion with no positive results then the proposal will automatically be terminated but if its actually doing its purpose then it will be continued. I would want to be receiving a cap of 5000Enu monthly to reward content creators and if each 5000 ain't spent that month it all auto roll over to the next month on till 5000k enu has been used before another payment to reward content creators is sent for the initiative. But since i need incentive to actually concentrate more on the initiative and leave most things I do on daily, i would want the Roe to decide how much enu incentive i could receive monthly for three months of the project, regardless of the Normal Roe salary we all on Roe receive, its a hectic one i believe would work out fine. it all be from 50 USD to 100 USD incentives, i will let the Roe decide if needs be, and update this post to which i think they agree on. - so content creators gets 5000Enu and could be auto roll over if not used on that month to the next. - I get --- X USD Monthly for coordinating the initiative - -for incentive (let Roe decide the amount in USD on their Comments) I would edit the amount of my incentive once Roe comes to conclusions on their comments. Vote with "YES" to agree with this motion. Or No to disagree with this motion. Thank you every one.
  2. Good day communities and Viewers Part of my dedication and ways to promote enumivo isn't just only online with the project atlas but organizing meetups and letting people around my locality know about enumivo through lecturing them about blockchain. If you are kin to the enumivo project or visits the forum(meetup) often , you would have seen the past meetups where i talk about enumivo as enumivo was one of the sponsors of the event. Blockchain Saturday is an event organised and sponsored by 3 to 4 projects and for blockchain enthusiasts to bring in their projects, talk about it and lecture the attendees about such projects . the recent one we did was in Lagos, and enumivo was one of the sponsors, we had about 39++ attendees - we are trying to take this event to different places in the nation for more participation and awareness - so the next one will be at Ibadan-the largest city in west Africa and this is to happen in their university where we believe we can introduce blockchain to the students. Numbers of attendance is unknown yet but capped from 50 minimum Enumivo to be among the sponsors Alot of project will be presented, enumivo will also be presented and it will be amazing if one of us who were on the council of elders can make out time on that date which is 26th (I saw dragos interest back then.) (Date might change as everything is on planning mood but would update that if it becomes the case) - and the enu volunteer give a succinct message about enumivo message through Skype on the event - its not a must though but i do think its about time we start doing things as a community - yeah i would talk about enumivo but letting attendees know we are from different parts and all over the world, makes it easy for me to explain decentralization to them lol and furthermore would make them understand the project is for everyone who could provide value one way or the other. To be among the sponsor of this event I rounded the amount on 600USD after rough draftings - Where it all cover the sponsorship, the traveling to the city and enumivo custom t-shirts plus banner if applicable. Should enumivo project (RoE) sponsor this event that will expose it more to alot of enthusiasts students. agree 👍 or disagree 👎
  3. Happy Weekend Guys, It's been a while I made a painting for the community. It's been quite tough to make a painting these days since I've resumed school back but a little time crept in toady, and I decided to make this little one for the community again. https://bearshares.com/art/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world https://whaleshares.io/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world Above are the links to the community promotional posts. I'll be waiting to hear from you all. Kindly drop your comment below. Thank you all. Enumivo to the World! Enumivo to the Moon!
  4. I made some graphics for enEnumivo and this portrays what it's all about i.e social justice for all. i had to use a justice balance free image to portray this. whaleshares post Whaleshares steemit post Steemit
  5. Woow... I made the first two gif for the R.O.E community . I had to create the images as a stand alone image and then merged them to give the result. This took a lot of time than the normal logo/Graphics designs.
  6. Happy Weekend Guys, It's time to share another awesome art with the community again. Kindly see below. The art was made by me to portray the way the Enumivo community gives social justice with ease like we give our toothbrushes toothpaste with ease whenever we intend to use them. ☺
  7. Hello Mates, I'm writing this to show how grateful I am towards the motion you guys took for me to become a citizen of ROE, I am so grateful. I was never even expecting the motion to come from @libert, though he has been my tutor right from very first time I took the project serious. I am also saying a very big thank you to a brother @marshalllife, he was the one who introduced me to this wonderful community with some explanations on what to do, and always do tight. @PeiLin happens to be someone I can't just thank enough at the moment. He's been of great help and a fast friend. Lol...... He's actually among the first set of people that made me understand the value of what I'm doing in the community. I still want to use this opportunity to say thank you all my voters. I am really grateful guys. In the likes of - @sonofthera, @David ishia, @smakeit, @Colinlib, @ansen, @TylerXiong, @Sosolean, @JianMei, @blackpaopao, @Peesus, @Daifuku, @davidfnck. Thank you all.
  8. Ever Since i joined enumivo project, and being part of the community, i have tried adding the little values i could think of / also having future plans to keep adding this value no matter what, rewards or no rewards, they ain't that much but positively we hope we could achieve same dreams to make enumivo the social justice it envisions... this is a quick summary. My team and i actually campaign enumivo on Twitter monthly alongside other social platforms like Facebook, this campaign is triggered to create more media presence for the project. and we've been doing this from the very start of the project, from last year February and till now February. 1, first hashtags https://twitter.com/hashtag/hodlenu?s=09 2, and present hashtags https://twitter.com/hashtag/enuUbi?s=09 And the envision of the atlas project is creating a dapp to promote our supported projects called "promo-chain" and the dapp creation will commence june 2019 More about our enumivo campaign and projects we support here https://www.projectatlas.info And funny enough this week is our Enumivo campaign - this post was put out for the campaign that would be ending Tomorrow Friday, and the analysis will be shared after campaign. here or other blogging platform. https://whaleshares.io/@project-atlas/the-atlas-enumivo-campaign-starts-today-what-social-media-do-you-use-most - Organizing enumivo meetup or partnering with other crypto projects to set up a crypto meetup and talk about enumivo project, which i have done severally and the latest one coming March 2nd. - Spoke about enumivo on two or more occasions of the Eostalk hangout where many Eos believers meetup and talk about the eos related projects. - Tried to create social contents and online presence with the community from the proposal of Enumivo weekly bounty, though the outcome wasn't what i expected but i have another future plans i think will work out. - Created a discord community for discord users and posted most updates and info to the group and would continue doing so-and now we've created "Enumivo Africa" on whatsapp a messaging app like wechat for Chinese - we plan on teaching and lecturing people about Enumivo weekly. - https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB - promoted enumivo on several eos news platforms and channels - with more done on discord - my sole goal is just creating media awareness and visibility that's where my passion lies, Lots of stuffs too. and also argued alot with many Eos people about enumivo being a scam for giving free money which is the UBI dApp 😂 😂 the argument was like forever. well i tried letting them understand the envisions, brief them a little plus why its feasible and why it chose on forking Eos and not on ethereum, the Eos three most valuable characteristics. My future plans still remains the visibility and awareness creation for enumivo.... continuity of Twitter and online campaign with my project. In the future, we plan to channel the block rewards we generate from our Bp server to run promoted Ads campaigns on crypto and non crypto websites like cointelegraphs, Cmc, Facebook etc - I created https://whaleshares.io/@enumivo The whaleshares platform is a lovely community and i tend to leverage the community by introducing enumivo to them and with my future proposals on the platform after March 2nd, i will get the community acquainted with the project and reward everyone who put out blog post for enumivo weekly and creating whaleshares enumivo blogger team, if this process works out fine then i will have to move on to steemit and continue the synergy and introduce many people through that same method. - We tend to be holding weekly meetups on our discord pretty soon to create an active community of Enumivo and like wise on whatsapp and thanks to tezz, man, @gbindinazeez @bookoons for keeping that group active and teaching newbies about enumivo before sharing the telegram links to them to avoid too many questions lol. -whatsapp links - https://chat.whatsapp.com/Dy1NYMhInxtGLzhTzbazSD - the project atlas tend to build a promotional dapp and enumivo would be integrated to the dapp we will be building. I'm not a tech guy but my aim to this project is the awareness creation to others and spreading news about the project, marketing it online and every where which i believe that with the help of you all the community, we all can actually achieve a positive result. With all not much done and much to do ahead of us, i believe we've proven to the enumivo community we brought value along with us. The atlas project needs your BP votes, kindly vote our BP, support us, or you can always partner with the atlas enumivo project. ✌️
  9. Hello guys, I made some logos designs for the R.O.E community since there has not been enough logo for R.O.E. Whaleshares post - https://whaleshares.io/@gbindinazeez/enumivo-when-moon-graphics-designs-and-logos-for-the-r-o-e-community Steemit post - https://steemit.com/enumivo/@gbindinazeez/enumivo-when-moon-graphics-designs-and-logos-for-the-r-o-e-community
  10. tezzmax


    Hello guys, I think I've spent close to two months here already, and it's been just great. I've been seeing friends out there, majority are on the blockchain such as steemit and whaleshares. They've been asking me about Enumivo and how it works, and trust me, I've been giving out the best information I can give to them. And also, I've been adding value to the community in the aspect of my artworks, and I'm not done yet, I'm just about to start! Check out my new artwork below. Titled - Enumivo to the World!
  11. Happy weekend guys, I'm here to show you guys one of my recent paintings dedicated to the community. I'll be showing most of the steps in the painting with you guys and some promotional links. Links to other site and platforms where I tried to get people informed about our lovely common of Enumivo. I'll be waiting to hear you guys comments about this cool painting I've made for our wonderful community. 😄 I only shared the pure painting steps here. You can kindly check for the edited photography in my previous post. Thank you all. Below are the links of other sites and platforms where I shared the good news about Enumivo. https://whaleshares.io/enumivo/@tezzmax/4rjpj2-enumivo-to-the-world https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/vushk-enumivo-to-the-world
  12. tezzmax


    It's here, It's more than just a numbered group, It's more than just a meeting, It's more than just a community, It's Enumivo; It's ROE!
  13. Hello guys, Happy new week, All I'm here to do is to use my artistic skills to add value to the Enumivo community, and to bring more people in by introducing enumivo to them with the aid of my paintings. I will be dropping my paintings here too, and I'll look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks. Enumivo to the Moon! Below are the pictures of a little painting I made for the community. And below are the links to the posts I wrote about the Enumivo community and the painting. @marshalllife thanks for always being there for me mate. @libert thanks for helping me around here. I'm so grateful. https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/we-are-the-enumivians-welcome-to-enumivo https://whaleshares.io/enumivo/@tezzmax/we-are-the-enumivians-welcome-to-enumivo
  14. Its yet another edition of the Blockchain Saturday, this event was held thrice last year with great success and achievement, also opened alot of gateways for so many of us, as we networked with each other and share our ideas, thoughts and experiences pertaining the blockchain tech. The team behind the first, second and third “BS” meetup has also come together again this time, teaming with different amazing and promising project such as Horizen , Enumivo, quidax Oracle-d and lots more to deliver to your door step, yet another mind blowing amazing blockchain staurday meet up which will be held this time at Ibadan on the 23rd February. be there. Location - University of Ibadan Conference Centre, Seminar Room Reserve your seat at the event. https://goo.gl/forms/7Pjdh2KeIaUGHzht1 For more about the event https://trybe.one/blockchain-saturday-meetup-at-ibandan-edition/
  15. Youngclick12

    ROE logo

    Hello guys what's your opinion on this logo for ROE
  16. Hello everyone, From our first round of voting I guess some guidelines should be implemented in order to make things clear to everyone. Like in most of the democratic countries the rules for the current election are available before the election date and set in stone. The question(s) and the number of participants (in case of a minimum required percentage to pass/attend is needed) will be displayed before the voting date. So I put to a vote the following guidelines: The question should have one line, simple and concise. A debate thread should be made and linked to the voting thread. The voters should be the ones in RoE at the moment of opening the poll. If there's a close vote nobody will vote a new potential member even though, probably, most of us will be interested to have him, because the > 50% will grow so it will be a waste of time and resources. The topic should be clear and concise. I suggest discussing it with everyone and try to come up with solutions before the thread gets opened and all the pros/cons should be debated in the dedicated thread. Since the poll is not working alongside a post I suggest voting using emoticons: heart: yes sad face: no confused: abstain
  17. As the title says, if you would like this to be ROE's official logo, reply 'Yes' otherwise reply 'No'. Author: sonofthera You can see the other RoE logo suggestions in this thread.
  18. Ethereum


    I hereby move a motion for 50 million Enu to be used to build a 30k+ community of Enumivo Project. This campaign will not only bring people to our community, but it will also bring partners and investors. It will be the highest marketing and publicity strategy so far. Building a community is key to the success of any project. It has to be an earndrop or rewardrop, because people will be made to carry out tasks that are tantamount to what they get. The tasks should include: a) being a member of our community, b) being a member of our telegram group. c) Posting about us on telegram ( here, I will draft something captivating about Enumivo), d) following us on Facebook, e) sharing and commenting on our Facebook posts, f) following us on twitter and sharing, liking and commenting on our posts, g) following us on other social media (Youtube, reddit, medium and others, h) writing a blog about us, i) creating content on social networks about us (Reddit, medium and others), j) producing an original video about us, and k) downloading Enumivo Apps, Mytokenpocket and others. It has to be a referral program. We will create a referral link. It will be done in a way that the referrer gets 5% from every activity or task his referral does and 2% from his indirect referral. The referrer is also given an amount of stake from the signing up of the referral. These tasks will be on stakes. The higher your followers on your social media, the higher your stake. The stakes will be proportionate to a person's influence. Each task has its own stake. The only compulsory tasks are creating account in the Enumivo Community and entering our telegram group. It will be a daily task that might last for months. Each task will go with a stake assigned to it. The token will be distributed based on a participant's total stake divided by the total bounty or earndrop stake, multiplied by the total number of token allocated. Post "yes" if you support this motion, and "no" if you don't
  19. Sosolean

    Roe votes

    Could all block producers who hope to get roe votes please state in this thread 1) bp name 2) what they have done so far for the community 3) what they intend to do if they get the votes
  20. Ever since the kicked of Roe, we gotten about 8 motion or more, if we technically take a look at the motion tab, they are many things needs to. be fixed but i believe as time goes on we all will set and make things right. I will be setting two proposals with this one motion, instead of getting more motions moving i will get the two here and everyone could vote yes or no to each one, i don't want to bombard here with motions, so. this are it.... what are your opinions. 1. the first one is, what about if we can have a page that shows the list of the Roe, little infos about the Roe citizens too, so that when a new citizens are elected they get added to the citizens page and when voted out they are removed too. this page we help us know people on Roe and not only us, but members of the enumivo communities or people outside the enumivo project. it all help us keep track and organized us. if you agree vote [1 yes ] but if not, vote [1No] 2, I don't know about this month, but in the future, in other for us all to be transparent and a bit organized, with the sole aim of adding value , do you all agree with me that before a Roe citizens get their monthly rewards, they should at least update few things they have done that month, so we could see we ain't being rewarded for just being among the Roe, sitting comfortably and voting Yes and No, this would motivate even the unskilled one to at least do something meaningful. If you agree vote [2yes] if you disagree vote [2No]
  21. The current block producer situation of Enumivo is such that they have no accountability for their actions or their block producing node. The issue is something which has been brought up numerous times in the past but has not been solved. One of the sticking points to the situation is the topic of block producers being forced to reveal their identity in order to receive voting from the RoE fund. Some members believe they should not have to reveal their identity while others believe this poses a huge risk to the security of the chain. The current arguments AGAINST requiring identification are: It reveals the true identity of the person behind the BP] Bitcoin is anonymously operated The government will be able to see their name's with less effort The current arguments FOR requiring identification are: It makes the block producer accountable for their actions It ensures they are not running multiple BP nodes (increasing chance of an attack on the network Our network is not secure if we do not know who is being paid to secure it BPs are responsible for handling your money No one will take us seriously as a DPOS chain with anonymous block producers and developers. If you agree that block producers should reveal their identity in order to receive voting from the RoE then vote YES if you disagree vote NO. **For clarity, by reveal identity it is meant the block producers should reveal their true names and prove their identity - The method by which ID will be verified will be decided once we have decided this**
  22. Ethereum


    I am Jason Chibueze Amaka, and I hereby move a motions for 50 million Enu to be used to revamp the Enumivo Project. It's time to forge ahead. There are a lot of lapses in the Enumivo project that need to be filled. This requires the contribution of all of us to make it a reality. It's time we try our best to increase our network by optimally building the tech and developing the business model. This is why I have moved a motion for 50 million Enu. The following are the areas we can channel the money to. There need to be a Quarterly Project Update for the consumption of the whole world. We need to make enumivo known by employing the services of influencers like Blockchain Brad, Token Tank, Epicenter and/or Revain. We need to get them review and grant us interview. Building a community is key to the success of any project. We all own up to the mistake of dropping an airdrop without building a correspondent community. Thank God there are still tokens earmarked for airdrop. This time around, we have to maximally utilise it. We will maximise the utility by optimally applying it to the building of a strong and viral community. It has to be an earndrop or rewardtop, because people will be made to carry out tasks that are tantamount to what they get. The task should include: a) being a member of our community, b) being a member of our telegram group. c) Posting about us on telegram ( here we have to draft something captivating about Enumivo), d) following us on Facebook, e) sharing and commenting on our Facebook posts, f) following us on twitter and sharing, liking and commenting on our posts, g) following us on other social media (Youtube, reddit, medium and others, h) writing a blog about us, i) create content on social networks about us (Reddit, medium and others), j) produce an original video about us, and k) downloading Enumivo Apps, Mytokenpocket (they can use my code. Hahaha), It has to be a referral program. We need to create a referral link. If we can do it in a way that the referrer gets 5% from every activity or task his referral does. The referrer is also given an amount of stake from the signing up of the referral. These tasks will be on stakes. The higher your followers on your social media, the higher your stake. The stakes will be proportionate to a person's influence. Each task has its own stake. The only compulsory tasks are creating account in the Enumivo Community and entering our telegram group. A particular pool will be allocated for the earndrop, say 10 million Enu or Bit Bitshares. Each task will go with a stake assigned to it. The token will be distributed based on a participant's total stake divided by the total bounty or earndrop stake, multiplied by the total number of token allocated. We can run this earndrops in batches, up till 5 batches. After each batch, we will organise a review. We can as well employ the services of good bounty facilitator. I know of one called Buzzin. Others can also be helpful. More so, we can also envigorate our campaign by sending the link of our telegram group and enumivo community to the mail of everyone in our database. This is very important. I know it from experience. It was just of recent I learnt of the Enumivo Telegram group. I know others are caught in the same Web I was. Sending the information to them via email definitely will be helpful. Sorry for bugging you with these details. Please help me go through this and respond to the motion with yes, if you adopt the motion for 50 million Enu to be allocated for this community development, and no, if you don't agree. You can as well respond with yes, but ......... ,if you disagree with some points, or no, but ............ If you don't like it, but have one or two things you like in the motion.
  23. Ethereum

    Equity in BP ALLOCATION

    I Jason Chibueze Amaka hereby move a motion requesting for equal distribution of the 21 BPs to the 7 continents of the world. Therefore, the 50 million allocation will be limited to 3 BPs per a continent. Should a continent become unable to fill her quota, the available and ready BPs from other continents can take her place MERITS There are a lot of advantages in spreading the recruitment of BPs across board. It's good to have all the continents equally represented to help: 1. In the real course of this project (I. e., Universal Basic Income). 2. To make no part of the continent hold the project to ransome, especially when there are laws or even war that inhibits their performance. With this policy being on, our block will be always running, even when one continent is non blockchain compliant or is facing one challenge or the other. 3. This will help block producers do their job with ease as they will be closer to their BP Nodes. A BP won't be in Africa to run a node in Asia. DEMERITS 1. One cannot dispute the fact that this adoption could affect the proficiency of the chain. 2. One might be most suitable for a BP, but might be limited by this. And this might also give way to halfbaked BPs. However, considering the fact that citizens are there to checkmate their excesses, to a very large extent, dispels these fears Having seen the pros and cons, please vote yes to the equitable sharing of BPs across the continent, and no if you don't buy the idea.
  24. chen shi hong

    RoE Application

    chen shihong /1122334455en 1. Name Chen Shihong 2. Social Media Links Email Address:rimingrm@sina.com.cn t.me/cshrm wechat:cshrm78 weibo:cshrm 3. Introduction I’m from Fujian, China. I have interest in crypto currency. When I was surfing on weibo, I found a Dapp called Zhandui(https://zhandui.io), which was developed by @fish. Through this Dapp, I learned about the project of ENU. After further study on this project, I was shocked by the great ideal of UBI. Then I bought some ENU tokens on KKEX, and made a fixed investment plan on this token. 4. Enumivo Mainnet Account 1122334455en 5. Skills Promotion, propaganda 6. What can you do for Enumivo I’m a high school teacher. I’d like to bring the ideal of ENU to my students and others around me. If I made a citizen of RoE, I will do my best to propaganda for the community in wechat-group, QQ-group, and so on. I will also try my best to maintain RoE.
  25. gbindinazeez


    My name is Abdulazeez Olaitan Gbindinninuola popularly known as gbindinazeez or azeez. My social media links are as follows Email – gbindinazeez@gmail.com Steemit - https://steemit.com/@gbindinazeez Whaleshares - https://whaleshares.io/@gbindinazeez Medium - medium.com/@gbindinazeez Facebook - www.facebook.com/abdulazeez.gbindinninuola Twitter - https://twitter.com/gbindinazeez Instagram - @gbindinazeez Telegram – t.me/@gbindinazeez Discord – @gbindinazeez#9589 I have made a lengthy introduction about myself in my last post and I would say I am a human like everyone. I am a Nigerian who is in his final years studying anatomy. I am a poet, anatomist, content creator, crypto blogger and a tech enthusiast I would make sure to invite my friends and guide them on the enumivo platform as I have told them about the UBI initiative and they all loved it. I would also create awareness for the community by bringing people together on the enumivo server on discord, online and offline also. I would occasionally write on my skill sets that I have stated by talking on some health related matters and giving some tech support that I know off. Thank you, One love