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Found 7 results

  1. 从Oracle上的成员来看,近来尼日利亚的家人们很多哦 大有农村包围城市的感觉 也许这就是ENU的ubi路径 不同于北欧高福利国家 我们是从从最贫困的地方开始 获得最广大人民群众的热烈欢迎 逐渐推广开来
  2. Youngclick12

    Enu oracle Most valuable

    Hello guys, as the enumivo oracle 3rd round voting have kick started, I will like to earn the community vote. I have chosen enumivo and promote through social media platform, Facebook to be precise in a group of over 30k active followers. Enumivo development is my concern and wish to continue supporting to its peak. Kindly vote for me, if you see me deem fit. Thanks My enumivo account is : youngclick12
  3. parameterestimation

    Enumivo Oracle API Documentation

    This is the reference for the Enumivo Oracle REST APIs. The REST APIs are for developers who want to integrate Enumivo Oracle REST APIs with other applications or administrators that want to automate their workflows and processes. API Documentation
  4. Hi to all members of the community, a pleasant day. I would like to introduce myself, Cocojam0610, I'm one of the early supporters of ENUMIVO since the day it was published on Bitcointalk. I'm in the crypto space since late 2015 and saw the Up's and Down's of the market several times. When I got retired from my main profession last 2017, I decided to focus on being active here in crypto space with the timing of the birth of Enumivo. Some of you may be familiar to me as I'm very active most of the time in our Main Telegram Channel. Some of the help I provided to the project was able to list ENU to Blockfolio and Coingecko. Currently, I'm moderating Enumivo's very own child board at https://cryptotalksworld.org/index.php?board=112.0. For these reasons I was chosen to be one of the Enumivo Elders by our founder himself which I took as a great privilege. I'm handling the two current campaigns we are having right now which are the AIODEX Voting and FYRUS Voting Campaigns. I would love to be part of the Enumivo Oracle as much as the other community members, If I'm worthy of your votes kindly do so. I will continue my support to Enumivo and to our founder as long as I can do. Note: thread will be updated regularly. AIODEX CAMPAIGN ENDED
  5. yangzuoqi

    I am Yang Zuoqi

    Hi, I am Yang Zuoqi, design manager of Math Wallet. I recommend ENU to our team, make our wallet can support ENU. My oracle account name is yangzuoqi, but denied. ☹️
  6. Hello every Enumivians, My name is Wei Shan, and my nickname is @smakeit. I am a software engineer of machine vision. 各位大佬好,我叫单威,我的昵称是 @smakeit。我是一个机器视觉领域的软件工程师。 When I heard Enumivo in February, it deeply attracted me, and I have been paying attention to it all the time. When the main net of Enumivo started, I created a BP node enufutureone . I also publish UBI related articles in the community like An Overview of Blockchain-Based Universal Basic Income Projects , Why we should give free money to everyone? etc. 当我在二月听说enu后,我就被它深深的吸引,然后我花了很多的时间关注它。当主网上线后,我创建了一个BP节点enufutureone。我也在社区发了几个有关UBI的帖子。 The oracle can promote the community and UBI grows quickly , and I am very willing to participate in. Nowadays I am learning smart contract programming, hope to create dapps for the community and serve the community in the future. oracle可以促进社区和UBI项目更快的成长,我非常愿意参与其中。最近我在学习智能合约编程,希望以后能为社区创建一些dapp,为社区服务。 I created a dapp TokenCreator, everyone can create token without deploy a contract. 我创建了一个dappTokenCreator,每个人都能发币,无需部署合约。
  7. marshalllife

    @marshalllife introduction

    Greetings Enumivo community, my name is Destiny Marshall Aka @Marshalllife, i have been a supporter of the Enumivo project way back February when it started distribution of its airdrop. I have supported Enumivo way back when it has no value then, on its early days - to prove my love for Enumivo and the whole #UBI concept , using my team and my project (project Atlas) https://medium.com/@projectatlas4/introducing-project-atlas-to-the-blockchain-world-a769d253db4f we conducted a campaign for Enumivo to create awareness and we got paid with Enumivo even when it worth NOTHING - but my team and i Took the payment cause we believe we are Enumivian and we forseen the future of it and in order to prove Enumivo project has high potential. Proof of The first ever Enumivo twitter camp https://twitter.com/hashtag/hodlenu?s=09 The crypto world is crazy, on The long run i got attached to So many things and many projects too and missed some vital Enumivo announcements - and when i became active - i also conducted Lts /Ubi campaign too for Enumivo and liteshares project- talk about the Enumivo project on my blogs too, i know i Might no be so popular in the community but i have been doing my promotions underground promoting the project in my own ways. Check out these search results: https://twitter.com/hashtag/EnuUbi?s=09 And also promoted it on Instagram too. I talked about the Enumivo project on most Eos forum and funny enough i Find out most Eos users don't know or know little about it- initiating plans for that in order to get the news of Enumivo across all eos telegram groups and on. Mostly related forums like Eostalks for project visibility where we can talk Enumivo. I also created a discord Enumivo group few months back, the reason was because i saw discord as home to many crypto projects and the Aim really was to update any thing on telegram to discord and build a sane community on discord and above all, create weekly contest for the Enumivo projects like Blog post, (writing about Enumivo) meme contest /every competition that has to do with Enumivo. Initiated some contest and reward people who participated with LTs for the fact i have little Enumivo. https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB And with the help and cooperation of the community we can always keep the discord channel lively with contest that rewards everyone of us and see that good contents is put out there for the Enumivo project and for people to see we exist as a community and oneness. This will put the Enumivo word out there and everyone of us has a part to play to see Enumivo blossom- Also a crypto musician and done songs for alot of crypto projects i have worked with or loved and this songs the community used in video contents about the project or for promotional activities, i would be doing some Enumivo theme song someday for Enumivo project - Entertainment too is a source for promoting contents. Well you can check some of my crypto songs here https://choon.co/tracks/0y9kzkpudzl/eos-blockchain-/ THE AIM For me, what i Love to do for Enumivo community is to get good content out there, speak about Enumivo as Enumivo advocate, i will reward any body that promotes Enumivo in their own ways, be it good blog post,memes /graphics creation,campaigns what have you? , all this thing add up in creating awareness and if i have much to reward i will definitely do that (cause the best type of marketing is to inspire the community do it in their own ways) And With my project Atlas, i would keep on running campaign awareness for the project and there is a New initiative i am to carry out that would make Enumivo get partially known to eos users and i pray all works out as planned. More initiatives to promote Enumivo will be always welcome and i will always do my little best to promote Enumivo and we all can do this if we join forces together and a big shout out to the ones in the community we all know that has been holding it down ever since day one - i appreciate them like the community and they have always tried everything possible to make the project great. You can find my activities here. Https:// whaleshares.io/@marshalllife Https://steemit.com/@marshalllife