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Found 6 results

  1. If you have ENU or LTS on liteshares.io, you must swap them to mainnet before December 31, 2018 11:59PM GMT. Thereafter, liteshares site will be taken offline, if you don't swap you will lose your tokens. How to swap? Enu asset to Mainnet: https://wallet.enumivo.com/swap-token-lts LTS to Mainnet: https://wallet.enumivo.com/swap-token-lts-lts Video guide: How to transfer LTS to Enumivo Mainnet Note: Video guide is made for LTS to Mainnet swap, it can be applied to Enu asset swap as well, just transfer Enu instead of LTS. Should you have any queries, feel free to ask in Enumivo chat
  2. Hi! I've created two requests to list LiteShares (LTS) on Delta. Coin request: https://delta.canny.io/coin-requests/p/liteshares-lts Exchange request: https://delta.canny.io/exchange-requests/p/liteshares In addition, I also created a request to list LiteShares Exchange on Blockfolio Coin request: This already exists and it's in progress. https://blockfolio.canny.io/coin-requests/p/liteshares-lts Exchange request: https://blockfolio.canny.io/exchange-requests/p/liteshares
  3. ironpa88

    Justice for all

    Hi Guys,ENUMIVO spirit is "Justice for all". I think that you will give me the chance to be a witness, right? My witness name is "enuvip1". It is a honest node comes from Taiwan, Asia. I joied the telegram Enumivo Chat/LiteShares. Running the witness node on lunux vps(4cpu/8g/1T). Nice to join the big community. Good luck for you all.Thanks
  4. ENU 人们!又来跟大家分享最新的 Enumivo 项目的进展,这一次跟我们的 Liteshares 交易平台的基础货币 LTS 有关。 你们中的许多人已经知道,我们 Enumivo 项目与加密货币交易所 kkex 合作,以 1:1 的比例为平台上持有 ENU 的用户免费空投 LTS 代币。 已经参加空投的你们会很高兴知道这次空投已经顺利完成,你们也能在 kkex 账户中看到对应的 LTS。非常好,对吧?那再给你带来一个好消息! 如果您在空投后还没有登录您的 kkex 账户,您可能不会意识到你现在可以在 kkex 交易所中交易 LTS/BTC。这让免费获得 LTS 的用户能够快速地完成 LTS 兑换成 BTC,这一切无需离开 kkex 平台。 最后,我们也欣喜若狂地向社区的各位宣布,我们的 LTS 代币已经被列到流行的虚拟货币信息追踪应用 MyToken 上。再一次,这是我们 Enumivo 项目取得的又一个伟大成就,因为它为我们的用户提供了一种简单的方法来跟踪他们新获取的 LTS 代币,并且随时了解代币的实时价格。 振奋人心! LTS 的 BTC 交易对:https://kkex.com/trading?symbol=LTSBTC 下载 MyToken 应用:https://mytoken.io/
  5. Enumivians unite! I am back again with another exciting update regarding the progress of the Enumivo project. This time it is regarding the native token of our Liteshares trading platform, LTS. Many of you will already be aware of the fact that we at Enumivo had teamed up with growing cryptocurrency exchange, Kkex, to bring users of their platform a free airdrop of LTS tokens on a 1:1 basis in comparison to the number of ENU tokens they were holding on the exchange, at the time of the snapshot. Those of you which decided to participate in the airdrop will be pleased to know that the drop went ahead without any problems and you should all be able to see LTS in your Kkex account. Nice, right? Well, get ready for more! If you haven’t logged into your Kkex account since the airdrop you may not be aware of the fact that you are now able to trade LTS tokens against BTC within the Kkex exchange. This provide’s all of our community with the opportunity to instantly convert their freely acquired LTS tokens into BTC without ever having to leave the Kkex platform. Finally, we are also ecstatic to announce to our amazing community the fact that our LTS token has also been listed on the popular crypto tracking app, My Token. Once again, this is something which resembles a great achievement for the Enumivo project as it provides our users with an easy method to track their newly acquire LTS tokens, and stay up to date with the token’s live price. Happiness. Trade LTS for BTC: https://kkex.com/trading?symbol=LTSBTC Get the My Token app: https://mytoken.io/en/
  6. Peesus

    Enumivo Progress Update

    Since our last progress report/update we are pleased to announce to you all that the Enumivo core team have made numerous steps towards progressing our beloved project and we are ecstatic to inform our amazing community of the advancements we have made. We have been making progress in a number of departments which we believe will prove to be considerably beneficial to the longevity of the Enumivo project and the short term stability of Enumivo. Translations of the Enumivo Whitepaper and Original Announcement Thread The Enumivo project is one which aim’s to behold a truly global reach and community. With this in mind we have been doing our utmost to ensure that vital documentation surrounding the project is available in a number of the most popular native languages used throughout the greater cryptocurrency community, as well as creating local Telegram channels which users can converse in, in their own native tongue. Since we began our outreach for foreign translations of the most important Enumivo documentation we are pleased to report back to you that we have been able to get our Whitepaper translated to the following languages: Filipino: (not yet published) Russian: (not yet published) Klingon: (not yet published) Italian: (not yet published) Igbo: (not yet published) French: (not yet published) Chinese: https://www.enumivo.org/s/whitepaper_cn.pdf Spanish: https://www.enumivo.org/s/whitepaper_sp.pdf We are also pleased to report to our community that the Enumivo announcement thread on the popular Bitcointalks forum has been translated to the following languages: Chinese: https://bitcointalk.to/index.php?topic=2945535 Hindi: https://bitcointalk.to/index.php?topic=2947802 Italian: https://bitcointalk.to/index.php?topic=2953688 Turkish: https://bitcointalk.to/index.php?topic=2962713 Filipino: https://bitcointalk.to/index.php?topic=2962772 Finally, we are also pleased to inform our community of the creation of the following native language speaking Enumivo Telegram channels: Philippines: https://t.me/enumivophil English: https://t.me/enumivochat Chinese: https://t.me/enumivo_zh While we have made significant progress in the accessibility of the Enumivo project we are still working on getting our important documentation translated to many more international languages and urge anybody who would like to see Enumivo available in their local language to visit the following post regarding community translations: https://enumivo.com/topic/333-enumivo-whitepaper-translation/?tab=comments#comment-2586 Kkex Interview with Aiden Pearce (Creator/Lead Developer of Enumivo) Many of our regulars in the Enumivo community will already be aware of the recent interview with Aiden Pearce which was held by rapidly growing China based cryptocurrency exchange, Kkex. The interview provided the world with a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the person who created our project, and gave a little insight into the reasons as to why Aiden created Enumivo and how the project will develop. During the interview Aiden made a great representation of both himself and the Enumivo core development team, he went on to explain how we formed and, also, presented a chance for the blockchain community to get a better idea as to the origins of the planned UBI dApp, the creation and reasoning behind the Liteshares platform, and some of the proposed details regarding block producers for when the Enumivo main net goes live. The interview was hosted on a Telegram channel specifically created by Kkex and the entire transcript is available to be read back here: https://enumivo.com/topic/315-transcript-of-enumivo-lead-developer-aiden-pearce’-interview-on-kkex-telegram/ ENU Code is Being Refactored for Dawn 4 Cosmetic and community based advancements aside, we also have some announcements of considerable importance to make regarding technical progress of the Enumivo main net blockchain. On May 8th 2018 the Block.One team working on EOSIO released an announcement which detailed the fact that they had released Dawn 4 - the next progressive update to their EOSIO software, which ENU will be based on. With this announcement came the welcome news of numerous fixes and updates to their code, providing the grounds for our lead development team to continue refactoring the ENU software and adjust the code in ways which they feel will improve the operation of the Enumivo blockchain. The following list is, an indication of the advancements which have been made in the latest update. It includes numerous improvements to the scaleability and stability of the software while also preparing the blockchain to enable functionality for exchanges. Now is now Now By changing the definition of current time from ‘time of head block’ to ‘time of current block’ many issues regarding time based operations have been improved due to the increased accuracy which is provided regarding measuring the amount of time elapsed within a smart contract on a platform, and this also reduces errors regarding missed blocks New Market-Based RAM Allocation Model The algorithm of the ENU software will now be using the same algorithm as Bancor for the management of allocated RAM space. The new allocation algorithm makes RAM within the network become increasingly more expensive to allocate as it becomes more scarce. By scaling the pricing of RAM we aim to tackle a flaw in Dawn 3 which allowed whales to accumulate a significant amount of the entire network’s RAM and then be given no incentive to sell it. Rise of Inter-Blockchain-Communication In an attempt to materialise the projection of a blockchain which can handle a 1 million transaction per second throughput, inter blockchain communication is being implemented as a means of allowing block producers to parallelise the running of multiple chains which can interact with each other and be tweaked independently, without affecting the chains which they interact with. This step will optimise the ENU software for single threaded performance and ease-of-development. Upgrade DPOS Last Irreversible Block Algorithm This update guarantee’s that it is impossible for two separate nodes to return two different results for the last irreversible block algorithm when attempting to reach finality. By doing so byzantine fault-finality is greatly improved, making the network considerably more robust. Name Squatting The use of 12 character names on the ENU software is now set to be made possible in the first release of the software meaning users can buy their own unique account names which are easier to remember than a public wallet. The names are set to be issued in a similar fashion to that of a car’s vanity plate although exact pricing structure is still to be determined. Header-only Validation By implementing the support for header-only validation the blockchain is now able to verify a block header without actually applying the full block. This prevent’s a range of attacks and provide’s the foundation for the IBC model as well as light clients. Light Weight Producer Schedule Change Proofs This update provide’s the ability to validate changes to the schedule of a producer without having to validate any block headers. The principle behind this is that when a producer sign’s block they will also sign a new schedule making it impossible for there to be two or more schedules which are competing and validly signed without a significant producer collusion or a very bad network split. Refined Producer Pay Model The Enumivo producer pay schedule and inflation ratio will be modelled on the current EOS distribution but final details will be confirmed in the constitution and block producer’s agreement, when released. At present the current projected inflation and producer pay schedule is as follows: 5% inflation - 1% of which will be issued to block producers, the resulting 4% will be put into a block producer investment wallet. Producer Vote Decay The current projected vote decay will see voters being required to re-assert their vote once every week in order to maintain influence. Should a voter fail to keep their votes up to date their voting influence will decay with a half life of one year. Exchange Integration Support In preparation of moving to the Enumivo main net we have now made it possible for exchanges to prepare for deposits and withdrawals of ENU. Any exchanges which wish to research in preparation are now able to find all the information they need on the following link: https://github.com/enumivo/enumivo/blob/enumivo/EXCHANGE_README.md We have also made it possible for exchanges to begin integration with the ENU blockchain by providing a demonstration Python script which monitors withdrawals and deposits. This can be found on the following link: https://github.com/enumivo/enumivo/tree/enumivo/programs/exchange-tutorial-python Bixin ENU/BTC Trading Pair We are happy to announce to our community that one of our longest standing supporters, Bixin, have made it easier than ever for users of their wallet trade ENU tokens for BTC, vice verse. By creating this trading pair users of the Bixin wallet will be able to nigh on instantly make ENU trades, adding to the usability of the token. 1:1 ENU x LTS Airdrop, Hosted on Kkex In order to celebrate the listing of LTS on the Kkex exchange they will be conducting an airdrop to all Kkex wallets which hold ENU tokens on the 19th May 2018. They will be rewarding the tokens on a 1:1 ratio and distributing them shortly after. This provides a great opportunity for Enumivo to further cement our relationship with Kkex and provides us a chance to raise awareness about the Liteshares exchange. To read the exact details of the airdrop please visit the Kkex announcement post here: https://help.kkex.com/announcement/the-announcement-on-the-distribution-of-lts-58 Initial Settlers and Official Forum Many of our regular Telegram visitors will already know that we have officially opened our Enumivo forum which, in the future, will determine the first 1000 claimants of the UBI payments to be issued in the UBI dApp. The exact method of determining the first 1,000 initial settlers in the forum is still to be finalised although it is more than likely set to be based on the frequency and quality of posts made by those who are registered on the forum. Our official forum is currently available to anybody who wishes to register, it can be accessed by visiting enumivo.com and registration is entirely free. By going to the forum and being a regular member of the community you will be able to find out about the latest news, job listings and bounties which are relevant to Enumivo and our official partners. Possible Swap of ENU by Using Liteshares A topic of discussion between core team members at present is the method in which the ERC20 Enumivo token will be swapped for the official ENU coin when our main net becomes active and publicly available. An idea which has been suggested is the use of the Liteshares exchange, which was created by Enumivo. Should this be the case, users who hold ERC20 ENU tokens on the decided go-live date will be issued with a time-frame in which they need to complete the swap, and then will be required to deposit their ENU to the Liteshares exchange, however, it must be reiterated that this is not finalised and could be changed. ENU Deposits on the Liteshares Exchange We are currently working on implementing a method in which users can deposit, and trade, ENU tokens on our Liteshares exchange. The current idea which is being developed to provide functionality for this is one in which a deposit of ENU tokens will result in a user receiving an equal amount of ENU asset, and LTS tokens. However, a user’s ENU asset would then be prevented from leaving the Liteshares exchange until the Enumivo main net goes live. This is something which is still to be confirmed and will be announced when official. Multi-sig Donation Wallets As it has been requested by a number of members of the Enumivo Telegram community, we are currently working on the implementation of multi-sig donation wallets which will allow members of our community to donate various cryptocurrencies to aid with funding of the project, and payment of listing fees. Resident Graphics Artist We are currently in the process of hiring a resident Enumivo graphics artist who will be responsible for creating visual material for the Enumivo community. As this individual will be in receipt of a set salary they will be made available to the Enumivo community through the official forum. By making our resident graphics artist available to the community, and paying them a salary, it is intended that they will be able to create media at the request of the community, within reason (they’re only human). Development of Important Documentation At present the Enumivo writing staff are formulating various documents which will be crucial to the governance and continued development of the Enumivo project. As is to be expected, the Enumivo blockchain will be required to adhere to a constitution which is agreed upon by all whom wish to be involved with the Enumivo project. This will ensure a level of security to all who are participating. In an attempt to assist the Enumivo constitution we are also in the process of creating the Enumivo block producer’s agreement. This is set to be an official agreement between anybody who wishes to become a block producer on the Enumivo platform, it will go some way to ensuring block producers do not participate in actions which could harm the Enumivo network, or those in participation with Enumivo We are also in the process of developing the Enumivo arbitration agreement, which will decide the overall governance of the blockchain by determining protocol for occurrences such as disputes. All relevant documentation will be provided to the public in due time.