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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone, ENU is listed on Txbit exchange for voting. Txbit is Netherlands based and Solaris funded exchange providing security, privacy, reliability and speed. You can track the trading volume of Txbit here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/txbit Considering it is just two month old exchange that's pretty good volume. How to vote? It's pretty self explanatory. 1. Register on txbit >> https://txbit.io/Signup Only email address is required, and there is no kyc. 2. Verify your email and login. 3. Go to voting page >> https://txbit.io/voting — find Enumivo from the list and click 'vote now'. Voting will run for 3 weeks (until April 27), candidate with most votes by the end of voting period will be listed (Paired with BTC/ETH/XLR) for free. You can vote every 24 hours. Every vote counts, so please vote, thanks in advance!
  2. The ENU/EOS trading pair is now also available for trading on our Dex (in addition to our Cex)! You can trade directly with scatter, logging in via EOS and entering your ENU wallet address for your ENU tokens. EOSex Dex will also start supporting direct login with ENU wallet within just a few days!! Stay tuned for that news!
  3. 5 Million LTS to be given away to those Eligible voters for Enumivo. As part of the Enumivo community, let us show our support by voting ENUMIVO to AIODEX voting contest. They will list the TOP 20 coins when they launch their exchange soon. **RULES** Join Main Channel: https://t.me/enumivochat Follow us: https://twitter.com/enumivo Create an account at: https://enumivo.com/ Create an account at: https://liteshares.io/create-account/password Screenshot of your comment. NOTE: PLEASE INCLUDE IN YOUR COMMENT THE NUMBER OF VOTES AFTER YOU VOTED ENUMIVO. WITHOUT IT YOUR SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE COUNTED. **TO VOTE** REGISTER HERE: https://aiodex.com/register VOTE ENU HERE: https://aiodex.com/vote/enu COMMENT HERE: https://aiodex.com/vote/coin/5b56ae7c7a52cf2ef1ff6c2a **AFTER VOTING FILL UP THIS FORM** https://goo.gl/Y1B7nA
  4. Hi guys, I'm making this post to ask the opinion of ROE members regarding the listing of ENU to this soon to launch the coinflyerX exchange. You can find our conversation below between me and the CEO of coinflyerX Mr. Anthony Vipond. As far as I know, he is the man behind the Loyalcoin project. He is the main developer. I have invested in Loyalcoin last year Nov 2017. Currently, the token under NEM is trading to different exchanges, ref: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/loyalcoin/#markets Anyway, Mr. Vipond now is the CEO of this project exchange and will accept ENU to be listed on coinflyerX with a fair amount of fee. With the skill of this man and his team I'm pretty sure their exchange will soon get listed to CMC. As you guys know, we are already listed to Cointiger and we need one more exchange to get listed with enough volume for CMC to consider us. 0.8 BTC as listing fee will be fair enough on my opinion as they will also need to do some work on their end for our ENU blockchain to be integrated to their exchange https://prod.coinflyer.com. Note that I have informed the council before and Aiden and I had a conversation already with this and He is positive about it. Please see our conversation below and please give your honest opinion here or in our ROE telegram group.
  5. Good news folks! You don't need to go through any hassle to swap your erc20 enu to mainnet now. Just send your Erc20 enu to Bixin before June 15, 2018 11:00 (UTC+8) and they will automatically be swapped to mainnet enu. There is no need of verification as long as withdrawal amount is less than 200K Enu, so you can be worry free regarding that aspect 🙂
  6. Hi! I've created two requests to list LiteShares (LTS) on Delta. Coin request: https://delta.canny.io/coin-requests/p/liteshares-lts Exchange request: https://delta.canny.io/exchange-requests/p/liteshares In addition, I also created a request to list LiteShares Exchange on Blockfolio Coin request: This already exists and it's in progress. https://blockfolio.canny.io/coin-requests/p/liteshares-lts Exchange request: https://blockfolio.canny.io/exchange-requests/p/liteshares
  7. ENU 人们!又来跟大家分享最新的 Enumivo 项目的进展,这一次跟我们的 Liteshares 交易平台的基础货币 LTS 有关。 你们中的许多人已经知道,我们 Enumivo 项目与加密货币交易所 kkex 合作,以 1:1 的比例为平台上持有 ENU 的用户免费空投 LTS 代币。 已经参加空投的你们会很高兴知道这次空投已经顺利完成,你们也能在 kkex 账户中看到对应的 LTS。非常好,对吧?那再给你带来一个好消息! 如果您在空投后还没有登录您的 kkex 账户,您可能不会意识到你现在可以在 kkex 交易所中交易 LTS/BTC。这让免费获得 LTS 的用户能够快速地完成 LTS 兑换成 BTC,这一切无需离开 kkex 平台。 最后,我们也欣喜若狂地向社区的各位宣布,我们的 LTS 代币已经被列到流行的虚拟货币信息追踪应用 MyToken 上。再一次,这是我们 Enumivo 项目取得的又一个伟大成就,因为它为我们的用户提供了一种简单的方法来跟踪他们新获取的 LTS 代币,并且随时了解代币的实时价格。 振奋人心! LTS 的 BTC 交易对:https://kkex.com/trading?symbol=LTSBTC 下载 MyToken 应用:https://mytoken.io/
  8. Enumivians unite! I am back again with another exciting update regarding the progress of the Enumivo project. This time it is regarding the native token of our Liteshares trading platform, LTS. Many of you will already be aware of the fact that we at Enumivo had teamed up with growing cryptocurrency exchange, Kkex, to bring users of their platform a free airdrop of LTS tokens on a 1:1 basis in comparison to the number of ENU tokens they were holding on the exchange, at the time of the snapshot. Those of you which decided to participate in the airdrop will be pleased to know that the drop went ahead without any problems and you should all be able to see LTS in your Kkex account. Nice, right? Well, get ready for more! If you haven’t logged into your Kkex account since the airdrop you may not be aware of the fact that you are now able to trade LTS tokens against BTC within the Kkex exchange. This provide’s all of our community with the opportunity to instantly convert their freely acquired LTS tokens into BTC without ever having to leave the Kkex platform. Finally, we are also ecstatic to announce to our amazing community the fact that our LTS token has also been listed on the popular crypto tracking app, My Token. Once again, this is something which resembles a great achievement for the Enumivo project as it provides our users with an easy method to track their newly acquire LTS tokens, and stay up to date with the token’s live price. Happiness. Trade LTS for BTC: https://kkex.com/trading?symbol=LTSBTC Get the My Token app: https://mytoken.io/en/
  9. Hi enumivians I know everyone has been asking for new exchanges. I've got us on list to vote for Coinfalcon.com and Cryptaldash.com https://feedback.coinfalcon.com/coin-request/p/enumivo-enu https://www.cryptaldash.com/new-coin-listing?search=enu
  10. Miracle24

    Getting Enu on CMC

    Hi all, If you are a HODLER of enu token then you must be relishing what August holds. I personally can't wait as I was able to get my hands on some during the airdrop campaign. How high enu will go before August cant be imagined but our token can go higher. The question now is how to get our token listed on coinmarketcap.com. No funds was collected by the team so they are at our mercy to achieve this if we want our token listed before mainnet release which is in August. Listing requirements includes; 1. Trading on an exchange that does $1m volume in 24hrs 2. Coin must have a volume of $50k. So how do we achieve this?
  11. zhuzhuzhu

    When is the new exchange?

    Since the trading went so smooth in KKEX and the price is raising up all through the week, When is the new exchange for ENU?
  12. litsph

    Our next Exchange

    OKEx is the top 2 exchange in terms of volume only next to Binance. Top 5 coins retweeted and commented will be listed in OKEx! Requirement: Twitter Account. Heres what to do: 1. Follow Okex 2. Comment $ENU on the link below. 3. Retweet with comment and type $ENU on the link below Link:https://twitter.com/OKEx_/status/992351475287261185