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Found 60 results

  1. Happy weekend guys, I'm here to show you guys one of my recent paintings dedicated to the community. I'll be showing most of the steps in the painting with you guys and some promotional links. Links to other site and platforms where I tried to get people informed about our lovely common of Enumivo. I'll be waiting to hear you guys comments about this cool painting I've made for our wonderful community. 😄 I only shared the pure painting steps here. You can kindly check for the edited photography in my previous post. Thank you all. Below are the links of other sites and platforms where I shared the good news about Enumivo. https://whaleshares.io/enumivo/@tezzmax/4rjpj2-enumivo-to-the-world https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/vushk-enumivo-to-the-world
  2. tezzmax


    Hello guys, I think I've spent close to two months here already, and it's been just great. I've been seeing friends out there, majority are on the blockchain such as steemit and whaleshares. They've been asking me about Enumivo and how it works, and trust me, I've been giving out the best information I can give to them. And also, I've been adding value to the community in the aspect of my artworks, and I'm not done yet, I'm just about to start! Check out my new artwork below. Titled - Enumivo to the World!
  3. Its yet another edition of the Blockchain Saturday, this event was held thrice last year with great success and achievement, also opened alot of gateways for so many of us, as we networked with each other and share our ideas, thoughts and experiences pertaining the blockchain tech. The team behind the first, second and third “BS” meetup has also come together again this time, teaming with different amazing and promising project such as Horizen , Enumivo, quidax Oracle-d and lots more to deliver to your door step, yet another mind blowing amazing blockchain staurday meet up which will be held this time at Ibadan on the 23rd February. be there. Location - University of Ibadan Conference Centre, Seminar Room Reserve your seat at the event. https://goo.gl/forms/7Pjdh2KeIaUGHzht1 For more about the event https://trybe.one/blockchain-saturday-meetup-at-ibandan-edition/
  4. The monthly campaign by the project atlas for the Enumivo blockchain came to an end yesterday with great seriousness from the team even though our impact and reaches was low after analyzing it my team did show much interest, and put up great work might be probably wrong timing............. Impacts and reaches Potential impacts - 5,138,081 Potential reach - 271,085 Total tweets - 253 Original contributors - 10 Total Contributors - 55 Hashtag - #EnuUbi Check out these search results: https://twitter.com/hashtag/EnuUbi?s=09 For more about the full campaign updates and analysis, kindly click on our official whaleshares.io blog account. https://whaleshares.io/project-atlas/@project-atlas/project-atlas-update-enumivo-social-campaign-results-and-analysis Or check Tweetbinder for our advanced analysis https://www.tweetbinder.com/report/advanced/en/0eea6fb1 For more about the crowd crypto promotional project and how you could support us on creating awareness and building the first Cross dapp for promotion, visit https://www.projectatlas.info/what-we-do
  5. Youngclick12

    ROE logo

    Hello guys what's your opinion on this logo for ROE
  6. As the title says, if you would like this to be ROE's official logo, reply 'Yes' otherwise reply 'No'. Author: sonofthera You can see the other RoE logo suggestions in this thread.
  7. Ethereum


    I hereby move a motion for 50 million Enu to be used to build a 30k+ community of Enumivo Project. This campaign will not only bring people to our community, but it will also bring partners and investors. It will be the highest marketing and publicity strategy so far. Building a community is key to the success of any project. It has to be an earndrop or rewardrop, because people will be made to carry out tasks that are tantamount to what they get. The tasks should include: a) being a member of our community, b) being a member of our telegram group. c) Posting about us on telegram ( here, I will draft something captivating about Enumivo), d) following us on Facebook, e) sharing and commenting on our Facebook posts, f) following us on twitter and sharing, liking and commenting on our posts, g) following us on other social media (Youtube, reddit, medium and others, h) writing a blog about us, i) creating content on social networks about us (Reddit, medium and others), j) producing an original video about us, and k) downloading Enumivo Apps, Mytokenpocket and others. It has to be a referral program. We will create a referral link. It will be done in a way that the referrer gets 5% from every activity or task his referral does and 2% from his indirect referral. The referrer is also given an amount of stake from the signing up of the referral. These tasks will be on stakes. The higher your followers on your social media, the higher your stake. The stakes will be proportionate to a person's influence. Each task has its own stake. The only compulsory tasks are creating account in the Enumivo Community and entering our telegram group. It will be a daily task that might last for months. Each task will go with a stake assigned to it. The token will be distributed based on a participant's total stake divided by the total bounty or earndrop stake, multiplied by the total number of token allocated. Post "yes" if you support this motion, and "no" if you don't
  8. Ethereum


    I am Jason Chibueze Amaka, and I hereby move a motions for 50 million Enu to be used to revamp the Enumivo Project. It's time to forge ahead. There are a lot of lapses in the Enumivo project that need to be filled. This requires the contribution of all of us to make it a reality. It's time we try our best to increase our network by optimally building the tech and developing the business model. This is why I have moved a motion for 50 million Enu. The following are the areas we can channel the money to. There need to be a Quarterly Project Update for the consumption of the whole world. We need to make enumivo known by employing the services of influencers like Blockchain Brad, Token Tank, Epicenter and/or Revain. We need to get them review and grant us interview. Building a community is key to the success of any project. We all own up to the mistake of dropping an airdrop without building a correspondent community. Thank God there are still tokens earmarked for airdrop. This time around, we have to maximally utilise it. We will maximise the utility by optimally applying it to the building of a strong and viral community. It has to be an earndrop or rewardtop, because people will be made to carry out tasks that are tantamount to what they get. The task should include: a) being a member of our community, b) being a member of our telegram group. c) Posting about us on telegram ( here we have to draft something captivating about Enumivo), d) following us on Facebook, e) sharing and commenting on our Facebook posts, f) following us on twitter and sharing, liking and commenting on our posts, g) following us on other social media (Youtube, reddit, medium and others, h) writing a blog about us, i) create content on social networks about us (Reddit, medium and others), j) produce an original video about us, and k) downloading Enumivo Apps, Mytokenpocket (they can use my code. Hahaha), It has to be a referral program. We need to create a referral link. If we can do it in a way that the referrer gets 5% from every activity or task his referral does. The referrer is also given an amount of stake from the signing up of the referral. These tasks will be on stakes. The higher your followers on your social media, the higher your stake. The stakes will be proportionate to a person's influence. Each task has its own stake. The only compulsory tasks are creating account in the Enumivo Community and entering our telegram group. A particular pool will be allocated for the earndrop, say 10 million Enu or Bit Bitshares. Each task will go with a stake assigned to it. The token will be distributed based on a participant's total stake divided by the total bounty or earndrop stake, multiplied by the total number of token allocated. We can run this earndrops in batches, up till 5 batches. After each batch, we will organise a review. We can as well employ the services of good bounty facilitator. I know of one called Buzzin. Others can also be helpful. More so, we can also envigorate our campaign by sending the link of our telegram group and enumivo community to the mail of everyone in our database. This is very important. I know it from experience. It was just of recent I learnt of the Enumivo Telegram group. I know others are caught in the same Web I was. Sending the information to them via email definitely will be helpful. Sorry for bugging you with these details. Please help me go through this and respond to the motion with yes, if you adopt the motion for 50 million Enu to be allocated for this community development, and no, if you don't agree. You can as well respond with yes, but ......... ,if you disagree with some points, or no, but ............ If you don't like it, but have one or two things you like in the motion.
  9. My project the project atlas in which i am the Founder of, is a crypto promotional project dedicated on promoting other blockchain projects on social platforms [Our future aim is to build a cross-chain dapp for for promoting blockchain projects and to run nodes for interesting projects alongside our 500+ community on discord] My team and i have come together, decided on setting up a NoDe in order to not only help foster our project and the dapp but to use the block rewards as incentive to our communities who are responsible for promoting enumivo on the interwebs. for more https://www.projectatlas.info/future-and-bp Some brief info's about the atlas project Project-Atlas is a crypto promotional project dedicated on promoting other blockchain projects especially crypto related ones affiliated to "The Beyondbitcoin Team". Our focus is centered on creating awareness for such projects on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and other social media giants. We are now on the enumivo network and we hope our services will be of great help to the community and the world when we start running and have set up our nodes. For more information on our promotional services, kindly visit the “What-We-Do” section of our website via this link https://www.projectatlas.info/what -we-do We are Project-Atlas and we are here to promote the enumivo platform on various social networks, to create more awareness and reach out to more investors. Our focus won't just be targeted at media presence and users of dpos but also on researchers, bloggers and cryptographers, as well as prospective investors. How Do We Create This Awareness We first initiate a community campaign on Twitter and try as much as possible to start up a conversation on the subject and with the help and usage of Hashtags we gradually migrate to other social media platforms, leveraging on the use of the Hashtags to reach out to our targeted customers and a broader audience through a process termed Hashtag callings.. Our Future Plans Like we earlier stated, our aim is to promote Blockchain and Crypto related projects. This we cannot achieve effortlessly if there isn’t an automated working system, as being humans, the vital machines in every system, we are limited by uncontrollable human factors. Therefore, in the near future, we plan to build a cross-chain dapp for the future of Blockchain promotion, and we assure you it would be awesome. We will be blogging about it in the near future so stay tuned to our blog. However, all promotions are presently been done manually by the team, with the full and zealous support of the whaleshares community. We are also constantly recruiting talented developers, people with special project skills and computer geeks who have what it takes to achieve our desired goals and together we will build something iconic. What do you think? Do you think we get your support and of the community supports on our BP when we set it up - kindly let us know if we are making the right moves or not?
  10. chen shi hong

    RoE Application

    chen shihong /1122334455en 1. Name Chen Shihong 2. Social Media Links Email Address:rimingrm@sina.com.cn t.me/cshrm wechat:cshrm78 weibo:cshrm 3. Introduction I’m from Fujian, China. I have interest in crypto currency. When I was surfing on weibo, I found a Dapp called Zhandui(https://zhandui.io), which was developed by @fish. Through this Dapp, I learned about the project of ENU. After further study on this project, I was shocked by the great ideal of UBI. Then I bought some ENU tokens on KKEX, and made a fixed investment plan on this token. 4. Enumivo Mainnet Account 1122334455en 5. Skills Promotion, propaganda 6. What can you do for Enumivo I’m a high school teacher. I’d like to bring the ideal of ENU to my students and others around me. If I made a citizen of RoE, I will do my best to propaganda for the community in wechat-group, QQ-group, and so on. I will also try my best to maintain RoE.
  11. My name is Jason Chibueze Amaka, and I hereby apply for the post of a Citizen of the Republic of Enumivo (ROE). My social media accounts are: 1. Facebook: A, Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/jason.chibueze B, Facebook Page Profile: https://www.facebook.com/jasonamaka/ 2. Medium: https://medium.com/@jasonchibuezeamaka 3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/jcamaka (this was recently suspended by twitter. I was not given any good reason for it. I believe, the problem could be coming from external manipulatiin 4. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonamaka 5. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/jasonam 6. Youtube: http://youtube.com/channel/UCikDLnDfnxUvy7NGwyYRkuQ 7. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-chibueze-8257a3142 8. Github: https://github.com/Ethereumcashpro 9. Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/113416248155478813527 10. VK: https://m.vk.com/id483396303 11. Webtalk: https://www.webtalk.co/be/profile/jason.amaka 12. Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/jasonchibueze I am also a strong believer of Community Media like telegram whatsapp and Facebook groups . I belong to many groups on telegram, and this is my three telegram accounts: 1. https://t.me/Jasonam 2. https://t.me/Jugocam 3. https://t.me/Jugoca I also belong to more than 50 large community of cryptocurrency groups on Facebook. I am a strong user of whatsapp.. In 2016, I coordinated a lot of crypto groups on whatsapp. These are some of the whstsapp links: 1. https://chat.whatsapp.com/CUhfTnTRES24fFXtvDEuqD 2. https://chat.whatsapp.com/BsPgKWiIya093SQwFKmWuh 3. https://chat.whatsapp.com/820quSjOm2M8958ybEX8rd 4. https://chat.whatsapp.com/KESRRMfzmGIKDpTqlTps5p 5. https://chat.whatsapp.com/ELqkpBIHt70A4nvgiG84io 6. https://chat.whatsapp.com/KtMIPF5KUllDEQ5XdfjMTC 7. https://chat.whatsapp.com/G6NmxGtEE7YLKSTkEqq0t8 It's true that the above groups are left with few members now, but that they are still extant testify of my activities there. In 2017, I opened two escrow group's for trading of cryptocurrencies and one airdrop group. These groups are still very functional today: 1. https://chat.whatsapp.com/3OFwjuQFuvmKLY7RoRzjAs 2. https://chat.whatsapp.com/GMg5bTuSbrqICvuKMAODLp https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bsd0DKOJPnD0vTM1Kko2Vk I have my doctoral degree in Theology from Faith University, Jefferson City, USA. I am a prolific writer and have authored "The Mystery of the Regained Life," "Training up a Total Child," and Teen's and Post-teen''s Challenges (Teen's and Post-teen's Challenges is written but not yet published)." I am also the author of Daily Morning Devotional Insight (An online daily post). I am a Life Coach and I am as well open to always learn new things. I developed a deep interest in crypto in June, 2016. Since then, I have been learning more and more about it. In 2017, I was all through in Crypto trading and little other crypto stuffs. I learnt about Enumivo in February/March 2018. Immediately I learnt about it, my instinct signalled me that something is peculiar about Enumivo. I threw myself to the campaign. Then, the whitepaper was not yet out. 10 Enu for each referral is not as attractive as other projects. Other projects gave more than that. Again, signing up with Facebook made people to be sceptical about it. There's nothing about it then that should make one go all out to campaign for it. But I did. I have never campaigned for any other project as I did for Enumivo. The highest I've got in referral from any other project is 45 persons. But because of this inexplicable connection and passion I have for Enumivo, I abandoned every other project and insisted that I must make it to the Leaderboard of Enumivo. I worked from February to April campaigning for Enumivo. I was able to get 91 persons registered under me. My campaign developed a lot interest in people, though many couldn't register because they were rejected. My airdrop campaign data will bear witness to this. My second whatsapp account was banned in the course of the campaign. If I am made a member of the Republic of Enumivo, I will devote all my crypto allegiance to Enumivo. I will help in reviews, administration, and general wellbeing of Enumivo community. Currently, I am deeply studying about Enumivo. I am studying it to be able to fit in well. I am an Enumivo Mainnet Registered Member since July with username as "jasonamine12" and public address: ENU6hAjU1U19m1XDYGKbzztL7cqi2jUeP62YA4krhDjSuRJHPwymf I will be ever grateful to the Team if my application is given a favourable consideration. Thanks.
  12. gbindinazeez


    My name is Abdulazeez Olaitan Gbindinninuola popularly known as gbindinazeez or azeez. My social media links are as follows Email – gbindinazeez@gmail.com Steemit - https://steemit.com/@gbindinazeez Whaleshares - https://whaleshares.io/@gbindinazeez Medium - medium.com/@gbindinazeez Facebook - www.facebook.com/abdulazeez.gbindinninuola Twitter - https://twitter.com/gbindinazeez Instagram - @gbindinazeez Telegram – t.me/@gbindinazeez Discord – @gbindinazeez#9589 I have made a lengthy introduction about myself in my last post and I would say I am a human like everyone. I am a Nigerian who is in his final years studying anatomy. I am a poet, anatomist, content creator, crypto blogger and a tech enthusiast I would make sure to invite my friends and guide them on the enumivo platform as I have told them about the UBI initiative and they all loved it. I would also create awareness for the community by bringing people together on the enumivo server on discord, online and offline also. I would occasionally write on my skill sets that I have stated by talking on some health related matters and giving some tech support that I know off. Thank you, One love
  13. prettypearl

    Welcome to Enumivo Africa

    Hey Welcome to Enumivo Africa Community. We are incredibly happy to have you all here. Feel free to mingle and let's get to know more about our project & each other.
  14. If you have ENU or LTS on liteshares.io, you must swap them to mainnet before December 31, 2018 11:59PM GMT. Thereafter, liteshares site will be taken offline, if you don't swap you will lose your tokens. How to swap? Enu asset to Mainnet: https://wallet.enumivo.com/swap-token-lts LTS to Mainnet: https://wallet.enumivo.com/swap-token-lts-lts Video guide: How to transfer LTS to Enumivo Mainnet Note: Video guide is made for LTS to Mainnet swap, it can be applied to Enu asset swap as well, just transfer Enu instead of LTS. Should you have any queries, feel free to ask in Enumivo chat
  15. 5 Million LTS to be given away to those Eligible voters for Enumivo. As part of the Enumivo community, let us show our support by voting ENUMIVO to AIODEX voting contest. They will list the TOP 20 coins when they launch their exchange soon. **RULES** Join Main Channel: https://t.me/enumivochat Follow us: https://twitter.com/enumivo Create an account at: https://enumivo.com/ Create an account at: https://liteshares.io/create-account/password Screenshot of your comment. NOTE: PLEASE INCLUDE IN YOUR COMMENT THE NUMBER OF VOTES AFTER YOU VOTED ENUMIVO. WITHOUT IT YOUR SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE COUNTED. **TO VOTE** REGISTER HERE: https://aiodex.com/register VOTE ENU HERE: https://aiodex.com/vote/enu COMMENT HERE: https://aiodex.com/vote/coin/5b56ae7c7a52cf2ef1ff6c2a **AFTER VOTING FILL UP THIS FORM** https://goo.gl/Y1B7nA
  16. Youngclick12


    So I decided to come up with this logo of UBI, what's your opinion
  17. The Lagos Blockchain Saturday organized by one of beam ambassador and which enumivo project was one of the many sponsors was exciting and successful. Being an ambassador of Enumivo, and when it was time for my enumivo presentation, I took them down the history lane of the enumivo project, how it started, the visions and the dream and where it is now even to the fullest future plans of the UBI and its usecase, though it was very hard making them understand at first, it all seems rocket science to non blockchain user but as with more and much explanation was given and how they could benefit from the project and also how they could put good use to the chain it self with a possibility of adding value and getting value. everything became easier. I briefly explained to them about the Roe and how the slogan i generated for it is a term i call VALUE FOR VALUE What value can you bring into the community/project to get the value you want people to give to you. It was exciting indeed, as we had to learn, unlearn and relearn things we saw as a basic knowledge to make us blossom on this sphere and i was very much happy that after the presentation, alot of people became so interested and when i saw the momentum and enthusiasm they were moving with ☺ i reminded them its all a value for value project This are the images i could gather at the moment, more are coming though of the event.
  18. Hi everyone, I'm Josep, founder of CoinDreams. Some months ago I was quite active in the Enumivo project but honestly, I had to move away in order to finish my own project: CoinDreams. I wanted to share this post to tell you that if Enumivo makes an airdrop, bounty, giveaway, contest or any other kind of event, please let me know about it and I will list it on CoinDreams. I hope that listing events of Enumivo can help to get more visibility and let people know more about the project. At this moment CoinDreams is available on Google Play and also on App Store. Would be great if I can help the Enumivo project with this little action 😊 Cheers!
  19. Are you in Lagos? or in Nigeria? join us on the blockchain Saturday meet up, an initiative by a beam ambassador (a crypto project, privacy coin that uses the mimble wimble protocol) Beam has been the official sponsor of the first and second event of the blockchain Saturday until recently enumivo becoming a sponsor. If you are in Lagos ikeja or in Nigeria, why don't you come and network, also have fun, share and learn new ideas and project on the blockchain world, the blockchain Saturday is an event foster to create a reborst community of blockchain lovers, where we get to talk about interesting projects. Enumivo being one of the sponsors of the third edition, i would be there as an enumivo ambassador with my presentation to lecture and teach attendees what enumivo is all about and how they can join the community of enumivians and the RoE. For more info click here Date - 8th of December Time - 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM WAT Venue - At Digital Abundance Hub, 19a Ogundana Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Book and reserve your seat as seats are limited Here Download the Program schedule, to. know actually how everything would go here Apart from us having fun and knowing each other they are lots of exciting stuffs to gain and win, as some few people would be working away with LTS as a reward and Enumivo T-shirt 👕 for any side activities at the venue - so be there. About Blockchain Saturday Blockchain Saturday is a periodic meet-up where renowned experts, industry leaders and practitioners, as well as enthusiasts, within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem come together to synergize, share ideas, and network. This gathering is to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas to drive towards a more sustainable blockchain ecosystem in Nigeria. At Blockchain Saturday, it is our belief that the idea of the next disruptive project similar to Bitcoin, can be conceived at this meetup, and for that reason, every idea is worth considering as we work together towards the nurturing and development of projects that will later become products that will solve real-world problems. We all can create an enabling environment that is geared towards learning, and against the imposition of ideas on participants The second Edition was fun
  20. marshalllife

    UBI GRAPHICS Created by @baa

    This is a graphics created by a new member of my project atlas - @baa what are your thoughts on the UBI design? to me it looks mature and well put out. As more of his designs are coming, do i be putting this ENUMIVO UBI DESIGNS according to @baa
  21. I am Imran by name, am from Nigeria. Enumivo to me was a full life not just a project in some code written by title of technology name blockchain! My first encounter with this project was at time of airdropped in bitcointalk forum, since then i remain an honest tracker of the project development till date. I can say i achieve worth considerate, with enumivo, i zeal to learn about coding or dream of being blockchain developer, currently i am studying at blockgeeks.com and am emerging as blockdegree graduate with full grade to code in blockchain. I had it in mind i really want to support this project by building a great application that what set my developer career. In the side of helping this project, I can say i went far than average. This asset class is prioritize as UBI, without a doubt i am living in a kind of country where the community is poor enough for living and which technological advancement had not come rampant. I realize the goal of this great chain as UBI we have more people in reality who need this but don't have access to common smartphone, so i thought how can i make them a beneficiaries and let them get the help. An idea of founding start up clicked me and i come up with "SHC (SMART HELP CRYPTO) as humanitarian NGO aim at providing help through the use of blockchain, which i currently painstakingly working to provide its use case. Throughout my joined since february, my airdropped enu was used to save a family and later i use my eth to buy back, and in every voting system of enu i atleast get 20 people to support the vote. And every project develop here i am one of best tester's and provide feedback in any issue. I am currently wanting to be the Nigerian ambassador. I will be updating my achievement here step by step. I supposed to make this post earlier because i was right in here when post made regard to oracle but before i made a post i was blown by bad atmosphere which resulted two month of activity. At the time i was preparing a nice meet up about enu. Below you can have some few photos before the stroke when i am working fully for enumivo development. I am excited to be back. Thank you all
  22. Imran

    Back from death

    Hi My Fellow Enumivians I don't know how to win your heart, but you had already win mine. Not so bad but surely i miss all of you. For two month i couldn't stay in touch with all of you here. I had missed a lot like i had see. It's not a good two months for me because i was strike by a lot but am happy i had return from the stroke. Before i left i was closely working in physical to include large number of people to benefit from this great journey. But never late i know please welcome me back and i am happy to be with you again. You can see me below from what i had started working before...........
  23. A UBI graphics made for the enumivo community to use anytime - if you have skills of what so ever don't keep it hidden become an active member of the RoE, even graphics are much welcomed as being a developer everything adds up to make everything a success.
  24. 前言 作为早期帮着 ENU 创始人 AP 张罗事情的社区成员之一,我差不多参与了 ENU 所有的关键性事件。我尝试把自己看到的、听到的、理解的 ENU 的一切,整合起来,写成《Enumivo 2018》这个系列,帮助大家更好地了解 ENU ,同时也希望让你更快地找到加入这个完全去中心化项目的方式,正如 ENU 的布道大师熊越说的「伟大是砸过来的」,早期参与到这样一个完全去中心化的项目,付出自己的努力和大家一起把它干成,你能收获到的远远不止囤币的财富增值那么简单。--- 一、有种人,他不在乎名 正如上篇文章中所讲:「如果说上一个匿名的创始人,叫中本聪,创造了比特币,实现价值存储,开启区块链纪元;那么眼前第二个匿名的创始人,叫 AP,创造了 ENU,实现 UBI,让数以亿计的人进入区块链时代。」相似的人总会有相似的选择,不知道是不是对中本聪的致敬,ENU 的创始人 AP 也是匿名。让我们把时间拨回 2018 年 5 月 12 日,那段时间,恰好是 ENU 已经登录 kkex 交易所,价格翻了几番;媒体竞相报道和大 V 传播,ENU 被更多人知道,而创始人正在紧锣密鼓地准备着 ENU 主网上线的事宜,又是凌晨,我们照旧闲聊几句,他这样说道:「我就是个普通人,怀抱着改变世界的梦想,哪怕这个改变微乎其微。」 这段阐述,应该算是他对自己身份最简单直接,最不加修饰的回应。作为一个在中国被高房价压榨地藏起了理想只想赚钱的不富青年,我对屏幕另一边的这个扬言要改变世界的陌生人深表怀疑,这世上真有这么纯粹理想主义的人吗?做一件事情,不为名不为利,就是为了内心的理想?区块链世界上一个这样的创始人,他叫中本聪,他的 100 万 BTC 还在那儿一动不动地放着,冒名的顶替者也一个又一个涌出来争起来,名和利都在,但是唯有他没再现身。后来在 kkex 的采访中,第一个问题也是想知道他的身份,他的回答换了角度,不过依然滴水不漏。 不管是公开采访也好,私下聊天也罢,他都没有透露过自己的名字、国籍、年龄等信息。你可能纳闷,ENU 创始人既然匿名,为什么又叫他 AP?在最开始的时候,我们都叫他 Dev(开发者)。但是他自己同时也是个游戏玩家,直接用了游戏《Watch Dog》里面主角的名字 Aiden Pearce。巧的是,这个主角是个黑客。说到游戏,AP 时常玩玩游戏放松自己,最近《荒野大镖客 2》大火,问到他有没有玩的时候,他说自己一心扑在 ENU 上,已经很少时间玩游戏了。 二、有种人,他不在乎利 王思聪说过一句很认真的玩笑话:「我不在乎我的朋友有没有钱,反正都没有我有钱。」如果说,匿名的身份,是抛开了名的追求,那利呢?AP 他难道不想发财?这可以从这两个方面来佐证:一方面是他怎么启动的这个项目。ENU 没有任何募资的行为,打从一开始就是 80% 的币免费空投,比特币也是如此,挖矿是获得比特币的唯一方式。而如果你参与了当时的空投,你发送了 0 ETH 你就能够获得一定比例的 ENU,ENU 因此拥有了最早的一批持币人,他们有着不同的身份,他们分布在全球,他们因为 ENU,逐渐聚集到这个社区,一起来为社区的发展做自己的贡献。那现在还有什么机会获得 ENU 呢?创始人剩下的 20% 的 ENU 也会全部用来支持 ENU 和 UBI 发展的,自己一个不留。比如你现在参与到 ENU 社区的贡献,就能加入到 Oracle 社区贡献投票系统,根据贡献大家为你投票来分享 ENU 奖励,目前一期奖励已经到了 10 万 ENU,你可以把这个理解为挖矿,只是这个挖矿不需要矿机,你自己就是矿机,需要的是你的贡献,这些我们之后再详细说。另一种方式就是到市场上去买,你看好 ENU 就持有它,你不看好就卖掉它,已经完全是市场化的行为。不过据我所知,不少比特币的早期大佬,都持有 ENU,他们会卖吗?如果你有机会遇到他们,大胆地问一句:「你知道 ENU 吗?」另一方面是创始人 AP 他应该早已财富自由。在跟 AP 的交流中知道,他说自己读了比特币的白皮书,被中本聪的想法惊艳到,大概 10 美元的时候买了比特币,也参加了以太坊的众筹。 而在做 ENU 之前,他也是一位经验丰富的程序员,有十多年的开发经验。区块链与虚拟货币的支持者,十多年高薪的工作,便宜的比特币和以太坊,这些论据来支撑他财富自由的结论应该还算有说服力。 三、有种人,他站在技术与人文十字路口 伟大的乔布斯曾多次在苹果的发布会提到「苹果是站在技术(Technology)和人文(Liberal Arts)的十字路口」。而看看 ENU 创始人 AP,从他推出那个全球首创的发送 0 个 ETH 自动领取空投的智能合约开始,我们就对他留下了技术大神的印象。紧接着 Fork EOS,修改 EOS 代码,差不多是全球最早完成 EOS 代码调整,第一个启动主链;他还在一开始没有交易所支持的时候,Fork 了 bitshares 平台搭建了 liteshares;为了让社区不断积累,他搭建了 enumivo.com 论坛,定制了需要的功能;还在持续研究底层算法,不排除未来会用上自己的共识算法;研究 Bancor、LMSR 公式,搭建去中心化交易所;设计研究身份验证系统……拥有十多年编程经验的创始人简直就是一个技术超人,无所不能。而就在我快要给他打上只会编程的技术宅标签的时候,他又用一个个我听都没听说过的拉丁格言,圣经故事,中国谚语……让孤陋寡闻的我目瞪口呆。他将做 Enumivo (ENU) 项目比作种竹子(Chinese Bamboo Tree),开始两年没有什么迹象,还是竹笋埋在地下,但是后面可能很短的时间就爆发冒出很高,告诉我 ENU 项目后续强劲的爆发力,现在不是所有人都能看得到的; 他在交出 ENU 系统超级权限的时候,将自己比作越过了卢比孔河却没有称王的凯撒,著名翻译家熊越将其翻作「纵越卢比孔,不做凯撒王」。 他在谈到社区未来治理的时候,引用了拉丁格言:「Vox pupuli, vox Dei」,意思是人民的声音就是上帝的声音,社区的每一位成员决定了社区的命运,一起自治。 再比如,面对大家一次又一次提问「什么时候上线 CoinMarketCap?」他这样答复: 翻译过来就是: 有人问 AP:“什么时候上 CMC(全球第一的虚拟货币资讯站点)?” AP 回答: 这个问题,我不关心。 ENU 是一场马拉松,不是短跑。 不要问什么时候上CMC, 多想想你能为ENU做什么事情帮什么忙就好。 让我们一起创造未来,到那时候应该是 CMC 反过来问「我们什么时候能上 ENU ?」 看着他说的话,想着他做的事,找不到合适形容词来表达我的感受。 有种人,就是站在技术与人文交叉口,给大家指明方向,我们只能仰望他,追随他。 四、结尾 写到这里,我再次想起乔布斯时期苹果的那则《Think Different》的广告: 文案的最后一句:「因为只有那些疯狂到以為自己能够改变世界的人, 才能真正地改变世界。(Because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. )」说的不正是那个晚上跟我扬言说要改变世界,让我觉得有些疯狂到不可思议的 AP 吗?常常有人问,虽然 ENU 的创始人 AP 第一个提出的 Blockchain + UBI 理念,但不怕别的项目抄了也做这个吗?我第一个想到的答案就是,我们有 AP —— ENU 的创始人,正如读完文章的你认识的那样。而其他的答案,更多的机缘巧合,我们下一期再说。本文作者:davidfnck,ENU 社区早期参与者,ENU 白皮书翻译者,ENU 中国社区联络人,enudavidfnck 超级节点。希望加入 ENU 社区的朋友,请添加我的微信「fromfriend020」,注明「ENU 牛油果」。
  25. Youngclick12


    I go by the name Abdulmalik Hassan and my enumivo username is youngclick12. Bsc Political science and international relations, Crescent University Abeokuta Nigeria. 2015 Skills: Graphic design Reportorial Presentation Program management. Experienced blogger. I own and manage a Facebook group with forty plus members which I'm willing to convert for enumivo promotion. It interests me to be part of Republic of Enumivo. I will Ensure to abide by the book and be a law abiding citizen. I have a Facebook group to which will promote enumivo project activities. Facebook username:habdulmalik2 Fb group:https://free.facebook.com/groups/1675830602655462