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  1. If you find native erc20 to mainnet swap process tedious then here is fairly easy way to do that through aex exchange. But, please understand that here you will be trusting an exchange. Short version: You deposit your ERC20 ENU to Aex exchange and make a withdrawal to your Mainnet account. Long version: Prerequisites: - Erc20 enu to swap, duh! - Aex exchange account (Create account) Note: After registeration, setting up 2FA is mandatory (keep 2fa key safe!) and you will NOT be able to make withdrawal for next 24 Hours after doing so. - Enumivo mainnet account Note: You can create one for free using this bot: @FreeEnuAccountBot Once done, proceed below. 1. Login to your aex account. 2. Click on 'Deposit' button at top right corner, search for ENU, click on 'Deposit' next to it. Copy the address under label 'Erc20 ENU address'. 3. Send your erc20 enu to that address from your ethereum wallet. Make sure you send at least 1000 ENU as that's the minimum amount to withdraw. Here are ENU token details, just in case. Enu contract address: 0x275b69aa7c8c1d648a0557656bce1c286e69a29d Decimals: 8 Symbol: ENU What gas price to put? Check here: http://ethgasstation.info 4. Wait until they show up on Aex. Once arrived, click 'Withdraw' button next to ENU and fill in the details. Add your Enumivo mainnet address through 'Add address' option. Once your address is added, select it and write amount you want to withdraw in 'amount' field. Actual amount field shows how much you will be getting after the 0.5% fees. Memo is optional, write the 2fa code in 'Google authenticator field' and click 'Withdraw' button. That's it, you should receive Mainnet ENU in few minutes — to check search your account name at https://enumivo.qsx.io or check in 'Finance' tab on aex. In case, you don't receive your withdrawal even after an hour, create support ticket through support page to let the aex team know, they should help you out. should you have any more queries, feel free to ask us in Enumivo chat, we'll be glad to help.
  2. Introduction: — In crypto space since 2014, early adopter of Enumivo and also hodling some thousands of ENU. — Been assisting Enumivo users since early days. — Wrote Enumivo content: Enumivo glossary: https://steemit.com/enumivo/@libert/enumivo-glossary Introduction to Enumivo Market Maker: https://steemit.com/enumivo/@libert/introduction-to-enumivo-market-maker Acting as gateway of ENU on Steem Blockchain: https://steemit.com/enumivo/@libert/trade-enu-on-steem-engine Using Ironman extension on android devices: https://enumivo.com/topic/715-using-ironman-enumivo-wallet-on-android-devices/ Account Details Account Name: libblocknode Public key: ENU84ajZEbEHes7njfVXNccJGHqikDJXNVFhjMRJ93z9DwLXWvKua Server details Server Location: NY, USA Server Type: Cloud Ram: 8 gigs Cpu: 4 cores Space: 100 GB Hardware will be scaled up accordingly as the network requires. Feel free to contact me: @telegram: https://t.me/LibertBrown @discord: libert #3361  If you deem me worthy then please vote for libblocknode, Thank you. Earnings (if any) will be used to pay server costs and to promote Enumivo content on Steemit. Special thanks to @Sosolean, @enumivo, @Dragos for helping me setting up node.
  3. Hi everyone, ENU is listed on Txbit exchange for voting. Txbit is Netherlands based and Solaris funded exchange providing security, privacy, reliability and speed. You can track the trading volume of Txbit here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/txbit Considering it is just two month old exchange that's pretty good volume. How to vote? It's pretty self explanatory. 1. Register on txbit >> https://txbit.io/Signup Only email address is required, and there is no kyc. 2. Verify your email and login. 3. Go to voting page >> https://txbit.io/voting — find Enumivo from the list and click 'vote now'. Voting will run for 3 weeks (until April 27), candidate with most votes by the end of voting period will be listed (Paired with BTC/ETH/XLR) for free. You can vote every 24 hours. Every vote counts, so please vote, thanks in advance!
  4. As the title says, any suggestions are highly welcomed.
  5. The ENU/EOS trading pair is now also available for trading on our Dex (in addition to our Cex)! You can trade directly with scatter, logging in via EOS and entering your ENU wallet address for your ENU tokens. EOSex Dex will also start supporting direct login with ENU wallet within just a few days!! Stay tuned for that news!
  6. As the title says, if you would like this to be ROE's official logo, reply 'Yes' otherwise reply 'No'. Author: sonofthera You can see the other RoE logo suggestions in this thread.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Josep, founder of CoinDreams. Some months ago I was quite active in the Enumivo project but honestly, I had to move away in order to finish my own project: CoinDreams. I wanted to share this post to tell you that if Enumivo makes an airdrop, bounty, giveaway, contest or any other kind of event, please let me know about it and I will list it on CoinDreams. I hope that listing events of Enumivo can help to get more visibility and let people know more about the project. At this moment CoinDreams is available on Google Play and also on App Store. Would be great if I can help the Enumivo project with this little action 😊 Cheers!
  8. I am Hamasuki I am a holder of EOS and a believer of EOSforce.I come from Jiangsu, China. I am an ordinary company employee. Hacker enthusiast, operator of a tea shop. For the first time, I joined ENU for the promotion of the 欧柚Wallet (Weibo). I am involved in and concerned about enu's growth. But I hope I can do my best for this great idea. You can contact me here: wechat: fifthavenue weibo: https://weibo.com/u/1914902261 (蘭言茶香) twitter:hamasuki1 enu:enuihamasuki What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: Keep on giving publicity to ENU in China and spreading the idea of UBI. Do a good translation work for Chinese members of the ENU community with my team-mates. Join to discuss issues related to RoE effectively.
  9. Youngclick12


    I go by the name Abdulmalik Hassan and my enumivo username is youngclick12. Bsc Political science and international relations, Crescent University Abeokuta Nigeria. 2015 Skills: Graphic design Reportorial Presentation Program management. Experienced blogger. I own and manage a Facebook group with forty plus members which I'm willing to convert for enumivo promotion. It interests me to be part of Republic of Enumivo. I will Ensure to abide by the book and be a law abiding citizen. I have a Facebook group to which will promote enumivo project activities. Facebook username:habdulmalik2 Fb group:https://free.facebook.com/groups/1675830602655462
  10. 小月亮


  11. Cocojam0610

    Creating the KENU

    Greetings. By the creation of a token creator dapp by smakeit, I, and some of my colleagues are planning to create a token under ENU chain to start a self-drop project same as what ENU did last February 2018. Currently, we are on the initial stage where we do the plannings and creating the concept that will be related to ENU and UBI. The process will ask an investor to send X amount of ENU to the smart contract to receive X amount token. I have created now the token in preparation for this upcoming project. This is a very ambitious project as we want ENU to be used and known around the globe and spread its vision and mission. We are planning to make a bounty program as well just like any other ICO or self-drop project in space. There are many things to be discussed and our small team (for now) is trying to finalize the concept of the project. I will update this thread for further details. Stay tuned. Details of Token Name: KENU Total Supply: 1000000000 Other Details Whitepaper: soon Website: soon Social Media: soon
  12. 本人小白一枚,整理了一份关于创建ENU主网账户和TokenPocket钱包的介绍,内容如有错误,会及时改正!但因本文原因产生任何问题,与本人无关! 创建 ENU 主网账户 一,币信自动注册机 方法: Enumivo(ENU)账号自动注册机,现在“enu”特殊账户开放11位和12位子账号,即类似bitcoin.enu和ethereum.enu.1。 用户只需要转10 ENU(如果你创建11位账户)或者2 ENU(如果你创建12位账户)到「enu」账户 2。备忘录格式为“新账号名:公称”(去掉引号), 例如: abc12345.enu:ENU655mLHXAqMhq3QsH16W2JKMavM9yZbaC3md88NPo26DPcgEycD 3.公司在此生成:https://wallet.enumivo.com/keypair (上行为公司,下行为私钥) 注意事项保存好私!!! !!!合约 会为新账号购买4KB内存和抵押0.1 ENU的cpu和net,超过注册费用的余额会打到你的新账户。 开发者: ansenironman,请为他投票! 图 1 : 图 2 : 创建是否成功,请看账单明细中是否有交易哈希,有则成功,无则创建失败并检查内容是否正确(失败的ENU会在之后退回) 二, ENU 网页钱包安装及使用 在谷歌或者火狐浏览器中安装IRONMAN 钱包插件 谷歌添加插件地址:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ironman/janbppjcbfhklbggcgkpiefmondofolo 火狐添加插件地址:https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/addon/enu-ironman/ 添加插件成功后,浏览器右上角会出现插件图标,如图: 然后点击图标:按下图操作后会出现助记词(可不保存),重新点击图标 重新打开插件后 如图选择第一栏,然后点击蓝色框 导入完成后,重新打开插件 - 点击设置- 点击下图所选- 进入后选择语言- 更改为中文 钱包导入完成 三,一些常用网址: enu 钱包地址:https://wallet.enumivo.com/createaccount Enu 区块浏览器:http://enumivo.qsx.io/ Enuram 线上交易网址:http: //enutick.com/ram/index#home 四, Enuram 线上交易介绍: 打开安装 IRONMAN 钱包插件的浏览器,点击铁人图标。输入密码解锁! 然后在浏览器中打开 Enuram 线上交易网址:http: //enutick.com/ram/index#home 之后会弹出授权窗口,按图中顺序点击,如下图: , 右上角会显示你当前用户名,如下图: 在右下方会有购买或出售 RAM 的交易栏,如下图: 五,投票 / 抵押/ 买卖RAM (这些都可以用TokenPocket手机端钱包操作) 投票需要将 ENU 抵押获得投票数量,解压后72 小时返回可用余额。 六,下面来TokenPocket TokenPocket手机端钱包 A pp下载地址:苹果:https://fir.im/tpforios 安卓:https://fir.im/tpforandroid 那我们怎么用 TokenPocket 来买卖公羊及抵押或解压ENU 呢? 1. 打开 TokenPocket 钱包APP 2. 选择导入钱包 3. 选择 ENU 底层 4. 输入私钥和设置密码,然后勾选(我已....),点击开始导入 5. 导入成功你将看到你的账户及资产 6。 7. 前面 2 个不用说了,点击资源 8. 然后出现下图:内存(ram):输入你想买卖的数量/ 点击购买或出售 计算( cpu ):输入你想抵押或赎回的数量后点击抵押或赎回(网络网:同理) 9。 10. 现在回到序号 5 ,点击投票,然后就没有了..... 11. 说明:你可投票的数量即你抵押在计算CPU 和网络网的ENU 数量之和 最后感谢这些插件和APP发布者,纯手打,请为enuluaringer节点投上一票! byringer.enu整理
  13. 我们知道enu最先的发放几乎是无成本的,考虑到交易手续费,enu从发起到现在也涨了至少一百倍。也许很多人认为它完全是人为炒作才上涨这么多,很快价格就会暴跌下去,但我却认为它很可能会继续大涨,甚至再上涨一百倍!下面我说一下我的具体想法。 首先我们知道enu是克隆eos的一条几乎完全相同的公链,而这块公链可以提供各种dapp在上面运行。我们可以把公链比作一条商业街,而在其上面运行的各种dapp就是商业街上面的各种店铺,我们每个要使用dapp的人则是商业街的客户。而在几天过后(2018年6月1日)eos公链开始运行后,毫无疑问的,eos公链将会成为最繁华的一条商业街,因为它拥有最多的客户,也会拥有最多的店铺(eos.io提供10亿美元资助dapp的建立)。可以想象,凭借高效性和无手续费等优点,eos上线后经过一段时间的运营一定会打败eth成为市值最大的公链。 然而当eos商业街发展得很成熟后,它就会面对所有繁华商业街都会面对的问题——租金太贵。这样新开的商店和不能支付太贵租金的商店就不得不选择另一条商业街来开店。那么这时候它们最佳的选择就是另外找一条租金更便宜的商业街,而enu就是它们最佳的选择,因为enu的硬件设施和eos几乎完全一样,很适合曾经在eos开过店的商家,而且那时候enu虽然还比不上eos,但肯定也会有不错的人气。这里的商家也可以获得不错的客流量。 于此同时,随着越来越多的商家从eos搬到enu,同样也会有越来越多的客户进入enu,因为与现实不同,他们不需要坐车几个小时才能从一个商业街转到另一个商业街。它们只需要花几分钟买一点enu并注册一个enu账户后,就能在enu商业街来消费了! 基于以上的判断,我认为只要时间线拉的足够长,enu的总市值就会无限趋近于eos,而由于enu的总量只有eos的一半,所以enu的单价会是eos的两倍,按现在的单价eos=80元,enu=0.5元 来算,enu会涨320倍直到单价160元一个。而这还是假定eos不上涨并且未考虑可能成为杀手级应用的UBI(限于时间关系,UBI我另外写一篇文章介绍)的前提下的,如果考虑到这些,我认为enu还可能再上涨一千倍甚至一万倍。 所以在我看来,enu现在还处在一个很初期的阶段,如果你因为enu已经涨了一百倍而觉得它已经到了最高点而不愿购入,很可能就错失了一个巨大的机会。
  14. Hi enumivians, I just made a video tutorial to all those new to ENUMIVO and don't know how to transfer their ENU from ENUGUI wallet to their Bixin app. Just follow what I did to the video. P.S sorry for the bad audio quality. My PC's microphone is having some issues lately. And a runny nose as well. 😅 Hope it can help. Cheers! VIDEO TUTORIAL
  15. Firstly, Download Yandex Browser For Android — Click Here To Download! 1. Installing Ironman extension. - Go to following link from Yandex browser — Install Ironman Extension. Click on "ADD TO CHROME" >> a pop-up will appear, click "ADD EXTENSION". 2. Setting Up Ironman. - Click on "three dot menu" >> "Extensions" >> select "Ironman". - Enter desired password and click on "Create New Ironman". - Backup the Mnemonics that appear on screen, and click on "I Wrote It Down". These will help you regain access to your Ironman account in case you forget your password. - On next screen, click on "Start Basic Setup". - Paste your Enu private key in relevant field, and click on "Import ENU Key Pair". - Give "active permission" to Ironman and click on "Use Selected Account". That's it, enjoy using Ironman! If you have any questions feel free to comment here or ask in enumivo chat and don't forget to follow official Ironman thread to stay up to date!
  16. As you may well know already, the Eurno project is closely affiliated with Something Decent and has been preparing for release on 15th July 2018. In an attempt to drive up some attention for Eurno, Something Decent and Enumivo we have partnered to bring an exclusive giveaway which will reward ten people with 100 ENU tokens worth .012 ETH at todays trading price. Mandatory Requirements In order to enter the giveaway you simply need to have a Twitter account and a Telegram account, and to make a main net Enumivo wallet. Once you have all three you will need to join the Enumivo chat Telegram channel, follow the Something Decent Twitter and follow the Eurno Twitter. It should be noted that you will need to remain a member of all channel until distribution. Winners of the giveaway will be announced on September 1st 2018 and the ENU tokens will be distributed to the main net ENU wallet address you submit. About the Giveaway Many of you more regular readers will already know of the official partnership between Something Decent and Enumivo while the Eurno project is still a new one waiting to be released. The Eurno project is a self funded charity which will conduct charitable ventures on behalf of its token holding community. The project is starting life as an ERC20 token and will be moved to the Enumivo network at a later date. The Eurno project is one which is focused on charity and, as such, it will be releasing its token for free using an airdrop dApp. Their token is not currently released although it will be on July 15th 2018, at midday. As always you can find the link to signup below. Happiness. Join the Something Decent & Eurno ENU Giveaway Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything. We would also like to remind you that Something Decent is not in anyway responsible for the distribution of airdrops, bounties or giveaways unless it is stated that we are personally conducting them
  17. Hi, enumivians. Here is the 3rd version, and likely to be the final version, of the draft of the United Foundation of Enumivo(UFE). Aiden gives us huge help and shares with us many good points. We revise the draft a lot to make it more practical. Please share with us your comments and make it come true! Thanks! More backgrounds please refer to the 2nd and 1st version of the draft: Here is the content of the V3.0 draft. Introduction of the United Foundation of Enumivo The United Foundation of Enumivo (UFE) is the official foundation of the Enumivo community. It is responsible to manage a fund sponsored by Aiden Pearce, the founder of Enumivo. According to Aiden's budget, this fund will last for at least 5 to 10 years. Aiden wants Enumivo to be community-driven and decentralized. The purpose of UFE is to help make the enumivo community united and act as one. UFE has a vision that with the help of itself the enumivo community makes decisions efficiently and act swiftly, so that the community can survive, grow, and flourish in the cryptocurrency world and make the ultimate goal — social justice for all — to come true. The architect of UFE UFE runs as an organized group, it has a number of members, a few officers, one leader and one special member. MEMBER: All members have the right to submit a motion, and the officers will review the motion and make the decision. Besides, all members are required to vote regularly to update the core team of officers. The population of members is decided by the officers and all applicants are examined by the core team. OFFICER: The officers are responsible to make decisions, such as hiring someone to do something, accepting/removing members for UFE, daily proposals, selection of the leader, etc. They reach an agreement with at least 51% votes. There are different positions for the officers, such as financial officers, marketing officers, public relationship officers, technical officers and so on. Initially, the number of officers is set to seven. LEADER: The leader is selected from the seven officers. He is required to lead and unite the core team of all officers. It's his responsibility to have the officers in different positions and work hard together. Besides, the leader organizes the team discussion and voting. SPECIAL MEMBER: Aiden is the special member of UFE. All decisions by the members and officers that will need a swing vote because of a tie, he can join and break the tie. The genesis members and officers of UFE There are 11 genesis members of UFE. Any registered member of this forum can apply to become one of the genesis foundation members by posting your reason and make a request below the formal announcement. Anyone can also post his favorite candidates in this thread. Aiden will see what the community wants and select 11 out of the applicants by his own judgment. The 11 members then vote to choose the 7 officers. Every member has 7 votes, he can vote for any member, including himself. The seven members with the highest vote are selected as the officers. The evolution of UFE A foundation-wide election takes place every month. Similar to the genesis officer voting, every member vote for at most 7 candidates. The difference is that we set an upper bound on the number of officers to swap. The idea behind is that the core team needs some sort of continuity. The top four out of the 7 officers with the highest votes stay. The other three officers and the non-officer members will be ranked together by their votes and the top three will become the new officers. Soon after the election, the new core team will select a leader through voting. The leader will appoint the officers to different positions. The core team can decide to accept or decline a member at any time, so whatever method they will agree with will be used. Salaries to the UFE officers Besides the promised 100K ENU monthly fund, Aiden plans to add 40K extra ENU monthly as the salary fund for the UFE officers. The salary for an ordinary officer is 5K ENU or $500 worth ENU monthly whichever is lower. The leader will receive additional 5K ENU or $500 worth ENU whichever is lower. KYC of the UFE member To make sure every member of the foundation is a distinct real human, the identity of each member should be reviewed carefully. Aiden will help with the KYC process of the 11 genesis member. Then the KYC process is moved to the core team. Core team positions The foundation core team will have different positions, each has different responsibilities. Some of the possible positions are discussed below. However, it's not finalized and it's up to the core team to decide what positions are needed. FINANCIAL OFFICER: The financial officer manages the fund and accounting. He needs to make a good budget for the foundation motions, such as the proportion goes to the payment to staffs, operating funds, the sponsored projects, community rewards, and gifts, etc. MARKETING OFFICER: The marketing officer should focus on marketing and promotions, such as having ENU listed on famous list or exchanges, launching activities to attract new users and developers. PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER: The public relation officer should keep close to the enumivo community and hear their voice and bring that message into core team. Also, he needs to keep good relations with the media and spread the news of ENU's progress. TECHNICAL OFFICER: The technical officer may focus on the developer community, hearing what the devs want and bring that message to the ENU dev team. Also due to anonymous concerns, the core dev team can authorize the technical officer to represent them to attend public tech conference and spread the idea of UBI on a much larger scale. Open Voting All voting process should be made public to the whole community. Special Veto To show respect and gratefulness to Aiden, UFE decides to reserve a special veto for him to reject any voting result of the foundation. It's up to Aiden to decide whether or not to use this right.
  18. Account name: enumivotyler Public key: ENU8LNHqwLmyntDiCRwrrkdY3XEd3p1Y1nv7L2GnDsStf4Xtmo41q Introduction: I‘m Tyler Xiong, the founder of Chinese ENU community “10,000 ENU”. I am an early Bitcoin evangelist in China and Vice president of Bixin, a main supporter of ENU. I played a crucial role in the promotion of ENU and recommended ENU to many agencies and community leaders. I believe that Enumivo, along with UBI, will have a bright future. There's some extra infomation: 1. ID information Expected location of servers: Hong Kong Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc).: Cloud User IDs on telegram: @YueTylerXiong 2. Estimate of technical specifications CPU: 4 Cores RAM: 8 GB Space: 500 GB 3. Estimated scaling plan for hardware CPU: 8 Cores / 16 Cores RAM: 16 GB / 32 GB Space: 2 TB Thanks for voting enumivotyler !
  19. Account name: enutothemoon Public key: ENU6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV Introduction: 10 year development experience (nodejs ,javascript ,python,) 5 years blockchain old leek million ENU holder or Supportor I run ENUAvergers testnet well but there are no position at last I have run 50 TNT node before 1. ID information · Expected location of servers: USA · Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc).:ali Cloud · User IDs on telegram: @jianxinss 2. Estimate of technical specifications · CPU: 2 cores · RAM: 8 gigs · Space: 50 GB 3. Estimated scaling plan for hardware · CPU: 8 cores · RAM: 32 gigs · Space: 1TB 4. Listing of Telegram and node names for community testnet participation. · telegram name: @jianxinss Thanks for voting me! enutothemoon Let‘s enu to the moon
  20. When I started my Enumivo journey, all I had was an xxxx amount of tokens which are worthless at that time and a belief that someday those tokens would be worth something. Fast forward 3 months from the time I got them from an airdrop, they’re worth more than what I expected they would be. What happened? Was the price increase caused by magic? Was it luck? The answer is simple. My Enumivo tokens’ value went up because more and more people believed that Enumivo is worth something, compared to what it was worth 3 months ago which was nothing. Enumivo grew not only because people saw what technology it can offer us, it grew mainly because all of us holding Enumivo contributed something; our efforts, our time, our ideas and these things are what gave Enumivo its value. I’ve been in the crypto space for almost a year now, but I’ve never been involved with a project like Enumivo. Most projects start with an ICO (initial coin offering). Each startup asks funding from people through these ICO’s. But ENUMIVO did something different. Instead of asking people for funding, the lead dev gave away 400 million tokens out of 500 million tokens to people who want to have them. 3 months after the airdrop, Enumivo’s market cap reached as high as 60 million USD and each ENU was trading at .15 cents USD. I got most of my Enumivo tokens for free from the airdrop. And my way of saying thank you to ENUMIVO and the lead developer is through contributing things to the community. Look at EOS, Ethereum, and the other top cryptos, they’re all there on top not only because they have brilliant developers who are the brains behind these projects. But they are there because they have a strong community which is the backbone of all these successful projects. The recipe to success in this space is this.. A Good developer with a brilliant team + a united and supportive community. To my fellow Enumivians, ask not what Enumivo can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for Enumivo.
  21. leimao

    Enumivo mainnet online

  22. We know that the initial distribution of ENU is almost free,Even though taking account of transaction fees, ENU has risen at least 100 times since its inception.Maybe a lot of people think only because the artificial hype that makes it gone up so much,its price will soon plummet.But I think its price is still likely to rise, maybe even 100 times again!I will express my views below. First of all, we know that ENU is a nearly identical basic chain that cloned from EOS,and this basic chain can provide variety of dapps to run on.We can compare the public chain to a commercial street. The dapps that run on it are the stores on the commercial street. And every one of us who uses these dapps is a customer on the commercial street.And a few days later(June 1, 2018) after the EOS basic chain starts to run, The EOS chain will become the flourishing commercial street with no doubt.Because it has the most customers, and will have the most stores(Eos.io provided $1 billion to fund the creation of dapps on it).It is conceivable that EOS will defeat eth and going to be the most valuable basic chian, because of its high efficiency and no transaction fee etc. However, when EOS commercial street becomes mature, it will face the problem that all the flourishing commercial street will face -- the rent is too high.So new stores and old stores that can't afford to pay too much rent will have to choose commercial street.Then their best choice is to find another commercial street that with much lower rent, and ENU is their best choice because the infrastructure of ENU is almost exactly the same as that of EOS, it is very suitable for those who have opened stores in EOS. And at that time, although ENU maybe not as good as EOS, will certainly already have a good popularity.Shops in here can also get good traffic. At the same time, as more and more businesses move from EOS to ENU, more and more customers will also enter ENU.Because unlike reality, they don't have to commute hours from one commercial street to another.They only need a few minutes to buy a little ENU and sign up for an ENU account,and then they can enjoy their time on the ENU street! Based on the above judgment, I believe that as long as the time line is long enough, the value of ENU will tend to be infinite approch to EOS, and due to the amount of ENU is only half of the EOS, so the ENU's price will be twice as the EOS. It will surely rise up at least 100 times again. However, I still didn't take account the dapp UBI ,and if it succeeds, I think ENU could go up another 1000 or 10000 times.(Limited to time, I will write another article to introduce UBI) So in my opinion, ENU is still in a very early stage. If you don't want to buy it because it has rise up 100 times already and you think it has reached its peak price. It is likely that you will missing a huge opportunity.
  23. Guys Baka may Mga Magagaling sa photoshop jan na pwedi gumawa ng pang profile picture or cover photo, sa paraan ito maadvertise natin kahit papaano si enu. Availble kasi FB Group at Page ko kaya naghahanap ako pang cover photo.
  24. Kacela

    Social Experiment PH

    Congrats ENU team! I hope, UBI will be rolled out soon, too. Speaking of which, I have my eyes on Saranggani province for a social experiment. It's tagged as the #3 depressed area in the Philippines. Yes. May #1 and #2 pero Saranggani is the closest to my location. So... The most challenging part, perhaps, is educating the respondents of the study. But I'd be happy to do it to help and see how this UBI thing will change them. Ain't that exciting?
  25. https://feedback.coinfalcon.com/coin-request/p/enumivo-enu https://www.cryptaldash.com/new-coin-listing?search=enu 需要登陆。无账户请注册,请别袖手旁观