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Found 5 results

  1. I have been trying to find ways that could really help make enumivo more visible and open to people outside the sphere of the Enumivo project and community. The project with all its envisions and its features isn't really out there for people to be informed and to troop in unto the project. More publicity and awareness could trigger more team players into the project. Since enumivo is a community project and also made for the community by the community. I thought of a plan to get even the non active one of us get rewarded with being an Enumivo ambassador and getting paid for it,all this will also brings more job opportunities to all enumivians. HOW? - A dapp or a website on the Enumivo chain that rewards anyone who promotes the Enumivo project either through social media /meet ups/ graphics designing writing articles on websites with crypto traffics {steemit /medium/whaleshares etc} or any thing and idea that has to do with enumivo project - this dapp project should be initiated in the much anticipation of the UBI dapp that is the main big focus of the project. And if this dapp is build more awareness gets created around the project even before the UBi come through. This will increase the whole visibility of the project since everyone gets paid for promoting the platform they love in a way they all need to document their promotional activities in a well lined manner on a post. This is how its should be {Enutivities.com} is the name of the dapp, responsible for noting down every promotional activities you render to the project [it might necessarily not be a dapp on enumivo chain might just be a normal website like the Enumivo.com] But if that would make it easier in paying promoters with the enu activities token then let it be. But i would summarize it using the Enumivo mainnet tokens. On the activities website - an Editor to write and document your promotional activities would be available /a template would also be available for a more detailed description and following a more suitable pattern and also the title e.g Title - How i Promoted Enumivo on Facebook with 10,000 impressions. Then the body of the text on what inspired you to do so. A well documented post explaining your promotional activities is needed and putting links to verified each promotions Images of the event/promotional materials is Needed for authentication, [like Facebook promotions, a screenshot properly a gif cause images can be altered.] Before hitting the submit button. Users put their enumivo wallet down and Tell us one thing you enjoyed while promoting and things you would want to add to better the platform or leave empty if non.. .... This is were job opportunity comes in They would be moderators of this website that once an Enumivo promotional post gets submitted, it is then awaiting reviews from the mod to verify it and check to see all needed criteria's are passed and once its met the basic requirements of promoting enumivo - it is then approved and gets rewarded with the enu tokens. Rewards can be broken into four sides and how they are rewarded. E.g - social media promotion - articles - meet up - graphics Each of this materials you render to promote enumivo has their own threshold and scores of rewards. Like 👇 👇 - quality promotions or content = x amount of enu to x amount of enu - Low quality promotion/content =might get little rewards or no rewards if scam attempts and with no proof of works. Or trying to submit double promotional entries. The more professional a promotion is the more rewards they get. Now it all goes down to either using enumivo as payment method or a dapp with its own tokens. But i Would suggest part of the block rewards go to an address for Enumivo promotion - it would be managed properly but once the amount gets exhausted-promotional activity is paused until a particular amount is refilled for community promotions to commerce. Cause i believe The best type of marketing is the marketing that feels like you are not marketing, makes the community feel like they are part of it. If you have anything to add or oppose don't hold it up kindly let us know in the comment box. Its @marshalllife anytime time or on any platform.
  2. Hi, my enumivian fellows. I have released Ironman V1.1.0, the first browser-based wallet for ENU ever. Ironman is a fork of Scatter, which is for EOS. Both are similar to the Metamask for Ethereum, which is the foundation of many ethereum dapps. Ironman keeps the ENU account for you, and signs transactions proposed by various kinds of web-based dapps. How to install Ironman 1. Check and install in the Google Chrome store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ironman/janbppjcbfhklbggcgkpiefmondofolo Setting up Ironman wallet: Just click the Ironman icon. For the first time, you have to set the password for the wallet, then click "Create New Ironman". Then, write down the mnemonics. The wallet is created now. Basic Setup Then it's recommended to start the basic setup, which helps import the ENU account on the mainnet. It's highly recommended only to import the private key of your ENU account's ACTIVE(NOT OWN) authorization. Owner key should be always stored offline. Then, select the account as xxx@active. AHA, that's it! The main menu Ironman has "identities", "key pairs", "permissions" and "Lock" on the man menu. Identities: includes the mainnet account, network info and personal info. Key pairs: The imported keys for the mainnet accounts. Permissions: keeps the permission authorized to the dapps. Can delete any permission at any time.
  3. I've launched the first ever on-chain lottery game on Enumivo. The current pot is 4,500 ENU! Play to win the pot! Game website: https://enulottery.github.io The game is totally governed by a smart contract I wrote. The owner and active permissions have been completely revoked. There's no risk of unfair behavior from the game owner. Game Rules Each round ends 00:00 UTC every day. A random number is drawn from the block prefix of a pre-determined block after the round ends. The random number generation is totally fair and transparent. If no one bought any tickets for the lucky slot, the whole pot is added to the next round. Otherwise, the winners get 80% of the pot. Each ticket costs 10 ENU to buy. Tickets purchased in a round expire when the round ends. You may choose a slot from 1-10000. How to Play the Game On Phone: Install Token Pocket and create an account (or import the private key if you already have one). Then, transfer the total cost of tickets (e.g. 10 ENU) to the contract address enulotteries with the memo set to your chosen slot number (e.g. 950). On PC: Head to the game page and install Ironman if you haven't done so. Enter the slot and number of tickets on the page, and click Make the Purchase to proceed with the Ironman prompt. [Currently, Token Pocket SDK is still under development. The game will support it's API as soon as it's officially released. For the moment, please manually transfer ENU to the contract address to play the game] The game webpage will be updated soon to include more functionalities such as account queries and fund withdrawal (if you win the pot). If you like the game, please support me by voting for xjonathanlei as a block producer. You may do so by clicking the Vote for Me Now button on the game page, or by using any other voting tools available for Enumivo.
  4. It’s that time again! As we edge closer and closer to the release of our self claim airdrop dApp and, ultimately, the release of our ERC20 ENO token to the greater public we are happy to announce that we have been making great progress in all departments of development for the Eurno project. Since our last pre-release progress update we have successfully knocked a few milestones off our to-do list, which can be verified on our roadmap. Those of you who have been following our progress will know that we have been working around the clock to ensure that we are able to meet our privately agreed release date for the Eurno airdrop dApp and we are happy to inform you that this update bears some significant news regarding it, as well as information regarding progress made in other departments. So, on to the juicy bits. Self Claim dApp Beta Test Completed In our last update we informed you all of the news that we were in the process of finalising the beta test results of our custom coded self claim airdrop dApp. While there were a few hiccups with some beta testers pulling out in the last minute, we are ecstatic to announce that we were able to get our beta test completed and are able to publicly release the results to allow for public verification. While our last update notified you all that we would be releasing the final information regarding beta test results on Monday 18th June 2018, we have not been able to fulfil that goal due to the fact that we were in the middle of migrating to a new web host, something which reared numerous errors which needed addressing before the Eurno homepage could be updated, and propagated globally. All of that is sorted now and we are happy to provide you with all the returned test reports for our dApp. We have taken the precaution of hiding the identity of all testers in order to protect them and the Eurno project. If you would like to view the returned test sheets please download the archive below. Download Beta Test Reports Successfully Moved Host As briefly mentioned, in recent times we had been having some issues with our previous hosting provider and, while we did so with a heavy heart, we were forced to migrate our services to a new provider as, after giving them numerous chances, our old provider was not able to provide us with a reliable service. Now that we have moved to our own VPS with another provider we hope to be able to provide our community with a more reliable service, and to have found our permanent home. Revealed the Identity of our Founder While we are still in the pre-natal stages of the Eurno project it has been decided that, in the best interest of the project, our founder should be a publicly identifiable person which is open to public scrutiny. With that in mind it is now possible for you to find out more about him on his LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-s-a6641a39/ To give you a brief background of Paul, he has been involved with web development since his early teens and, while his formal education is in a variety of disciplines of engineering, he has a vast amount of experience in the field. His most recent educational accomplishment (BSc in Audio Production) is one which is not directly relatable to blockchain or web development but the skills which he has acquired do bear some cross over points and, as you can see from his personal history, he is someone with a great understanding of engineering and computing principles which is what allows him to efficiently grasp new concepts. Transferred More Tokens to the Development Wallet In order to keep in line with our whitepaper we have been transferring tokens to the Eurno development wallet as and when it has been possible. When we last made an announcement the Eurno dev wallet held OMX and AMN tokens. Since then we are pleased to inform you all that we have donated BOB, SPN and CPAY tokens to the wallet. The exact balances of the Eurno dev wallet are now as follows: Token Name Token Balance AMN 15,715.305 OMX 5,276.8729635 BOB 342.50841227 SPN 640.569395 CPAY 180 If you would like to verify this information on Etherscan you can do so on the following link: https://etherscan.io/address/0xf8837a1f444c7d644b3dbdc41c88be35874b4b5d#tokentxns Happiness Website: https://eurno.org Whitepaper: https://eurno.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Eurno-Whitepaper-1.0-English.pdf Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4466190.0 Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/EurnoAnn Telegram Chat: https://t.me/joinchat/G8zTvxHtkTxCx4JA-4CHvg Twitter: https://twitter.com/Eurno Github: https://github.com/Eurno
  5. Hello I'm a enu holder in China, I'm strongly hope the enumivo chain and UBI will success, not only because I hold some enu, but also because I think the world is very unfair, and some people are extremely poor. if UBI success, their life will be much better. I also want to do something to people who are very poor, especially for children who are too poor to have a good education. So I made a erc20 coin called JUAN. My idea is people who want to donate to those poor people, they can give their money to me first, and then I will give them the JUAN coin Pro rata distribution, and then I will donate 100% of the donation. So all the benefactor can get the JUAN coin in return. and if one day many people Donate in this way. No doubt the coin will become valuable. so the Donors get money in return, maybe even more than they donate, so more and more people would like to join the donation, and more and more people will get help from this form of donation. Finally it will become a virtuous circle. But the question is i dont know how to generalize the idea, I wrote a post about the idea on the Steemit URL: https://steemit.com/cn/@wang-peilin/juan (it's written in Chinese , but if many people interested in it, I can translate it into English) but nobody response to me. So i think maybe I should do this job with a Influential group. I think enu group is the best , because we have similar wishes to help people around the world, So my idea now is to build a dapp on enumivo Chain in the future to help people donate with pay back, and more and more people join to donate more and more people get help and the world become more and more better. So Can you help me with my ideas? Thanks.