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Found 22 results

  1. After the announcement for our enumivo BP node that was successfully deployed and operational, we are currently sitting on the 62nd position on the enumivo BP list, thanks to everyone who voted us and believe on what we have done before and what we can do together again. Here for our block producers announcements - Enumivo forum - whaleshares [coming soon] Our monthly enumivo campaign starts tomorrow 28th to 1st February (5days) The project atlas has made it there priority and responsibility to promote the enumivo platform third week for five days of every month using its community crowd force on social networking platforms and create more media presence. This campaign like we always initiate every month, is to spread positive and vital information about the project across social platforms, spread the project on Twitter using hashtags and our community crowd force to create more awareness plus reaches for the enumivo project all over social platform we initiate it on. Good thing about our campaigns from now on is that, it isn't only on Twitter anymore, as we have broaden our online presence to reach more people far and wide on other social platforms this includes - memo cash - Facebook - Instagram more about the campaign take a look here https://whaleshares.io/project-atlas/@project-atlas/the-atlas-enumivo-social-media-campaign-join-us-and-earn-whaletokens-to-build-up-your-whalestakes And thanks to @Peesus for completing the Enumivo.org website as we now have something to present, something to talk about, to show off and most importantly a website to sell of the enumivo product and projects also a place to attract investors when we do what we do. For now, our campaign on this social site is done by volunteer members that gets rewarded with a UIA tokens i created and backed with my whalestake (Lifecoin) [i plan porting this token to the enumivo chain sooner and leverage its potential] In the future if we can be among the top 30 to 20 positions on the bp list or starts producing more blocks. some of the rewards will be channelled on running paid ads on social websites by then spreading the enumivo project more further for greater and better audience. And may the force be with us. Previous updates I would always be updating this thread with every of our monthly activities to get all our iniatives and activities in one place for easy access. - Announcements and - Campaign Results with my team - you can support us by voting for our BP "projectatlas" - Or donate Enu to us I have about 11 team members and i fund this initiatives - monthly - every support is appreciated.
  2. Nobody knows how the fire that demolished a cathedral in Monday 15th April, started besides it was a freak accident. Well, I personally do not believe in accidental coincidences. Try to realize that a fire couldn't be extinguished even when a cathedral itself is situated on the (eye shaped) island on the river crossing, with numerous division of firefighters doing all they can and everything happening in the very center of Paris. With the whole world looking in it's direction, the church was demolished by the infuriating pyre. The fire in an eye, gets a completely new meaning... I am not trying to freak you out. It is said that a mentioned building was a symbol of the Christianity through out the history, but little it is known about the other side of a coin. What kind of a symbol? What kind of a history? I am just thinking out laud. Undoubtedly that building is a symbol of the hope, but it is also a symbol of the suffering that led to its creation. Ask me... ( why?) The building was created in the time when most of the population of France was immersed into the poverty, illnesses and misery, still the reign of that time done so little to change it but instead the means of power and assets of the control were focused to much material and, well, completely unjustified actions. Well, tell me something new, not much different than today, but still, there are many improvements. The world in which that building was created was so much different that the one we see today. It is pitiful yet to see how much meaning we put into the objects of the worship, and not to the matters of the importance or priority.
  3. hello and good day everyone . I'm trying to start an enumivo initiative on whaleshares which i think would help foster the publicity and awareness of the enumivo project to many interested people. And there by on boarding members and traffic to the project. I recently created an account on the whaleshares platform. whaleshares.io/@enumivo and would be making one on steemit as the initiative is centered on content creators, and this platforms are content creators oriented. Though this motion is simple but complicated in some ways, i know this will impact positively to the enumivo project and we could actually on board new genuine members to the platform through this method. it would be a hectic proposal for me to handle, as much things is needed and 100% focus and i hope i can cope with it and actually hit the goals to why i started the initiatives. The initiative is simple, it all be creating "Team Enumivo" on whaleshares and on steemit [ #TeamEnumivoOnWhaleshare] [ #TeamEnumivoOnSteemit] - since the platform is for content creators, we would be rewarding posts that contains anything related to enumivo. So it all starts with an announcements for people to join the team enumivo on whaleshares or on steemit as a team of content creators every week and if they signifies, also give reasons to why they want to join the team of Enumivo on steemit and whaleshares and yeah once they join, i will have to write their name somewhere to keep track of those people on the #team Enumivo on this platforms and every post they created concerning enumivo gets rewarded with about 50 t0 100 enu depending on how unique their post are. And its compulsory they input a link " enumivo.com and enumivo.org" to drive up traffic and for readers to learn more about the project inorder to be eligible to earn this enu rewards. Most of this platform users I'm targeting uses discord alot and the enumivo too have a discord,{actually the one i created} so any user posting on this platforms. needs to post the links on a particular channel I will be creating soon to keep tracks and inorder to go through it and see what rewards suits it. This is the discord links. https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB They will have to use the "Enumivo" hashtags on their post that contains anything enumivo related and at the end of their contents, they will input their enu wallets for rewards and for there contents to get the value of enu according to their posts. Though any enumivo related post would earn about 50 to 100 enu for their contents about enumivo, they will be a weekly official enumivo post to select the best created enumivo content articles that would win about 500Enu each weeks. and also the most active person on the team gets rewarded with 200 enu. We all be creating a sane community on this platforms, and more people would want to join the team to get this passive income for their created enumivo posts. And each of this post would introduce more people as we grow on a daily and weekly, if you agree since they earn on creating contents. Contents varies to - making enumivo memes - Enumivo Articles - Enumivo graphics - Enumivo videos and so on, as long its enumivo related. Key factor This would be hectic task to get more people and content bloggers know about enumivo, but i am positive this will be a good idea at the end for more enumivo contents and get more enthusiastic people on board to the project. - Each enumivo contents gets about 50 to 100 enu depending on the post uniqueness - The best content about enumivo gets 500 enu weekly. - the most active member wins 200 enu - for your post to actually be rewarded, you all have to signify that you want to be part of the enumivo team on each week's official post. e.g I love enumivo because i have read alot about it and would want to be part of this community. - Once you are part of the #Enumivo team, you can post on steemit or on whaleshares and submit your Enumivo posts on the enumivo discord, where i can read and record it plus tip the writer for their comtents. - Any enumivo post must include their enumivo wallets address for them to receive their tip. This is all about the initiative, and I'd think it would positively impact greatly on boarding more enthusiasts genuine members to the project ahead of our UBI release. Most of my times would be dedicated on reading different contents and actually writing weekly posts and it all be stressful and I think i need some kind of incentives regarded i received 5k enu monthly like all Roe receive. I AM thinking on running this initiative for 3 months and once three months completion with no positive results then the proposal will automatically be terminated but if its actually doing its purpose then it will be continued. I would want to be receiving a cap of 5000Enu monthly to reward content creators and if each 5000 ain't spent that month it all auto roll over to the next month on till 5000k enu has been used before another payment to reward content creators is sent for the initiative. But since i need incentive to actually concentrate more on the initiative and leave most things I do on daily, i would want the Roe to decide how much enu incentive i could receive monthly for three months of the project, regardless of the Normal Roe salary we all on Roe receive, its a hectic one i believe would work out fine. it all be from 50 USD to 100 USD incentives, i will let the Roe decide if needs be, and update this post to which i think they agree on. - so content creators gets 5000Enu and could be auto roll over if not used on that month to the next. - I get --- X USD Monthly for coordinating the initiative - -for incentive (let Roe decide the amount in USD on their Comments) I would edit the amount of my incentive once Roe comes to conclusions on their comments. Vote with "YES" to agree with this motion. Or No to disagree with this motion. Thank you every one.
  4. Happy Weekend Guys, It's been a while I made a painting for the community. It's been quite tough to make a painting these days since I've resumed school back but a little time crept in toady, and I decided to make this little one for the community again. https://bearshares.com/art/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world https://whaleshares.io/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world Above are the links to the community promotional posts. I'll be waiting to hear from you all. Kindly drop your comment below. Thank you all. Enumivo to the World! Enumivo to the Moon!
  5. The monthly campaign by the project atlas for the Enumivo blockchain came to an end yesterday with great seriousness from the team even though our impact and reaches was low after analyzing it my team did show much interest, and put up great work might be probably wrong timing............. Impacts and reaches Potential impacts - 5,138,081 Potential reach - 271,085 Total tweets - 253 Original contributors - 10 Total Contributors - 55 Hashtag - #EnuUbi Check out these search results: https://twitter.com/hashtag/EnuUbi?s=09 For more about the full campaign updates and analysis, kindly click on our official whaleshares.io blog account. https://whaleshares.io/project-atlas/@project-atlas/project-atlas-update-enumivo-social-campaign-results-and-analysis Or check Tweetbinder for our advanced analysis https://www.tweetbinder.com/report/advanced/en/0eea6fb1 For more about the crowd crypto promotional project and how you could support us on creating awareness and building the first Cross dapp for promotion, visit https://www.projectatlas.info/what-we-do
  6. Happy Weekend Guys, It's time to share another awesome art with the community again. Kindly see below. The art was made by me to portray the way the Enumivo community gives social justice with ease like we give our toothbrushes toothpaste with ease whenever we intend to use them. ☺
  7. The project atlas enumivo BP is up and running, took us about three days to fully sync with the chain. This was the first time it got announced, we might be needing support here The Project-Atlas is a crypto initiative dedicated on promoting supported blockchain projects such as enumivo with its community crowd force ,Becoming active Bp that helps to secure blockchain network and with its sole future aim to build the first ever cross chain dapp for Crypto currency promotion and integrate enumivo chain to it. https://www.projectatlas.info This is where the enumivo community comes in. With the full support of the enumivo community, i believe we can both achieve greatness together, the project atlas with his crowd force is dedicated on promoting the enumivo chain all across the interweb, creating awareness and making sure it gets much audience from crypto lovers and investors and would be acting as a PR/Outreach for the enumivo project. We are the first ever individuals to run campaigns for the enumivo project - Enumivo (#hodlEnu) https://twitter.com/hashtag/hodlenu?s=09 with the supervising of @marshalllife February last year and still continuing what we do with the#BuyEnu hashtag until we finally decided to set up our bp node. This are the chains we BP for - whaleshares - smoke - Enumivo Our aim is to build the first ever cross dapp for Crypto promotion. The block rewards gotten will be used to reward community efforts of promoting enumivo on social media platforms, channel some for paid Ads on social media platforms, channel some to savings to build the cross dapp and the rest for team and technical team. Technical details Our server has the following specs: 8GB RAM with 200GB SSD. Which we hope to upgrade with the growth of the community. You might want to consider supporting or giving us your BP vote(s) - kindly vote on the project atlas (@project-atlas) BP Thank you all. We are community We are awareness We are promotion We are block producers We are project Atlas We are the future of crypto promotion. Promotion is fun
  8. tezzmax


    Hello guys, I think I've spent close to two months here already, and it's been just great. I've been seeing friends out there, majority are on the blockchain such as steemit and whaleshares. They've been asking me about Enumivo and how it works, and trust me, I've been giving out the best information I can give to them. And also, I've been adding value to the community in the aspect of my artworks, and I'm not done yet, I'm just about to start! Check out my new artwork below. Titled - Enumivo to the World!
  9. Happy weekend guys, I'm here to show you guys one of my recent paintings dedicated to the community. I'll be showing most of the steps in the painting with you guys and some promotional links. Links to other site and platforms where I tried to get people informed about our lovely common of Enumivo. I'll be waiting to hear you guys comments about this cool painting I've made for our wonderful community. 😄 I only shared the pure painting steps here. You can kindly check for the edited photography in my previous post. Thank you all. Below are the links of other sites and platforms where I shared the good news about Enumivo. https://whaleshares.io/enumivo/@tezzmax/4rjpj2-enumivo-to-the-world https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/vushk-enumivo-to-the-world
  10. Hello guys, Happy new week, All I'm here to do is to use my artistic skills to add value to the Enumivo community, and to bring more people in by introducing enumivo to them with the aid of my paintings. I will be dropping my paintings here too, and I'll look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks. Enumivo to the Moon! Below are the pictures of a little painting I made for the community. And below are the links to the posts I wrote about the Enumivo community and the painting. @marshalllife thanks for always being there for me mate. @libert thanks for helping me around here. I'm so grateful. https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/we-are-the-enumivians-welcome-to-enumivo https://whaleshares.io/enumivo/@tezzmax/we-are-the-enumivians-welcome-to-enumivo
  11. Ever since the kicked of Roe, we gotten about 8 motion or more, if we technically take a look at the motion tab, they are many things needs to. be fixed but i believe as time goes on we all will set and make things right. I will be setting two proposals with this one motion, instead of getting more motions moving i will get the two here and everyone could vote yes or no to each one, i don't want to bombard here with motions, so. this are it.... what are your opinions. 1. the first one is, what about if we can have a page that shows the list of the Roe, little infos about the Roe citizens too, so that when a new citizens are elected they get added to the citizens page and when voted out they are removed too. this page we help us know people on Roe and not only us, but members of the enumivo communities or people outside the enumivo project. it all help us keep track and organized us. if you agree vote [1 yes ] but if not, vote [1No] 2, I don't know about this month, but in the future, in other for us all to be transparent and a bit organized, with the sole aim of adding value , do you all agree with me that before a Roe citizens get their monthly rewards, they should at least update few things they have done that month, so we could see we ain't being rewarded for just being among the Roe, sitting comfortably and voting Yes and No, this would motivate even the unskilled one to at least do something meaningful. If you agree vote [2yes] if you disagree vote [2No]
  12. My project the project atlas in which i am the Founder of, is a crypto promotional project dedicated on promoting other blockchain projects on social platforms [Our future aim is to build a cross-chain dapp for for promoting blockchain projects and to run nodes for interesting projects alongside our 500+ community on discord] My team and i have come together, decided on setting up a NoDe in order to not only help foster our project and the dapp but to use the block rewards as incentive to our communities who are responsible for promoting enumivo on the interwebs. for more https://www.projectatlas.info/future-and-bp Some brief info's about the atlas project Project-Atlas is a crypto promotional project dedicated on promoting other blockchain projects especially crypto related ones affiliated to "The Beyondbitcoin Team". Our focus is centered on creating awareness for such projects on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and other social media giants. We are now on the enumivo network and we hope our services will be of great help to the community and the world when we start running and have set up our nodes. For more information on our promotional services, kindly visit the “What-We-Do” section of our website via this link https://www.projectatlas.info/what -we-do We are Project-Atlas and we are here to promote the enumivo platform on various social networks, to create more awareness and reach out to more investors. Our focus won't just be targeted at media presence and users of dpos but also on researchers, bloggers and cryptographers, as well as prospective investors. How Do We Create This Awareness We first initiate a community campaign on Twitter and try as much as possible to start up a conversation on the subject and with the help and usage of Hashtags we gradually migrate to other social media platforms, leveraging on the use of the Hashtags to reach out to our targeted customers and a broader audience through a process termed Hashtag callings.. Our Future Plans Like we earlier stated, our aim is to promote Blockchain and Crypto related projects. This we cannot achieve effortlessly if there isn’t an automated working system, as being humans, the vital machines in every system, we are limited by uncontrollable human factors. Therefore, in the near future, we plan to build a cross-chain dapp for the future of Blockchain promotion, and we assure you it would be awesome. We will be blogging about it in the near future so stay tuned to our blog. However, all promotions are presently been done manually by the team, with the full and zealous support of the whaleshares community. We are also constantly recruiting talented developers, people with special project skills and computer geeks who have what it takes to achieve our desired goals and together we will build something iconic. What do you think? Do you think we get your support and of the community supports on our BP when we set it up - kindly let us know if we are making the right moves or not?
  13. gbindinazeez


    My name is Abdulazeez Olaitan Gbindinninuola popularly known as gbindinazeez or azeez. My social media links are as follows Email – gbindinazeez@gmail.com Steemit - https://steemit.com/@gbindinazeez Whaleshares - https://whaleshares.io/@gbindinazeez Medium - medium.com/@gbindinazeez Facebook - www.facebook.com/abdulazeez.gbindinninuola Twitter - https://twitter.com/gbindinazeez Instagram - @gbindinazeez Telegram – t.me/@gbindinazeez Discord – @gbindinazeez#9589 I have made a lengthy introduction about myself in my last post and I would say I am a human like everyone. I am a Nigerian who is in his final years studying anatomy. I am a poet, anatomist, content creator, crypto blogger and a tech enthusiast I would make sure to invite my friends and guide them on the enumivo platform as I have told them about the UBI initiative and they all loved it. I would also create awareness for the community by bringing people together on the enumivo server on discord, online and offline also. I would occasionally write on my skill sets that I have stated by talking on some health related matters and giving some tech support that I know off. Thank you, One love
  14. marshalllife


    Good day enumivians my name is Destiny Marshall AKA marshalllife. A Renaissance personality, crypto enthusiast,blogger, musician,strategist online marketer and the founder of the atlas project. I learnt about enumivo in its earlier days and have done everything possible to get acquainted with it and not only that contributed my own little ways by being the first to ever campaign enumivo on Twitter with my team and get paid with ENU when it has no value and no market to trade it. i have been organizing enumivo Twitter campaigns monthly now for the past 6 months or even before i was made a council member and was paying my team with out any help until i became a member (currently this week no campaigns were held-fall sick and can't monitor it) Been an enumivo blogger and have at least one blog post about enumivo monthly on my cross chain platforms for more awareness. An enumivo ambassador and advocate, i teach and explain about the project on numerous meets up i have attended and try every possible ways to let people be know of a UBI DAPP PROJECT on its way. Enumivo to the moon has been my self interest and holding that mantle. contact me here twitter.com/@flamzymarshall t.me/@marshalllife whaleshares.io/@marshalllife some of us here might have been brought notice of the platform because from my - blog post - Twitter campaign by the atlas crowd members 1. https://twitter.com/hashtag/hodlenu?s=09 https://twitter.com/hashtag/EnuUbi?s=09 - my presentation on some blockchain meet ups in Nigeria and also on different live discord shows (some of this meet ups weren't documented for some reasons and base on everything was done in a hurry and not properly planned - sometimes i attend meet-ups and got ask if i have anything to contribute and enumivo come into my mind first - i have discussed enumivo on different Eos talks forum and i wasn't even prepared ) - My free [LTS] tokens dished out to people who participate on my minor task(This has been going on in discord even before the bounty came into existence] WHAT I WILL DO for me i will continue with what i keep doing - Blogging for enumivo for awareness and tell anyone i meet about the project - The monthly Twitter campaign awareness to keep on spreading the enumivo project across - An enumivo ambassador and advocate, meaning i will be teaching and presenting enumivo to any meet up or show and also even organizing meet ups in my local areas. - This time i would be documenting every single activities to all enumivians to be transparent and for us to emulate the good from each others. ENU to the moon.
  15. The crypto space has been quite/some how scary [lol] lively too and promising for new era of the DPoS algorithm - the crypto sphere is on Its bear season, this had affected almost all crypto projects, not only has it affected the currency but also the community and more people don't have that enthusiasm and zeal they have earlier this year when they become part of it but what we forget to Understand is that cryptocurrency is a nation with its people. With out the community, the project is only a project. I would want a scenario where all of us could share the news of the Enumivo project and get rewarded. This sharing would just be seen as sharing if its done by a single person, now think of 40 people sharing this same thing,this same MESSAGE, WHAT DO YOU THINK WE'VE ACHIEVED? Well we achieved Everything - as everyone outside the project sees the oneness and commitment of the community alongside dev - the developers are the major keys to a crypto projects but the community are the engine room's - so Lets bounty enumivo out there to The world and get more of the project insights out there by you and me. This is how i envisioned it to be A daily post on our social handles, either Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram etc would be put out [the post would always talk about Enumivo and the project updates etc] And would be given as a task to The community to either LIKE RETWEET COMMENT or SHARE as the case may be on different scenarios - and also to share on other platforms like minds -facebook - Gabs etc For example - The first X people to comment/like/ retweet and share this Tweet and image to Other platforms gets X enumivo each - Plus additional amounts of X LTS if shared to Other social platforms. https://twitter.com/EnuMivo/status/1050790031407820800 And on daily we can Start getting community engagements and more Members to join the community and. Build up this momentum. - the official enumivo telegram won't be a place to Submit you screenshots - in order not to flood there with images. For now there would be a Google form to Submit the daily task for rewards and to. Show proof. OR on the discord server i made - where i would create a channel for the Enumivo bounty proves for everyone to submit and its on discord, but i would allow every to Input their suggestions and see which best work for us. - you can join the Enumivo discord here for future bounties if this gets approved. https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB
  16. The Topscoin Token is a token based on the popular ‘Erc20 standard’ (Ethereum ecosystem) Topscoin (TPC) is an ico token which Is built in Ethereum. Investors can use services to divide their investments between various services like P2P loans, crowdfunding, etc. The first version of the TPC allows startups to launch and manage crowdfunding and ICO campaigns. Decentralized Consulting Platform for ICO Developers, Advisors, Crypto-Experts and Investors. TPC Coin is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It accelerates growth of start-up companies by offering tools and services that save both time and resources. Since the Erc20 Standard has now been widely adopted and it has been put to test repeatedly. This means the TPC Standard token has become a staple in the ICO industry. Thus, the main aspects of TPCtokens are: - They can be accepted by most exchanges instantly, from a technical perspective. - Most Ether wallets can automatically store any new tokens created. - For the user, the acquisition, storage and subsequent sale of TPC tokens on exchanges or other wallets, is easy. - Reliable smart contract usage. - 18 decimal places. - Convenient control, storage and transfer process of TPC - High speed and cutting edge technology on the blockchain giving a reduction of risks incase of tech failure or time delays Blockchain Strategy ICO Marketing Financial Services Tokens and Smart Contracts Global Payment Private transactions Our official Telegram chats : https://t.me/topscoinairdrop and https://t.me/joinchat/E84gbQvH58ChZ2kXb56Z9Q Our Discord : https://discord.gg/NUHfJEG Our only one and Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/topscoin Our only one and official website: https://topscoin.net Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/topscoin 🚀🚀 VOTE TOPSCOIN🚀🚀 https://goo.gl/ctbbdi Post a screenshot showing vote number .Bonus 1000 TPC for voting comment eth wallet after vote LIKE, share, RETWEET submit your ETH wallet 500 coins to 50,000 persons Airdrop https://goo.gl/forms/Sf1pOhefj3vU8TXf2 … … #Airdrop #giveaway #freecoins #tpc #topscoin #crypto #cryptocurrency#votetopscoin
  17. Lunatic

    Lunatic's Intro

    A pleasant day to everyone, I'm Ian a student from the Philippines you can call me @Lunatic if you want . I consider myself a Crypto-Enthusiast and Influencer, also a Community Assistant in a non crypto related environment. Since then I am an avid supporter of Enumivo. Of all the Crypto projects out there I only sticked on Enumivo the most. Why? Enumivo's vision is very unique and meaningful against the others. I truly believe that Enu's idea will stand out in the near future. "So what can I do to help Enumivo?" Social Media is very powerful nowadays. I think spreading the words of Enumivo to the people online will have a big impact. I have a LinkedIn account which has 600+ connections most of them are also crypto enthusiasts just like me and some of them are CEOs of other crypto projects and some are Managers. In this case I would like to take this opportunity to spread Enumivo's Advocacies and Goals in this excellent platform. Looking forward to bring more meaningful contribution to the betterment of this project.
  18. Good day.. This is samest airhawk-project moderator on discord.. The introduction of Enumivo community was brought to me by marshallife and I check through the project and caught my attention. I coordinate a server of above 600 users on discord and over 3,600 on telegram... Majorly the community focus on Crypto trading and Steemit platform but presently I have develop medium to communicate different project to the members in which Enumivo project is one of the project. This information I'm delivering is to introduce airhawk-project server to support this project and push this project with what we have... Watch out for new breeze from us. Yours sincerely, Engr. Samest....
  19. I have set up a [discord server](https://discord.gg/Fk82wt) forthe Enumivo community, a place where we can build our every discussion in one server - and would be managing it until the mods in powers on telegram decides to take over any year from now they wish to😃 Join the discord https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB Why i created the server is that i found out a lot of crypto projects are much on discord and not everyone really likes telegram or takes them some days to check messages cause of it unorganized method to keep tracks of groups. 🌟 My mission should i choose to accept it - is to use this method to rise a huge discord enumivo community - create different contest to promote the enumivo +liteshares project through writings/Tokens for tweet/graphics etc to spread the enumivo project. If you are on Discord Join us and lets build one enu together. ✌️ https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB
  20. Collaboration with EOS/Graphene based members Today, I want to discuss the power of community in EOS/Graphene based blockchains. One of the first people I met is Trenton Bullock, aka EducatedWarrior. We both witnessed the launch of ProtoShares by Dan Larimer. Over the years we have collaborated on a variety of projects: ProtoShares mining, the launch of several POW mining pools, and the creation of a cryptocurrency based community on Voxer (mobile app) and Discord. BitShares Trenton and I worked together to discuss trading techniques and technical analysis (TA) of BitShares related tokens. Trenton even built a TA notification system based on several patterns. We worked together to cross promote each other side projects as well. Building A Team In mid 2017, Trenton assembled together a team of IT professionals to form the @EOS-CSX block producer candidate. A key member of this team was Duane Phillippi. Duane is the CEO of EOS-CSX and provided the vision for the team. We are still working to be voted in as an active EOS Block Producer. Duane Phillippi, started mining Bitcoin in 2011 on the Deepbit and BTC Guild mining pools. In addition to his crypto endeavors, Duane owns and operates an industrial agricultural business based out of Canada. Combining Our Strengths Trenton has amassed a great deal of technical expertise in launching a variety master nodes, Graphene blockchain witnesses, and EOS nodes. Trenton, Duane, and I have decided to launch Block Producers on the Enumivo blockchain, an EOS based project. We hope to bring our combined experienced to this project. Our Enumivo block producers are: Trenton - educatedwarr Duane - cryptosecure Michael - pairmike2345 We all work together to make a difference in the Graphene/EOS blockchain space. We encourage others to form partnerships which leverages the individual expertise and form a group to achieve more together than you can as individuals. Consider Voting For Us On Enumivo If you hold Enumivo, please consider voting for our block producers. Thanks, Pairmike
  21. My name is Victor Ekpo, I reside in the GMT+1 time zone and I work remotely. I am a professional social media manager and a community moderator across all social media platforms, I have worked with gicfamily.org, shopiblock.io, bountyhive.io and I write articles for several ICOs including DATA, PYCOIN, PEDPILLCOIN, 4NEW and a whole lot of others. I also provide marketing solutions for ICOs ranging from bounty management on bitcointalk, telegram bot promotion and lots more. In the area of ICO marketing, I and my team have worked with Pycoin, Woldex and Kelta ICOs with successful campaigns. You can reach me via my email officialsirvic@gmail.com or my telegram handle @officialsirvic. Attached here are a few of the projects I have worked with in regards to article writting. BITTWATT 2.docx DATA 3.docx 4NEW 1.docx DATA.docx AIDOC 2.docx
  22. prettypearl

    Are you unique?

    Hey Enumivo Africa Community As a community with diversified qualities, what truly makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes you unique? What makes you beautiful? What crypto-qualities do you possess that makes you UNIQUE?