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Found 4 results

  1. Introduction: — In crypto space since 2014, early adopter of Enumivo and also hodling some thousands of ENU. — Been assisting Enumivo users since early days. — Wrote Enumivo content: Enumivo glossary: https://steemit.com/enumivo/@libert/enumivo-glossary Introduction to Enumivo Market Maker: https://steemit.com/enumivo/@libert/introduction-to-enumivo-market-maker Acting as gateway of ENU on Steem Blockchain: https://steemit.com/enumivo/@libert/trade-enu-on-steem-engine Using Ironman extension on android devices: https://enumivo.com/topic/715-using-ironman-enumivo-wallet-on-android-devices/ Account Details Account Name: libblocknode Public key: ENU84ajZEbEHes7njfVXNccJGHqikDJXNVFhjMRJ93z9DwLXWvKua Server details Server Location: NY, USA Server Type: Cloud Ram: 8 gigs Cpu: 4 cores Space: 100 GB Hardware will be scaled up accordingly as the network requires. Feel free to contact me: @telegram: https://t.me/LibertBrown @discord: libert #3361  If you deem me worthy then please vote for libblocknode, Thank you. Earnings (if any) will be used to pay server costs and to promote Enumivo content on Steemit. Special thanks to @Sosolean, @enumivo, @Dragos for helping me setting up node.
  2. The project atlas enumivo BP is up and running, took us about three days to fully sync with the chain. This was the first time it got announced, we might be needing support here The Project-Atlas is a crypto initiative dedicated on promoting supported blockchain projects such as enumivo with its community crowd force ,Becoming active Bp that helps to secure blockchain network and with its sole future aim to build the first ever cross chain dapp for Crypto currency promotion and integrate enumivo chain to it. https://www.projectatlas.info This is where the enumivo community comes in. With the full support of the enumivo community, i believe we can both achieve greatness together, the project atlas with his crowd force is dedicated on promoting the enumivo chain all across the interweb, creating awareness and making sure it gets much audience from crypto lovers and investors and would be acting as a PR/Outreach for the enumivo project. We are the first ever individuals to run campaigns for the enumivo project - Enumivo (#hodlEnu) https://twitter.com/hashtag/hodlenu?s=09 with the supervising of @marshalllife February last year and still continuing what we do with the#BuyEnu hashtag until we finally decided to set up our bp node. This are the chains we BP for - whaleshares - smoke - Enumivo Our aim is to build the first ever cross dapp for Crypto promotion. The block rewards gotten will be used to reward community efforts of promoting enumivo on social media platforms, channel some for paid Ads on social media platforms, channel some to savings to build the cross dapp and the rest for team and technical team. Technical details Our server has the following specs: 8GB RAM with 200GB SSD. Which we hope to upgrade with the growth of the community. You might want to consider supporting or giving us your BP vote(s) - kindly vote on the project atlas (@project-atlas) BP Thank you all. We are community We are awareness We are promotion We are block producers We are project Atlas We are the future of crypto promotion. Promotion is fun
  3. My project the project atlas in which i am the Founder of, is a crypto promotional project dedicated on promoting other blockchain projects on social platforms [Our future aim is to build a cross-chain dapp for for promoting blockchain projects and to run nodes for interesting projects alongside our 500+ community on discord] My team and i have come together, decided on setting up a NoDe in order to not only help foster our project and the dapp but to use the block rewards as incentive to our communities who are responsible for promoting enumivo on the interwebs. for more https://www.projectatlas.info/future-and-bp Some brief info's about the atlas project Project-Atlas is a crypto promotional project dedicated on promoting other blockchain projects especially crypto related ones affiliated to "The Beyondbitcoin Team". Our focus is centered on creating awareness for such projects on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and other social media giants. We are now on the enumivo network and we hope our services will be of great help to the community and the world when we start running and have set up our nodes. For more information on our promotional services, kindly visit the “What-We-Do” section of our website via this link https://www.projectatlas.info/what -we-do We are Project-Atlas and we are here to promote the enumivo platform on various social networks, to create more awareness and reach out to more investors. Our focus won't just be targeted at media presence and users of dpos but also on researchers, bloggers and cryptographers, as well as prospective investors. How Do We Create This Awareness We first initiate a community campaign on Twitter and try as much as possible to start up a conversation on the subject and with the help and usage of Hashtags we gradually migrate to other social media platforms, leveraging on the use of the Hashtags to reach out to our targeted customers and a broader audience through a process termed Hashtag callings.. Our Future Plans Like we earlier stated, our aim is to promote Blockchain and Crypto related projects. This we cannot achieve effortlessly if there isn’t an automated working system, as being humans, the vital machines in every system, we are limited by uncontrollable human factors. Therefore, in the near future, we plan to build a cross-chain dapp for the future of Blockchain promotion, and we assure you it would be awesome. We will be blogging about it in the near future so stay tuned to our blog. However, all promotions are presently been done manually by the team, with the full and zealous support of the whaleshares community. We are also constantly recruiting talented developers, people with special project skills and computer geeks who have what it takes to achieve our desired goals and together we will build something iconic. What do you think? Do you think we get your support and of the community supports on our BP when we set it up - kindly let us know if we are making the right moves or not?
  4. Block Producer Name: ENUDreamLand ENUDreamLand - UBI Land Our Mission: Bridge more industrials into ENUMIVO eco-system Increase aesthetic and design quality in ENU community Create Easy Access Package onto other dev. domain and system (e.g. mobile APP / 3D app / Gaming industrial) Who we are: We are the team who like design & engineering and block-chain tech. The capable of our members are major in tech & art domain. We have UX/UI designers , moton graphic designers, Web designers and a bunch of s software developers. We also admired UBI plan of enumivo , we will try to help ENU commnuity by multiple perspective. Our Vision: To change world by ENU practical applications and public welfare Road map: Group founded 2018 Q1~ Recruiting Design Alliance 2018Q1~ BP hosting and candiate 2018Q2 Offline meeting by All elite members of community Hosting Webminar 2018Q3 Tech. introduction: To bundle other domain know-how into ENU-mainnet and design & developing dAPP by interesting tools. To create more applications by different point of view. Team: Founder & Community Leader - Boss J CTO - Echos L. CDO - Dev. N Digital Marketing Director - N44965 General Manager - mr. ‘X About BP infrastructure & further information: Expected location of servers: First stage - TBD / long-term on high speed colud platform Types: Cloud 1st Stage of technical specifications CPU: 2 cores RAM: 8 g Space: 32 GB 2nd Stage of scaling plan for infrastructure CPU: 16 cores RAM: 32 g Space: 1 TB Introduction of Our Community: Elite Members A - 20+ member by our designers alliance Elite Members B - Software Developers - 30+ Elite Members C - Game Developers - Unity 3D programmers (5+) Please vote us & Thank you! Best, Bossj