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  1. freethinkingme

    FreethinkingMe Applies as Block Producer

    Due to work demands, I am unable to sustain being a block producer -- keeping up with the updates, etc. So freethinking will be signing off as BP for the time being. Thanks for all who supported me.
  2. freethinkingme


    For the benefit of everyone, could you elaborate some tasks of the positions that you suggested, similar to what @Nikolai did in the original post.
  3. freethinkingme


    I would tend to go with having specific positions for everyone because doing so will make it clear who is in charge of what. If we do not define these positions and persons, it will be more of a mess. We also need a chairman to oversee things and make sure everyone is on track. That being said, we also welcome the spirit of volunteerism and helping each other out, meaning the Marketing Officer should not be burdened with having to do all the work but he is the point person and the one responsible for getting marketing tasks done, and so on. It would even be better if people volunteered for certain positions they know they are competent in.
  4. freethinkingme

    Here Is How To Claim Enumivo Social Shares

    If you still don't have a mainnet wallet, here's how to create one:
  5. freethinkingme

    Please Vote

    Though I'd really like to help, I'm not sure if I have enough time to devote to being an officer. I won't vote for myself this time but let the public decide. SOSOLEANDAVIDFNCKNIKOLAI DAIFUKUPEESUSOVIWANBOYKING
  6. freethinkingme

    The Enumivo Constitution

    We are currently writing the Enumivo Constitution on Google Docs. This is adapted from the EOS constitution. You can come take a look and put in your suggestions/comments. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hxsjy1bwcrvaI_UU6ZCNEyZ1rRh-LLqZqIzd7l58Uyc/edit#heading=h.y76lspwgegb8
  7. freethinkingme

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    Although from a coding standpoint, I know that the more detailed our plan gets -- e.g. more rewards for those that vote and stake, more for those who stake longer, etc., the more difficult it gets to code, check and implement. So we can sort of implement this in stages. Stage 1 would be the simplest and that is to reward people for staking, period. I don't even think there needs to be any time limit implemented on the staking at this stage. But I would require that you have to be staked in order to claim the reward. If you unstake before you claim, then you can't claim anymore until your unstaking is complete and you stake again. So given this scenario, I can stake, then immediately claim, BUT after that I can only claim again in 24 hour cycles. There is no scenario where I can constantly stake/claim/unstake to try to cheat the system simply because unstaking takes 3 days so I would really be losing if I plan to do it that way. Let's just think of the 1st claim as sort of a bonus for staking.
  8. freethinkingme

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    This is pretty interesting as well. We may not necessarily follow these numbers but I like the idea of rewarding people for staking longer...so it now acts like short-term vs. long-term time deposits.
  9. freethinkingme

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    Yes, I actually agree with keeping it simple. The act of staking would already lock in their tokens and make it subject to the 3-day unstaking period regardless of whether they voted or not. However, I was thinking in terms of -- would there be adverse effects to just rewarding staking even without voting? Would that have a negative effect somehow?
  10. freethinkingme

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    This sounds good and I think I can be on board with this if we can implement it. Reward users for STAKING and let them vote for the best BP. What if they only stake but do not vote for anyone? Do they still get rewards?
  11. freethinkingme

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    I am aware that the EOS constitution forbids this, however I also know that @enumivo has nothing against this and has even left out the EOS constitution when he setup ENU. But in another chat with him, he said would rather remain neutral and have us sort it out among ourselves. Personally, I am not that attached to the idea. I just honestly cannot think of some cause I can devote to at the moment as my brick and mortar business takes up most of my time. So, I'm interested to hear the for and against views.
  12. freethinkingme

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    This thread is about Block Producers giving out rewards in exchange for votes. This is an ongoing discussion in the Telegram group that I suggested be ported over here in order to make the discussion more organized so that someone who wasn't previously in on the discussion could follow the arguments more coherently. I have a vested interest in this topic as part of my platform in being a BP is giving out proportionate rewards in exchange for votes. The rationale for this is to give ordinary users a reason to stake their ENU tokens. It will be similar to mining for them. I look at it from the point of view of an ordinary ENU holder. Why would I bother to stake/vote if I'm not getting anything out of it, plus the 3-day unstaking time makes it disadvantageous for me in case I want to trade my ENU. May I request one of the others who began the discussion to give a summary so far of the points discussed on Telegram? @Tom or @Ovi-Wan Kenobi or @Peesus or @Sosolean. Thanks.
  13. freethinkingme

    Introduction Thread

    About Me I am a businessman from the Philippines. We operate a local chain of drugstores. I head the IT division that develops our own software for our stores. I started learning and buying crypto back in 2015, when Ethereum was just released. Involvement with Enumivo I was one of the first to hear about Enumivo from a friend who saw the bitcointalk post. I claimed my airdropped tokens, then joined the telegram groups. I was invited to the core. Since I had some graphic design background as well, I volunteered to create the logo and write the branding guide. I also wrote and published some articles about Enumivo online and in a local paper where I am a columnist. What I Can Do For Enumivo I am really excited about the UBI aspect and can help promote it, write about it and educate people about it.
  14. freethinkingme

    Introduction Thread

    Congratulations to the 13 elected UFE Members. Please reply here to introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about who you are, how you came to be involved with Enumivo, and what you can do for the project.
  15. I thought that was because you liked me so much. hahaha.