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  1. I will donate part of funkydaifuku producer's income as the dev fund. Even if I can't participate directly in development right now, I can still provide some help because this is a community project.
  2. I vote YES, and I will donate for this plan. Listing on exchange is quite important for us now, it brings exposure to ENU in bear market with an acceptable cost which would be more expensive in bull market. This would be a nice opportunity in my opinion.
  3. Welcome! How wonderful these artworks are! I'm just wondering do you have the idea of selling these paintings and take ENU as payment?
  4. Yes. I love your artworks so much, thank you.
  5. I vote NO. 1. BP has both the wish and interest to keep their nodes running for the block reward, no matter whether they have revealed their real world identification 2. If we want all the BPs revealing real world identification, in my opinion that means the community wants BPs take their responsibilities. But the problem is that even after revealing, we still can not quantify the BPs' contribution. 3. Making BP revealing their identification as a mandatory rule brings another rule which might not be compatible with Enumivo technical rules that have been written in the code. e.g. All the BPs blocking an anonymous BP makes the voting system no sense. 4. I have no intention to consider ENU should always run like BTC, but BTC has its great advantage. The PoW mining makes the system very open and friendly to new comers, this feature makes the network bigger and bigger. If we add a rule as an admission, I think that will hurt the network growth. 5. Now we run enumivo as an EOSIO chain, but for the recent news from EOSIO/EOS we found that they have been reconsidering the community governance, so not all the rules from EOS community are correct, we should examine them carefully.
  6. I'm Daifuku (enumivo account is funkydaifuku) I'm an early participant of enumivo. As a developer, I started up the first community-driven testnet -- ENUAvengers, and gathered the early development community included @fish @ansen @Ovi-Wan Kenobi and so on. I also helped Aiden Pearce to activate the enumivo chain and became the first voted block producer to produce. I'm also the developer of enutick.com(it's offline now cause lack of maintainance, I promise that I'll bring it back), the core source is open-sourced at https://github.com/d13o/enumivo In the recently system contracts upgrading, @ansen and I launched up a chain to do the very first verification, and after the testing we gathered the producers to bring the system contracts to the new version. Enumivo is the most outstanding blockchain project after Bitcoin in my opinion. It started up with no funding, only the core members and amount of fans. I love this project and respect Aiden Pearce so much about his idea, passion and vision. I will be glad to be a citizen of RoE to promote the project and spread its philosophy. You can contact me here:  Telegram : t.me/Daifuku Email : daifuku.nakamoto@gmail.com Github: https://github.com/d13o
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