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  1. Daifuku

    Enumivo Chain Emergency

    funkydaifuku & enudavidfnck are online now
  2. Daifuku

    A Brand New Enumivo Testnet

    You mean the former ENUAvengers accounts? Any account name can be applied for test.
  3. Intro 介绍 Maybe the old friends remember our first Enumivo testnet, ENUAvengers, which is used for BP candidates to warm up before the main net kick off. Now, I've brought it back. 老朋友们也许还记得ENUAvengers,Enumivo的第一个测试网络。在主网上线前,我们用它来进行BP热身。现在,我把它重新启动了。 For the reason that Enumivo mainnet system contracts need to be upgraded, we need a place to practise the complicated steps, so I launched the testnet again. Read @ansen's post for more details about upgrading. Enumivo主网需要进行系统合约升级,我们需要一个地方进行演练,这是我重启它的原因。想要了解更多关于升级的细节,请阅读一臣的文章 How to Join 参与 You need to deploy an Enumivo node, the newest version( 1.3.0) is recommended. 部署一个Enumivo节点,最好使用最新版本(1.3.0) Add to p2p-peer-address in config.ini 将172.105.202.169:9876加入到配置文件的p2p-peer-address项中 Use the content below as the genesis.json 使用下面的内容作为genesis.json Leave a reply includes your account name and public key, @ansen and I could create the account for your, and allocate system resources and coins for it. 在本帖子下留言,留下你的账户名和公钥,我和一臣会帮助你创建账户,并分配系统资源和币 Then you should register the account as a block producer, and ask others to vote for you. 注册为block producer,找人为你投票 What To Do Next 将要做的 If you‘ve got a testnet account, please help others to create their own accounts 如果你已经拥有了测试网账户,请协助其他人创建他们的账户 Resign system account and leave the ownership to enu.prods ( this is my work) 释放系统账户权限给enu.prods Any help on setting up a network monitor is needed 需要一个网络监控页面,希望有人能帮助部署 Make a plan on system upgrading practice( up to the main participants schedule) 制定一个系统合约升级演练计划 Test more functions on it 尽可能地测试更多功能 Upgrading Practice Plan 升级演练计划 For the upgrading needs block producers cooperate seamlessly, we must decide a certain time to practise. 2018-10-12 is the first weekend after National Day of China, most block producers will be available at that time, so we decide starting upgrading at that day. 系统升级需要block producer无缝合作,所以我们需要选定一个时间来进行演练。2018年10月12日是中国国庆日后的第一个周五,大部分来自中国的block producer应该可以在那个时候就位。 The days from now to 2018-10-12, will be left for the block producers to join the testnet and do common tests. ALL THE ACTIVE PRODUCERS SHOULD TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO JOIN THE NETWORK. 从现在到2018年10月12日的这段时间,会留给block producer加入测试网络并进行一些常规测试。所有的激活状态的block producer都应该负起责任,加入到测试网络中来。 @ansen will make a more detailed technical plan about how to upgrade. 一臣会制定一个详细的升级演练计划,讲解技术上的要点
  4. Daifuku

    Editing Forum Content

  5. Daifuku

    Enuism -- The Block Producer Monitor

    just open sourced the RAM plugin for querying historical RAM actions ( includes buyram, sellram, buyrambytes ), which powers enutick.com RAM page in backend. https://github.com/d13o/enumivo
  6. Thank you, @davidfnck and @PeiLin, you make this awesome project known by more people.
  7. Daifuku

    Enuism -- The Block Producer Monitor

    UPDATE@2018-07-25 enutick.com is an onchain RAM exchange now, anyone can trade RAM on it personal RAM trading history display ( need to install ironman) real-time trading of RAM TO DO live update of RAM trading records fix voting status page bidname board
  8. Daifuku

    Enuism -- The Block Producer Monitor

    please join Enumivo BP telegram channel, you can find help there.
  9. Daifuku

    Enuism -- The Block Producer Monitor

    UPDATE@2018-07-23 start using enutick.com as the domain name, enuism.com will not be maintained anymore, and it's redirected to enutick.com now. show ram price chart in three different time dimensions, including 1-day, 1-hour, 15-minute display ram actions in table, and make ram page as the index page hide voting status page, for the errors when handle proxied voting. I'll fix it after ram exchange kicked off. TO DO ram exchange: ram status info panel, ordering panel, personal ram actions list refine ironman integration fix voting status page bidname board Thanks to enumivo.qsx.io for offering the transaction link.
  10. 不是说UBI的身份识别这么厉害,而是说UBI的身份识别是基于真人和博弈论的,在真人对真人的身份识别过程中,这些其他异构的识别系统(包括你说的这个,还有商汤等)都可以成为识别评价体系的一个因子。当然,这些不是唯一的身份识别途径,可行途径还是很多。
  11. UBI身份系统的好处就是可以适配一切身份识别系统,把这些异构的系统全部迁移到UBI上来,想想就兴奋
  12. Daifuku

    Enuism -- The Block Producer Monitor

    UPDATE@2018-07-13 ironman integrated, while no more funcitons added, only display account name on navigator top bar. Many thanks to @ansen TO DO block producer verification some refining bidname board more ram market functions
  13. Daifuku

    Enuism -- The Block Producer Monitor

    UPDATE@2018-07-12 ram price chart, all historical ram price data from the genesis block, http://enuism.com/ram/index TO DO ironman integration some refining bidname board more ram market functions