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  1. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    FINALLY MADE IT Totally with Adobe. A ton of time Spanishwhitepaper.pdf
  2. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    just every line or sentence is treated as a whole image that can not be edited I use the same Adobe, and I can edit and modify any FILE but this one.
  3. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    How did you edit the pdf file? the diagram was easy, but the text it is just treated as images by Adobe, so it only allows me to delete or resize them... I did it with word but is not as fancy as yours....
  4. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    I have translated the whitepaper to Spanish. Just missing the edition part to make it look as good as the English version, and the link references in the footer, but I noted the indexations from 1 to 20 next to where it should be. The diagram did not know how to add it well, So I also attach the diagram in good format here. In the whitepaper by now there is a screenshoot of the real diagram, if the core team can add the diagram that I attach here would be perfect. diagram.doc spanishwhitepaper.docx
  5. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    Spanish translation done. Will upload here the diagram + word or pdf file in the next 1-2hrs.
  6. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    word reduplication @enumivo page 17 of 20
  7. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    or you mean that we would just have to take it, even will never forget it. in that case it would be fine the written sentence.
  8. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    @enumivo@freethinkingme please could you check Page 8 of 20 of the Enlgish version WhitePaper last paragraph? I have attached a screenshoot of the paragraph with the word that makes me doubt of the whole meaning.
  9. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    And download adobe Acrobat Pro DC trial version to edit the Diagram whitepaper.pdf
  10. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    I mean, which languages would be interesting to be translated the ENU whitepaper? As there are many minor languages that probably are not interesting enough to be translated as they would reach such a small community of fans.
  11. Slick Rick

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    Can I do the spanish translation? What languages are you looking for to be translated? As said before, I work as a professional translator at Xiaomi, so I have around 100 foreigner coworkers, each of them Master's 1 language professionally. From Nepal to Korea or any country in the East of Europe, to Arabic or Persa.
  12. Slick Rick

    Welcome to Job Opportunities Forum

    Yeah no problem about it. If ENU has a healthy uptrend I will be more than happy. Just will try with organic growth to at least have something available for the Spanish community, which is not small. Already trying to engage with some spanish communities on Telegram.
  13. Slick Rick

    Únete a Facebook

    En Facebook también he añadido una cuenta para mantener a todos informados, aunque por las Políticas de uso de la web, el contenido publicado será mucho menor y evitando mencionar las criptomonedas y temas relacionados. https://www.facebook.com/EnumivoES/