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  1. Jhem Trinidad

    Enumivo listed on CryptoCompare

    Anither awesome news from Enumivo.
  2. Jhem Trinidad

    For liteshares.io redeem questions

    Your username in liteshares.io is your lts address.
  3. Jhem Trinidad

    Twitter campaign for ENU listings on Bleutrade

    Of course, count me in 👌👌
  4. Jhem Trinidad

    Liteshares Witness node campaign

  5. Jhem Trinidad

    Enumivo Block Producer Competition Warm-up

    Good luck to all who wants to join. 😊
  6. Jhem Trinidad

    For liteshares.io redeem questions

    I did not get your question, kindly repeat it again thank you so much. 😊
  7. Jhem Trinidad

    For liteshares.io redeem questions

    You may post your questions here regarding about redeeming liteshares thank you.
  8. If you previously joined the social campaign you will received free 10k lts.
  9. It means all the slots in social campaign are already taken, new participants cannot join.
  10. Thank you for your kind words, keep on supporting Enumivo 😊
  11. I think all the slots for social campaign are taken
  12. For those who are asking where to find their liteshares address, it is your username.
  13. Yes, we do understand that you cannot just translate it verbatim it will be awkward and un proper.
  14. You can receive liteshares if you joined the Enumivo Social campaign before. But you will not receive lts by making an account, you can use it in future purposes. Create one now: https://liteshares.io/
  15. Jhem Trinidad

    Enuvimo FAQ 翻译:牛油果常见问题