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  1. sooner

    How to Prepare Your Node

    Tried to setup a node, got the same connections problem. Any idea to solve it?
  2. @davidfnck Good job! Can you share the powerpoint file you used in the presentation?
  3. Any developer from Canada here?
  4. sooner

    Concerned Enumivian Introduction

    @enumivowell said!
  5. sooner

    10M ENU to be given by Community Oracles

    Sounds interesting~
  6. when I try to use the buyram function, it shows 'internal service error' message. I tried both chrome and firefox, it gave me the same error. Any idea?
  7. sooner

    EnuGui 0.1.6 Released

    OK. Hope this feature will be added in the next release.
  8. sooner

    EnuGui 0.1.6 Released

    Can we switch ENU accounts on EnuGui?(for those who have multiple Enu accounts) I am using Mac version.
  9. sooner

    Enumivo Main Net Goes Live

    I like the way AP put this as a marathon as ENU needs time to grow and needs contributions by everyone in the community, it's a long journey! What a milestone today! Thanks to the Dev and congrats to all Enumivians!
  10. sooner

    Enumivians Unite!

    I suggest that we can use the tokens to create a community fund which will be run by fund manager(s) selected by community members. The fund will be used to promote ENU in varies places like FB, twitter, Line, weibo, wechat and so on. At this moment, the fund can also act as the coordinator to talk to exchanges around the world to help ENU be listed on those with good liquidity and reputation, to be honest, to be listed on big exchanges is one the best way to promote ENU and acquire massive audience.
  11. sooner

    Initial Settlers

    great news! Keep it going~
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