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  1. # updates: 20180807 enuaccountmaker now support creating normal 12 char names without ".enu" suffix. Send 1 ENU to "enu" with memos to create a mainnet account. enu账号注册机现在已经支持注册普通12字符主网账号,只需发送1个ENU附带memo到"enu"账号即可创建主网账号。 memo example: (account name requirements: 12 char, 1-5a-z) memo填写示例: (账号名要求12字母,1-5a-z) enutothemoon:ENU7nTMcEjFojmhQG8UE2LUNbr7E3VuPUxCLTF73DuBB3DgwMfY38
  2. 助记词只是用来恢复钱包密码用的,和私钥没有直接关系。私钥在钱包中是加密存储的,如果你关闭浏览器或者主动锁钱包,当你重新打开钱包的时候需要解锁。不解锁的话就不能将存储的私钥信息解锁出来,也就没法使用钱包。记住私钥要另外单独备份存储,不要只存在ironman钱包。如果ironman钱包密码忘了,大不了重新安装,重新导入私钥。
  3. ansen

    Enumivo Mobile (Android)

    Looking forward to the wallet for iOS.
  4. Great video tutorials for "Install ironman with standalone crx file" brought to us by @Tom. Thanks a lot! Tom 给大家带来了一个“使用安装文件安装Ironman插件”的视频教程,谢谢汤姆。
  5. ansen

    Enumivo Mobile (Android)

    Is it an opensource wallet?
  6. # 20180725 Ironman updates: support .crx standalone file to install in Chrome browser Ironman钱包支持独立crx安装文件方式安装chrome插件。 0. We add a button on the main page of enuironman.com. Please download and save the crx file. 我们在enuironman.com主页增加了下载安装文件的按钮,请点击下载安装文件。 1. Open "chrome://extensions/" in Chrome browser, then enter. 在Chrome浏览器地址栏中输入 chrome://extensions/ 回车 2. Enable the "dev mode" on the top right of the page 在窗口右上角有个开发者模式,点击使之生效。 3. Drag the crx file and drop to the browser page. Then it will pop up. Just confirm it. Done! 拖拽crx安装文件到窗口中松开鼠标,然后会有弹窗问确认,点击添加扩展程序,搞定!
  7. Hi, everyone. I'm thrilled to release the first version of enuaccountmaker, whic is the 1st smart contract to help people create premium accounts. The introduction is below, and feel free to check our contract's source code. https://github.com/AnsenYu/enuaccountmaker enuaccountmaker This is an auto xxx.enu premium account maker smart contract for creating accounts on the Enumivo mainnet. Usage Use a onchain wallet, like ironman and enumivo wallet or BIXIN to transfer some ENUs (e.g. 10 ENU) to the account "enu" with memos in the format of the belowing: We now open names in lenght of 11 and 12, like bitcoin.enu (11 char) or ethereum.enu (12 char). The range of char is limited to only 1-5 a-z as a normal ENU/EOS mainnet account. Fee and resource The fee is 10 ENU for 11 char in length and 2 ENU for 12 (virtually free considering the cost of buyram and resource). The smart contract will create a new account with the given name and public key for both owner and active permission. The contract will buy 4KB ram and 0.1 ENU cpu and net resource for the created account, to make sure the new account is available to use. If you send more than the required fee, the remaining ENU will be sent to your newly created account. Check the new account If the transfer succeed, then you can query and find your account in the browser http://enumivo.qsx.io/accounts.
  8. Nope. There's a problem in the namebidding contract, same for EOS. If the winner of last round didn't claim his name, then the next round cannot close. @enumivo devs have noticed this and have a plan to upgrade the contract to fix the problem.
  9. Here's a sample deployed contract on account "testhello123". The source code is attached to this post, anyone can download and have a try. 下面是一个已经部署好的示例合约,部署在账号testhello123下。源代码在下面的附件里,大家可以下载尝试验证。 #include <enulib/enu.hpp> #include <enulib/print.hpp> #include <enulib/print.hpp> #include <enulib/transaction.hpp> using namespace enumivo; class hello : public enumivo::contract { public: using contract::contract; /// @abi action void hi( account_name user ) { print( "Hello, ", name{user} ); } void testdef( account_name user ) { enumivo::transaction out; out.actions.emplace_back(permission_level{_self, N(active)}, _self, N(hi), user); out.delay_sec = 1; out.send(_self, _self); } }; ENUMIVO_ABI( hello, (hi) (testdef) ) And I verify with this tool. The result said "Match YES" 我使用Ironman源码验证工具验证如下,验证结果通过 “Matched: Yes” contract source code: 示例合约源代码 hello.cpp
  10. # 20180721 Ironman updates:contract verification Ironman官网更新:支持合约验证 * We now provide the tools to check the hash code of an onchain contract and one can upload the source code (a single cpp file) to verify the contract. * If you want your source code to DISPLAYED on enuironman.com, please send the source and contract account to yyr2046@126.com。 * Ironaman官网上线合约哈希检验工具,大家可以查询链上合约内容的唯一标识码,同时也可以上传合约源代码来进行对比校验,确认是否和链上一致。 * 如果您希望你的合约源码在Ironman官网被展示,请发送邮件到yyr2046@126.com,附带上源文件和合约账户名。
  11. Excellent guide of using Ironman on mobile devices, thanks @libert
  12. One way to generate key pairs safely is to use the Ironman plugin: Enter the "Key Pairs" page. Then click the "new" button. Then click the "Generate Key Pair" button. Then click "Copy"。Now the key pair is on your clipboard. The key pair looks something like this: You should save the key pair in a safe place. Besides, you can save it in the Ironman for further use.
  13. The source code is here: https://github.com/AnsenYu/smart_account_creator commit: 2664f983d0226955b90dee535303abc9b87c9ec0
  14. We will support that asap. Thanks for your suggestions.
  15. # 20180712 Ironman updates Ironman更新 1. upgrade to v 1.1.4. Merge updates from Scatter. 版本升级到 v1.1.4,从Scatter中合并最新提交更新。 2. The user account's balance is displayed on the transfer/buyram/sellram/staking/nambids pages. 在转账/买卖内存/抵押/拍卖短名页面增加显示当前用户的ENU余额。