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  1. Now we have only the "Open motions" and "Close motions" topics. I propose we add a "Pending Motion" topic to make our discussion more efficient. What is a "pending motion" topic? All new motions first go to this pending motion topic. a motion is pending means it gains explicit approvals of less than 1/3 of the total number of RoE members. a RoE member can refuse to give approval/disapproval to a pending motion. once a pending motion collects equal or more than 1/3 of the total votes, it is moved to the open motion. Which means all RoE members MUST give votes within 7 days, which is second motion of this post .
  2. ansen

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    I vote NO. Even though RoE has the right to properly use the 50M voting power, we have to take the responsibility to make good use of it. We need to tell the good BP's from the bad ones. But forcing the BP's to show their identity is neither reasonable nor practical. On one hand, We don't need to know Aiden's identity, but we all know he's a great man. Same for the good BP's, they just need to do good job and secure the blockchain, that's enough. On the other hand, a bad BP can easily fool this system just asking several friends' ID card. Introducing identity makes it too much complicated.
  3. Name ansen Social Media Links wechat: qq1004516065 telegram: @ansen9 Introduction I am a developer in China, and I’ve been here in the community of enumivo since May 2018. I am a believer in blockchain + UBI and we need to find a way to achieve the goal of social justice for all. The things I’ve done for the community are listed below: Write the draft proposal of UFE with @PeiLin. Maintane a top-10 block producer node ansenironman. Develop the IRONMAN browser plugin and a toolkit website for ENU. Develop a auto ".enu" premeium ENU account maker. Develop the ENU pixels playground dapp game, which is virtually free to play. Lead the bp’s to upgrade system contracts. I spread the idea of enumivo and UBI with my friends. Enumivo Mainnet Account ansenironman Skills Programming in C++/Java EOS smart contract developing EOS block producer node maintanance translation between Englisth and Chinese What can you do for Enumivo? First, I will keep all the tools I've built safe and available for the long term. Second, I'll take the response of block producer to keep our mainnet safe. Third, I'll spend more time on the topic of UBI and I'll start a mini UBI project to test the idea of proof-of-life with a selfie. It will be in the form of a telegram chatbot. People will be asked to do some tasks, such as writing down a block id on a paper and taking a selfie holding the paper or verifying other people's selfie. The advantages of using a telegram chatbot are that people can easily upload and input something within a mobile phone. People in less developed areas are more likely to have a mobile phone than a PC. Also, the telegram is great at keeping personal privacy. The purpose of launching a mini UBI project is not to compete with AP, but a meaningful way to explore different paths at the same time, which will accelerate the coming of a practical UBI solution. There will be a formal introduction to the project soon.
  4. At 20:10 2018.11.06 Beijing time, we successfully deployed the new version of enu.msig contract, the hardest part of this upgrading routine. Thanks all BP's for your collaboration and efforts! http://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=0a7aa19bd7ea08f2feaa3f0f0741be09397a136315acb1eb890bbc9fd70c349b
  5. Hello, everyone. We are going to upgrade the system contracts tomorrow! First, we will upgrade enu.msig contract, which enables us to upgrade contracts using propose_trx in the future. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! @Daifuku and me have already upgraded the contracts on the testnet, the code is verified by other BP's. We believe it's safe to upgrade the contract on the mainnet. Here's the plan: 1. At 2018.11.05 12:00:00 Beijing (2018.11.05 04:00:00 UTC), I'll release the upgrade_enumsig_contract_official_trx.json in my github repo: https://github.com/AnsenYu/ENU-mainnet-contract-upgrade/tree/master/enumsig . 2. The expiration of the transaction is 2018.11.05 21:00:00 Beijing (2018.11.05 13:00:00 UTC). So before the transaction expires, every BP please do the following: a. clone the my github repo: git clone https://github.com/AnsenYu/ENU-mainnet-contract-upgrade.git b. read the README under the folder of enumsig. https://github.com/AnsenYu/ENU-mainnet-contract-upgrade/tree/master/enumsig c. You can perform step 1 to record the original information of current enu.msig contract d. Please do the step 3 to sign the transaction. e. Use your bp account to transfer 0.0001 ENU to ansenironman with memo in the format of "enumsig upgrade: YOUR SIGNATURE" f. Post your BP mainnet account and the transfer transaction link in the issue: https://github.com/AnsenYu/ENU-mainnet-contract-upgrade/issues/1 3. If more than 15 bp's submit the signatures before expiration time, I'll perform the push transaction step between 20:00:00 and 21:00:00 2018.11.05 Beijing. If everything goes fine, we will upgrade the enu.msig contract by about 21:00:00 tomorrow! After that we will go on to upgrade the system and token contract. That will be much easier!! 大家好,我们明天将启动主网系统合约升级程序。首先,我们会先升级enu.msig合约,使得我们后续可以通过异步提案的方式来升级其他系统合约。所以这第一步非常关键!我和大福君已经在测试网络上升级合约,并且经过其他BP的检验。我们认为在主网上进行升级是安全的。 下面是升级计划: 1. 我会在明天(2018.11.05)中午北京时间12点在我的github上公布升级需要的交易文件, upgrade_enumsig_contract_official_trx.json Github地址: https://github.com/AnsenYu/ENU-mainnet-contract-upgrade/tree/master/enumsig . 2. 升级合约的交易的过期时间设定为晚上21点,所以在过期时间之前,各位超级节点请执行以下操作: a. 克隆github项目到你的本地机器 git clone https://github.com/AnsenYu/ENU-mainnet-contract-upgrade.git b. 仔细阅读项目README: https://github.com/AnsenYu/ENU-mainnet-contract-upgrade/tree/master/enumsig . c. 你可以执行Step 1 来记录当前合约的abi和wasm d. 请执行Step 3来进行签名 e. 使用你的BP账号转0.0001 ENU到ansenironman这个账号,memo中填写“enumsig upgrade : 你的签名” e. 在这个issue下面留言,附带你的超级节点账号和浏览器转账记录。https://github.com/AnsenYu/ENU-mainnet-contract-upgrade/issues/1 3. 如果在过期时间前有超过15个超级节点完成签名,我会在晚上8点到9点之间执行推送交易来升级合约。 如果一切顺利,我们在明晚9点左右就能完成enu.msig合约的升级,后续升级系统合约和token合约就可以用提案系统,那将会简单的多。
  6. ansen

    A Brand New Enumivo Testnet

    Sorry, I got this, please provide a new public key:
  7. ansen

    A Brand New Enumivo Testnet

    Considering the recent emergency event and the lack of participants of testnet, @Daifuku and I decide to postpone the contract upgrade practice on testnet a few days later. Those who still wants to join the upgrade practice can still ask for an account in this thread. 由于最近的主网紧急事件和测试网络上参与者人数偏低,@daifuku 和我决定推迟几天进行测试网络彩排。仍希望参与彩排的BP们可以继续在本帖子后留言请求测试网络账号。请知晓。
  8. ansen

    Enumivo Chain Emergency

    @enumivo ansenironman is up running p2p-peer-address =