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  1. Xiaofei Zhang

    PickPickTeam Dapp kick off

  2. Xiaofei Zhang

    Celestial applies for a Block Producer seat

  3. Xiaofei Zhang


  4. Xiaofei Zhang

    bitfish applies for a Block Producer seat

    Your equipment is quite good! I'll vote for you
  5. Xiaofei Zhang

    FreethinkingMe Applies as Block Producer

    Nice work! I've read some of your papers. I will vote for you.
  6. Xiaofei Zhang

    Tyler Xiong applies for a Block Producer seat

    I will vote for you, 熊老板
  7. Xiaofei Zhang

    Enumivo Elected BP’s Activation on June 17

    Great. The progress of the project is quite impressive.
  8. Xiaofei Zhang

    Created thankyoucoin THQ asset

    Hi, Tom. It seems quite interesting. Could you please send me some THQ? Thank you. My ENU mainnet account is: 233333333333
  9. Xiaofei Zhang

    fish applies for a Block Producer seat

    I'll vote for you, fish
  10. Xiaofei Zhang

    Question for Block Producer Candidates

    I will vote for you!
  11. AP是个心机boy,趁着EOS社区那边群龙无首、派系斗争时,提前上了主网,现在我们才是真正的EOS!
  12. Well done! I will vote for you!